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Learn about CompuCeed Virtual Currency
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Learn about CompuCeed Virtual Currency


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Compumatrix launches the MEMA and Cryptoceeds program. Learn how to obtain a merchant account and succeed in building a cashless community

Compumatrix launches the MEMA and Cryptoceeds program. Learn how to obtain a merchant account and succeed in building a cashless community

Published in: Business

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  • 1. Compumatrix Members Meeting Thursday 9 pm ET
  • 2. Agenda      Current Milestones & Development The Virtual Currency Industry Cryptoceeds eWallet MEMA Program Ongoing Funding Round
  • 3. Updates    Debit Card EFT ACH
  • 4. Current Milestones       Compumatrix: a Registered MSB on FinCEN Over $300M of Virtual Currency CryptoCeeds eWallet The MEMA Program Launching Earn-Back Program as a Service World Community Grid Partnership
  • 5. The Virtual Currency Industry
  • 6. Advantage of Virtual Currency       Community-driven Innovation YOU determine the Value of Exchange Zero Barriers to Trade Excellent Payment Method Fractional to Zero Processing Fees Publicity Magnet
  • 7. "Virtual currencies may hold long-term promise, particularly if the innovations promote a faster, more secure, and more efficient payment system." - Ben Bernanke, Former Federal Reserve Chairman
  • 8. "The Department of Justice recognizes virtual currency systems offer legitimate financial services and have the potential to promote more efficient global commerce" - Mythili Raman Assistant Attorney General Justice Department Criminal Division
  • 9. “Digital currency is a legal means of exchange.” - US Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs
  • 10. “FinCEN recognizes the innovation virtual currencies provide, and the benefits they might offer society” -Jennifer Shasky Calvery, Director
  • 11. How are Virtual Currencies Made? “How a user obtains a virtual currency may be described using any number of other terms, such as “earning,” “harvesting,” “mining,” “creating,” “auto-generating,” “manufacturing,” or “purchasing,” depending on the details of the specific virtual currency model involved.”
  • 12. How People Earn with Virtual Currency   Speculative Investing Trading & Exchange     Peer to Peer Exchanges Treated as Commodity Demanding Acceptance
  • 13. “We shouldn’t delay forever until every possible feature is done. There’s always going to be one more thing to do.” -- Satoshi Nakamoto
  • 14. Terms  CompuCeeds – Compumatrix Proceeds     Our Virtual Currency Activity Points – Points acquired by performing productive tasks Virtual Prepaid Cards – A multipurpose card used to load your Social Network and eWallet Account. CryptoCeeds – your eWallet Account. Stores CompuCeeds in a fixed US Dollar Rate
  • 15. CryptoCeeds eWallet
  • 16. Features      Send & Receive to anyone, anywhere, anytime Accessible via Web, iPhone, Android and Blackberry POS Integration Ready and POS Web for Merchants SMS Access (Text Messaging) Pay via Voucher
  • 17. MEMA Program    Stands for Mobile eWallet Merchant Account To empower merchants Social Network + Crowdfunding + Virtual Currency
  • 18. MEMA Program
  • 19. Ongoing Funding Round     Preferred Shares Series A Non-voting Shares First Preference of Payments Contact
  • 20. Q&A