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Tips & Tricks of Microsoft
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Tips & Tricks of Microsoft


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Win a DVD player contest: …

Win a DVD player contest:
Here’s the first contest on ‘Cool-Trick-of-the week on MS Office’. You all are invited to send your cool tricks which you feel most of the people don’t know. Mail us your entries at Your tip/ trick would be shared on facebook and the one attracting maximum no. of ‘likes’ becomes the winner and the winner, of course, gets a DVD player.

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  • 1. “Tip of the Week” – Day 1 Moving table rows up or down:Can be used when you are working in a table. For example you want the third row of a table to be the top row. Just click within the third row, hold down [Alt][Shift] and pressthe up arrow key twice. Each time you press the arrow key, Word will move the row up one. You can also select multiple rows to move them as a block, and you can use the down arrow key if you want to move text down instead of up.
  • 2. “Tip of the Week” – Day 2Going back to the last editing location when you open a new document: Words short-term memory always wants to start youoff at the beginning again. You can work around this ifyou press [Shift][F5], which acts as a Go Back shortcut, as soon as the document opens. This shortcut makes Word jump to the last thing you changed before saving and closing that doc.
  • 3. “Tip of the Week” – Day 3 Saving changes to all open documents at one time:This tricks work for people using multiple documents. All you have to do is to press the [Shift] key and pull down the File menu. Word will add the Save Allcommand to the menu, above the Save As command.Just choose Save All and Word will prompt you to save each document (or template) that has any unsaved changes.
  • 4. “Tip of the Week” – Day 4 Making a vertical text selection:We all know how to select text horizontally but very few know that word can also select textvertically. To select text vertically, simply holddown [Alt] as you drag down through the text you want to highlight. This trick works to highlight text anywhere on the page.
  • 5. “Tip of the Week” – Day 5 Duplicating selected text or objects using the mouse: Using ordinary copy and paste is often a problem, as objects tend to paste themselves in strange locations depending on the layoutoptions of the original object. This trick helps you copying drawing objects and graphics and dragging them into your desired position in one step.Just click on the item you want to copy (it can be a selection of text or an object in a document) and hold down [Ctrl] so that the mouse pointer turns into a plus sign. Then drag the item--it will become a copy of the item--to the spot where you want it to go.
  • 6. Win a DVD Player ContestHere’s the first contest on ‘Cool-Trick-Of-The-Week onMS Office’. You all are invited to send your cool tricks which you feel most of the people don’t know. Mail us your entries at Your tip/ trick would be shared on facebook and the entry attracting maximum no. of ‘Likes’ becomes the winner and the winner, of course, gets a DVD player.
  • 7. Using format painter – by Ujjwal Mittal When you need to perform certain actionseveral times, like for eg. if you want to paste the same formatting over 40 different cells, you can lock the format painter by double clicking on it
  • 8. Making a 3d Spherical Ball with PPT 2007 – By Pranav AroraLets start by drawing a sphere from the Shapes present inPPT 2007. Open the Format shape dialog box and go to the 3d-Format window. Under the Bevel section, select the circle bevel for Top. In width, take the value to around 120 and in height to around 45. And thats it, you get a 3d spherical ball.Alternatively, you could also circle gradients to get the 3d effect but thats a little difficult task but sometimes it could give excellent results.
  • 9. HOW TO RECOVER UNSAVED WORK IN MS EXCEL – by Gaurav BansalEver start a new workbook, and then forget to save it when you close Excel in a hurry? Dnt worry .Now you can get your lost work back. Just choose File --> Info, click the Manage Versions button, and choose Recover Unsaved Workbooks to find the unsaved spreadsheets that Excel stores automatically
  • 10. Remembering last command – by Rohit Narvekar F4 remembers the last command. So if I select text and click buttons on the toolbar to apply bold, italics and underlining, it remembers the last command I clicked. However, if I select text then open the font dialog boxand select bold, underline and ALL Caps and click OK. Itapplies it to the selected text. Then I select the next text and click F4. All attributes are applied. The "last command" was apply all these attributes when I click OK.F4 will apply the very last command/click action.
  • 11. Broadcasting a presentation – by Avi SharmaPowerpoint offers a feature to broadcast a presentation over the internetin an audio/video format. To broadcast your presentation -1) Download and Install "Presentation Broadcast Feature" for free2) Enable the Online Update/Collaboration Feature in Office3) Go to Slideshow > Online Broadcast > Schedule Live Broadcast4) Fill in the details of the presentation5) Play with the settings as per your choice and your bandwidth.6) Click Schedule, Fill the outlook meeting form for invites, time/date.7) To start broadcasting - Select Slide Show > Online Broadcast > StartLive Broadcast Now8) When Prompted, Click Broadcast. Play with the settings.9) Click Start
  • 12. Shift+Del function – by Vikram Gupta Pressing shift+delete will delete a file/folderpermanently, without moving it to recycle bin
  • 13. Trick to delete all hyperlinks in Ms. Word – by Sree RamCopy the content in Microsoft Word from web along with the hyperlinksalso copied and this file you may have to send it to your teacher ormentor without letting them know that you copied as it is instead ofwriting from scratch. Manual method is to right click every singlehyperlink then then click remove Hyperlink, but this method is very slowand tedious especially if content has lots of hyperlinks.Second method is of lightening speed and quite simple.Just follow the below steps:-1.Select all the text by using shortcut Ctrl + A2.Hit another shortcut after selecting all the text i.e. Ctrl + Shift + F9
  • 14. Viewing Slide Show in 1/4th of the screen – by Pranav Arora Just press and hold Ctrl and click the slideshow button near the bottom left where Slide Sorter and Normal view buttons are present (Its present near Zoom slider).
  • 15. Find total working days between any twodates, including holidays – by Ketan MahajanIf you work on project plans, gantt charts alot, this can be totally handy. Just type =networkdays(start date, end date, list of holidays) to fetch the number of working days