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What to blog about in compumatrix

  1. 1. ListsCompile a useful list related to your industry. What listscould you give to your target audience that wouldbenefit them?
  2. 2. Beginner’s Guides and How-To’s.Who doesn’t need tolearn more? I’ve yet tomeet someone whoknows it all (but havemet plenty that thinkthey do). People tend tolove free how-to’s andtutorials and a lot oftimes share them withtheir communities.
  3. 3. Themed Posts0 We’ve all found ourselves attracted to themed socialposts such as Friday Facts, Tuesdays @ 2:00,Wednesday Woes, etc. What themed posts can youcreate for your target audience and keep up a weeklyor bi-monthly frequency with?
  4. 4. Search Related KeywordsUse your blog analytics to see what keywords arebringing in the most traffic and keep writing posts onthose keywords. If it’s being searched for, you’ll have anaudience – just don’t forget to apply SEO fundamentalsto your blog post.
  5. 5. Trends0 Use what is trending on Twitter andGoogle+ to not only join in theconversations directly on thosechannels, but also for your blog. Writea blog post about the trend and sharethe link to your post on your socialchannels, especially the channel(s) youfound the trend on. Don’t forget thehashtag on Twitter.
  6. 6. Product and ServiceReviewsYou don’t have to be a popularblogger known for writingquality reviews to do a reviewyourself. No matter whatindustry you are in, you can do areview on a product or servicethat is relative and share withyour readers. They’ll appreciatethe insight and possiblycomment on or share yourreview.
  7. 7. Event Recaps0 Have you been part of or attended an industry relatedevent? Write a recap and share yourexperience. Those who wanted to go butcouldn’t will definitely appreciate the post.
  8. 8. What does your company do that can be tied to a current event? Think ofStarbucks and how they make their coffee related to everything from theOlympics to the elections just by creating a themed coffee drink and coming upwith promotional jargon to go with it.
  9. 9. The Starbucks example works here as well, but thinkbeyond that. Do you offer HVAC services that can beplayed up during the cold winter months or offerinternational calling cards that can be pushedduring the holiday season when military membersabroad need to hear family voices.
  10. 10. Infographics0 The highly-graphical, factoid stuffed pieces havebecome so popular because if done correctly, they aregreat, easy shares. They are aesthetically pleasing andquick reads. Just don’t make them promotional. Theyshould be informative, engaging and valuable.
  11. 11. ContestsIf you are going to have a contest or any kind, launch itand host it on your blog first. As you push it on yoursocial media sites, point those sites back to your blog postabout the contest. Having the contest live on your blogallows for more detailed content without characterrestrictions. Contest rules and legal text along withinstructions and restrictions can be communicatedfully. It also opens the door for blog commenting andquestions on the contest to take place directly on yourblog, increasing engagement and traffic.
  12. 12. Guests PostsAllow other influencers inyour industry (and evenpartners and vendors) toguest post on your blog andpitch your bloggers to otherblogs as well. It add valueand a fresh perspective toyour blog when you have aguest. Guests will frequentlypromote their guest posts totheir own networks. Gettingyour posts on other blogsopens up new communitiesand exposure. It’s a win-winsituation.
  13. 13. PredictionsWhat do you predict as an upcoming trendor overall change in yourindustry? Predictions show your expertiseand your desire to constantly look forwardand strive in your industry. It builds trustwithin your community. Include whatothers are saying and critique theirforecasts as well.