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Compound Stock Earnings 2010 Masters Class Information

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Compound Stock Earnings 2010 Masters Class

  1. 1. The 2010 Masters Class Fort Worth Texas September 11 & 12, 2010
  2. 2. Table of Contents Introduction to the Masters Class Seminar …………………… 3 2009 Masters Class Seminar Review …………………… 5 2010 Masters Class Seminar – Downtown Fort Worth …………… 7 Who are the 2010 Masters Class presenters? …………………… 11 What did attendees think of past masters Classes? …………………… 18 How to sign up …………………… 32 -2-
  3. 3. Introduction to the Masters Class Seminar!!!! The 2010 Masters Class will be held September 11th and 12th in downtown Fort Worth at the brand new Omni Hotel. For those who are not aware, the Masters Class is special, a once a year, seminar moderated by us, but presented by our clients. Each year we identify four, or five, of the highest achieving clients who are practicing our Covered Call, LEAPS and now Credit Spread techniques. The clients we identify have years of experience with the technique and have developed enhancements or variants to the rules that they use to make the process more efficient and allow for higher returns. We then ask these clients to each present for half a day at the Masters Class explaining exactly what they do on a daily basis to effectuate these above average returns. As always, the Masters Class will be a 2-Day Seminar with great social activities for networking (cocktail parties and dinners). -3-
  4. 4. Why do clients teach the Masters Class Seminar? Remember, the Masters Class is a 2-Day Seminar that is moderated by us, but is presented by four or five of the highest returning long-term CSE clients. The reason we hold this seminar annually is that over the years we have developed so many long-term clients who have mastered our Covered Call / LEAPS / Credit Spread techniques. Each client has different objectives and does things a little differently - some are more conservative or aggressive, some invest solely for growth rather than income, some place more influence on charts than others, some use more advanced charting techniques, some look further at company fundamentals before investing, some even develop new techniques that then become an official part of the CSE process (e.g. Advanced Charting and Credit Spreads). These long-term clients all work within the basic framework of our rules, but they add small additions along the way to meet their individual circumstances and goals. Small additions make a huge difference to a portfolio's return over time. - A $100,000 portfolio at 4% per month turns into $410,000 in three years. - A $100,000 portfolio at 5% per month turns into $580,000 in three years. - 1% per month extra return is worth $170,000 more over three years. Most clients who master our technique are investing as their sole source of income and have also been doing so for years. It is natural that their necessity for returns turns them into super investors. So, in an effort to tap into the knowledge base of our best clients, we developed the Master Class. The Masters Class is designed strictly for investors who are currently using our technique. It is an advanced 2-Day Seminar with "Round- Up" like social activities. It is a seminar taught by the best for those who want to learn from and network with them. The Masters Class is unlike any other CSE seminar: it is a seminar moderated by us, but is actually taught by our clients. We then ask these clients to each present for half a day at the Masters Class explaining exactly what they do on a daily basis to effectuate these above average returns. The Masters Class has become an annual forum for the highest achieving CSE clients to share personal techniques and rule additions that have made a big difference in their trading. As with all aspects of CSE, each year things improve. The 2009 Masters Class was a prime example of this – it was without doubt the most valuable seminar ever conducted by CSE. 2010’s Masters Class will be even better. -4-
  5. 5. 2009 Masters Class Seminar Review At the 2009 Masters Class Seminar which was held in downtown Fort Worth – Jack Sharma (CSE Client for 4 years, specializes in Covered Calls), Ed Watanabe (CSE Client for 5 years, developer of the Advanced Charting Seminar), Ray Gliwa (CSE client for 2 years, specializes in Credit Spreads), Mark Sormberger (CSE client for 5 years, fund manager for Portfolio Cashflow Management) and Frank Moore (CSE client for 2 years, specializes in Weekly Credit Spreads) presented a fantastic Masters Class Seminar on exactly what they do on a daily basis managing their accounts and the rules and techniques they have developed as enhancements to the CSE process. By all client reviews, 2009 was the best Masters Class ever and was the most valuable event ever conducted by CSE. With the introduction of topics such as Iron Condors Credit Spread trading, trading momentum of the price cycle, Jack Sharma’s covered call stock selection method, the Put Recovery Technique (PRT), and Weekly Credit Spreads – this seminar moved the CSE process further forward than any other Masters Class ever conducted. Please read the client emails later in this announcement for some client feedback from the event. -5-
  6. 6. Some of the topics covered in the 2009 Masters Class included • Using advanced fundamental analysis for Covered Call stocks • Managing stocks for income using puts in certain market conditions • Selling a put when entering a covered call to almost double returns in correct market conditions • New advanced charting indicators to measure momentum of the price cycle • Using Iron Condors to dramatically increase the profitability of Credit Spread trading • The Chasing the Tail technique for Credit Spreads • Selling Cash Covered Puts to generate income • The new Put Recovery Technique to remedy an upside down TSS • Weekly Credit Spread trading using OEX and SPX • And much, much more from the five "Master" presenters over two entire days of seminar! As many of you are aware, Frank Moore’s presentation on Weekly Credit Spreads led to the topic for the 2009 Round-UP and the new Weekly Credit Spread technique which many of our experienced clients are now gaining substantial benefit from. Additionally, Ed Watanabe’s presentation on momentum of the price cycle lead to the creation of a second day for the Advanced Charting Seminar to cover this new material. As you can see, the Masters Class is a seminar presented by the best, for those who want to be the best and it always results in a significant step forward in the CSE technique. -6-
  7. 7. 2010 Masters Class Seminar – Downtown Fort Worth For 2010 we will be inviting five clients who have excelled in the use of our technique to present the seminar. Again, they will be teaching specific rule adaptations and techniques that they have developed which allow them to realize above average returns using our technique. As always, we will have clients who specialize in both the Covered Call, LEAPS and now Credit Spread techniques. -7-
  8. 8. 2010 Masters Class attendees also receive the DVD's of the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Masters Classes!!! As the Masters Class is a one-off event, each year we record the Seminar on High Definition DVD. This allows attendees to review the content of the seminar over and over. Those who sign up for the 2010 Masters Class will receive immediately the HD DVD's for the 2006, 200 7, 2008 and 2009 Masters Classes! This is over 8 days of recorded seminar with 19 different master client presenters! Then when you attend the 2010 event in September you will also receive the DVD's of that event! Effectively, those signing up for the Masters in 2010 pay for one event, yet receive the value of five events due to receiving the DVD's of past year's seminars! This is a great value! -8-
  9. 9. Special Pricing for 2010 Masters Class + DVD's of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 events! The price for the 2-Day Masters Class plus the DVD sets for all five Masters Class Seminars (2006 – 2010) will be $3,495. However, we are offering a special early sign-up price. The price for early sign-ups will be just $2,495 for anyone signing up before the close of business May 21st, 2010. This is $1,000 off the normal price and fantastic value considering that each individual Masters Class DVD has a value of $2,750 so the total value of this package is over $14,000!!! When you sign up at the special price of $2,495 for either LIVE or ONLINE attendance, we will immediately mail out the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Masters Class DVD sets (these sell individually for $2,750 each on our website) so you can begin familiarizing yourself with the fantastic advanced topics covered in those events. Remember, the early sign up price of $2,495 for the 2010 Masters + 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 DVD sets is only available until the close of business May 21st, 2010! If you want to attend the live event, it is important to register early. Of all our seminars, the Masters Class is the premier event and it regularly sells out for live attendance months in advance. Our meeting room in Fort Worth can only accommodate 400 people. Late sign ups may be required to attend online. Remember also, due to size restrictions, only the first 25 people to sign up for the 2010 Masters Class will be able to attend the Texas Cookout (including spouses capacity is 50 people total) on Joe Hooper's downtown deck on Sunday evening after the seminar. To sign up for either LIVE or ONLINE attendance call our offices during business hours at 817-882-9142 or CLICK HERE. -9-
  10. 10. Social Activities As always, the social activities will be a huge part of the 2010 Masters Class. We will be having a great welcome cocktail party on Friday evening and a fantastic dinner on Saturday evening. Stay tuned for further details on this. Special Social Activity - Texas Cookout on Joe Hooper's Downtown Deck For the second time, we will be doing a special social event on Sunday evening after the seminar is wrapped up. This will be a Texas Cookout on Joe Hooper's Deck overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Last year’s event was rained out and we were forced to move the Cookout to the Fort Worth Chop House – we hope for cooperation from the weather this year! This will be a casual event and we will have our favorite restaurant the Fort Worth Chop House cater the event. This will be a great wrap up of the seminar. Unfortunately, due to size restrictions, only the first 25 people to sign up for the 2009 Masters Class will be able to attend the Texas Cookout (including spouses capacity is 50 people total). Those signing up first will have preference of whether they want to attend or not, first come first served. CLICK HERE to sign up at the early special price of $2,495 or call 817-882-9142. Those missing out on the Texas Cookout will obviously still be able to attend all the other social activities (Friday night cocktail party, Saturday night dinner etc). Sign up early to attend the Second Annual Masters Class Texas Cookout!!! - 10 -
  11. 11. Who are the 2010 Masters Class presenters? We will be inviting five clients to present at the 2010 Masters Class Seminar. There will be a mix of clients who specialize in: . . Covered Calls . LEAPS . Credit Spreads and . Advanced Charting . As always, we will scour our client base to find the best of the best clients with the highest returns. Each year the quality of the presentations become better and better as our clients and the CSE process becomes more sophisticated. The 2009 Masters Class was an event of unprecedented quality (the best CSE event ever) and we plan on bettering the event this year with the 2010 line up of presenters! The first three client presenters have been confirmed (see below). As in past years, the remaining two presenters will be announced as the event draws nearer. 1) Greg Beauchamp – CSE client for 4 years, 9% per month using Call Only Credit Spreads Greg attended his first 2-Day Intensive Seminar in early 2006 and has been actively using both the Covered Call, LEAPS and now Credit Spread techniques for four years. Greg's motivation for learning our technique was his desire to invest funds from the sale of various family businesses. This is a common story we hear at CSE almost everyday - we have hundreds of clients who have been successful business owners and have sold their businesses for substantial sums, yet then find themselves in a dilemma regarding how best to use the capital from the business sale to replace their incomes and grow their wealth. Greg gave a fantastic presentation at the 2008 Masters Class where he talked about a technique he developed called GGR, how to stay invested with a $5MM+ portfolio, time management, performance analysis and many other valuable topics. Greg’s presentation at the 2008 Masters Class was a significant contribution to the event and has helped move the CSE process forward. Since the introduction of the Credit Spread strategy, Greg has shifted his trading to solely Credit Spreads. He now takes the most conservative approach possible with Credit Spreads, trading only the call side of the spread (no puts). Greg dedicates a certain percentage to Monthly Credit Spreads and a certain percentage of capital to Weekly Credit Spreads and uses the same stocks and indexes each month. His approach is designed to enable the highest level of monthly returns in the most conservative way possible. - 11 -
  12. 12. While Greg has been a CSE client for 4 years, he has been 100% invested using this call only Credit Spread strategy for the past 12 months. His returns using this approach are nothing short of spectacular at 9% per month. This is an incredible rate of return considering that he is not using any puts! 99% of clients that are achieving this rate of return are using puts as part of an iron condor to generate this level of income. This obviously adds risk in the event of a significant market downturn. Due to his call only strategy, Greg is generating among the highest risk adjusted returns of any client using the Credit Spread technique. Making 9% per month doubles the account value every 10 months. This is a spectacular return considering there are no puts in the account and the account is therefore not exposed to declines in the market. Additionally impressive is that Greg has generated these returns in a very strong upward moving market. This is a testament to very good timing on when to enter positions given call positions are being created and the market has been strongly upward moving. Greg will spend half a day at the 2010 Masters Class talking about exactly what he does on a daily basis to manage his account for retirement income and growth using Call Only Credit Spreads. Topics covered will include: 1) Using Call Only Credit Spreads as the basis for your portfolio 2) Capital allocation between monthly and weekly positions 3) Capital allocation between indexes and stocks 4) Which indexes and stocks Greg uses on a monthly basis 5) Timing on entering new call positions – a critical, critical component of Greg’s success considering he has been generating these returns with calls only in a strongly rising market 6) Timing on management techniques 7) Staying fully invested and diversified in with a $5MM+ portfolio While Greg is “in retirement”, he considers his CSE investing a full time business. He is truly a Master of the CSE techniques having great success initially with Covered Calls and LEAPS and now with Credit Spreads. Greg’s presentation will set a new path forward for those who want maximum return with minimal risk using the Credit Spread technique. If you are using Credit Spreads, this presentation is a must see. - 12 -
  13. 13. Keith Frampton – CSE client for 3 ½ years, 4.2% per WEEK using weekly Credit Spreads Keith attended his first 2-Day Intensive Seminar in 2007 and has been using the Covered Call technique successfully for 3 ½ years. Before coming to CSE, Keith was a frustrated mutual fund investor following the “buy and hope” strategy. When a friend recommended Keith look into option strategies, Keith began his research, found CSE on the internet and ordered our book “Covered Calls: A Wealth Option”. Keith then signed up for the 2-Day intensive Seminar and was on the road to taking control of his own investments. His success with the CSE technique allowed Keith to retire early this past January at the age of 52. Keith Is a regular attendee of all the CSE seminars, having attended the 2-Day Intensive, Advanced Charting, Monthly Credit Spreads, Weekly Credit Spreads, two Masters Classes and two Round Ups. Keith is now retired and generates more income each month than he needs to live on. As such, he is producing ample retirement income and his accounts are still growing. After learning the Credit Spread technique, Keith transitioned his investments from Covered Calls to Credit Spreads. He has found his niche doing 100% of his account in weekly credit spreads, where he is now producing 4.2% per week return over the past 12 months. For those that are unfamiliar with the power of compounding – 4.2% per week is a 750% annual return. That’s right, Keith has achieved a 750% return over the past year. These are the single highest returns we have ever witnessed in the 10-year history of Compound Stock Earnings. Keith will spend half a day at the 2010 Masters Class talking about exactly what he does on a daily basis to effectuate these incredible returns in his 100% weekly credit spread account. Topics covered will include: 1) Capital allocation between puts and calls in the iron condor. Using less puts in the condor to minimize risk while maintaining high return. 2) Capital allocation between OEX and SPX weekly positions for 100% weekly credit spread account 3) Using Advanced Charting to time the entry of new weekly positions (critical information) 4) Advantages of weekly credit spreads vs. monthly credit spreads when using Advanced Charting 5) Risk management with a 100% weekly portfolio - 13 -
  14. 14. Keith has mastered the CSE technique and has the highest returns we have ever seen in the 10 year history of Compound Stock Earnings by using the weekly credit spread process. While we do not recommend clients place 100% of their assets into Weekly Credit Spreads – there is most certainly a place for a Weekly Credit Spread account, which contains 20 – 40% of your investable assets to produce these incredible, incredible rates of return. Remember, at 4.2% a week, $100,000 turns into $850,000 in just one year. The returns being achieved by Keith over the past year are simply incredible. Of all the CSE techniques, weekly credit spreads provide the potential for the highest returns. All clients who are using weekly credit spreads (or want to use them in the future) will get an incredible amount of “hands on” information from Keith – he has the highest returns of any CSE client that we are aware of over the past 10 years! CSE has always had the ability to change lives – but in the past the change took several years in order to build and compound an account. What Keith is going to present at the 2010 Masters Class has the potential to change lives in the space of just one year. - Those who have $100,000 of investable assets have the potential to build a $1MM account in the space of 13 months at these rates of return. - Those with $50,000 of investable assets have the potential to build a $1MM account in just 18 months at these rates of return. Never before has CSE been able to change lives so quickly. The practical application of the Weekly Credit Spread technique that Keith will teach will be among the most valuable presentations ever given at the Masters Class. - 14 -
  15. 15. Richard Reardon – CSE client for 3 ½ years – 15.8% per month using Advanced Charting Momentum Trades Before becoming a CSE client, Richard had been a mutual fund investor following the advice of a stockbroker for 20 years. When Richard was 60 years of age, he began seriously thinking about whether he could retire on the assets he had accumulated and keep his high standard of living. Richard did the numbers and, based on his standard of living, he needed to earn 12 – 15% per year off his assets in order to have a comfortable retirement. When Richard called his broker and asked if he could earn that rate of return, the broker said “forget it, that’s not possible”. As Richard is a self-employed business consultant, he was facing the prospect of never being able to retire unless he wanted to decrease his standard of living. He then heard about CSE on our radio show in Los Angeles and signed up for the 2-Day Intensive Seminar. Richard has now been actively using the CSE technique for 3 ½ years. In the first year (2007), Richard used our Covered Call technique and averaged 4.2% per month. In the second year of being a CSE client (2008), Richard took the Advanced Charting seminar and his returns on Covered Calls increased to 5.3% per month. Richard then felt he was ready to progress to the more advanced techniques and he signed up to attend Ed Watanabe’s Mastery Coaching program. In this program Ed teaches how to identify strong upward momentum in the price cycle and trade LEAPS positions for extremely large short-term returns (10% or greater for a trade that generally lasts only a week). Richard found his niche and is now exclusively trading Advanced Charting Momentum Trades where he is averaging 15.8% return per month. This level of return is well in excess of the 6 – 12% per month that is normally attained using the Credit Spread or LEAPS techniques and is among the highest returns that we have witnessed in the 10 years since forming CSE. This level of return is attributed to Richard’s mastery of Advanced Charting Momentum Trades. This advanced process has been taught by Ed Watanabe to a very select group of only twenty-five CSE clients who have attended his Advanced Charting Mastery Coaching webinar. This Momentum Trade process will form the basis of the new Platinum Selections Service, which will launch in the coming weeks. This new selections service will revolutionize the CSE technique and the returns our clients can achieve on a monthly basis. Richard will spend half a day at the 2010 Masters Class talking about exactly what he does on a daily basis to effectuate these incredible 15.8% per month returns using Advanced Charting Momentum Trades. Topics covered will include: 1) Richard’s process for selecting stocks for Momentum Trades - 15 -
  16. 16. 2) When to enter a Momentum Trade position based on Advanced Charting (critical). What exactly the ideal chart set up looks like and how the indicators unfold to give an entry signal. 3) When to NOT enter the position based on Advanced Charting (critical). 4) Selecting strike prices and expirations for Momentum Trades (this is different than the standard LEAPS technique) 5) When to exit the position based on Advanced Charting (critical). How the indicators unfold to give a signal to exit the position. 6) Capital allocation for a 100% Momentum Trade account. 7) Risk management for a 100% Momentum Trade account. 8) The mental side of trading. The market environment vs. your mental environment - what inner changes may be needed to maximize your profits. Richard owns a consulting business where he works with senior executives form all over the country to improve their performance and subsequently the profits of the businesses they run. Richard will talk about how to break through any mental barriers that may be holding you back from achieving the highest levels of success in your investing. Richard has had great accomplishments coaching top executives to have the right mindset for success. This will be a key component of his presentation at the 2010 Masters Class. After 3 ½ years of trading, Richard has found his niche with Advanced Charting Momentum Trades and now enjoys among the highest returns of any CSE client at 15.8% per month. His presentation at the 2010 Masters Class will introduce Ed Watanabe’s Momentum Trade process to the broader CSE client base and many of you may adopt this style as your preferred CSE technique going forward. Additionally, Richard’s insights into the mental aspect of trading will be invaluable. He has worked with top executives from all over the country to improve their performance by shifting mindsets. His presentation will ensure that your mindset is not holding you back from reaching your trading potential and if it is, how exactly to shift your thought processes to align them for maximum success. Two more client presenters will be announced as the event draws nearer! So there is the initially line up for Masters Class 2010. The line up of presenters is already the highest returning group of clients we have ever had present at a Masters Class – and there is two more presenters still to announce! Anyone using any of the CSE processes will greatly benefit from these presentations - 16 -
  17. 17. from the best of the best of CSE investors. The line-up of presenters for 2010 is the best ever and this will no doubt be the most valuable seminar ever conducted by CSE in our 10-year history! - 17 -
  18. 18. What did attendees think of past Masters Classes? Here are a few emails from those who attended the 2008 and 2009 Masters Classes. ............................................. Joe and Aaron, I have to give you guys a big thumbs up. Just when I thought I have seen it all you raise the bar once again. The presentations this past weekend were excellent. Before your system, I have avoided the technical side of investing because it was just so much voodoo. I was one of those many buy and hold individuals who were really practicing the buy and hope philosophy. That is buy it, sit on it and hope, that when I was ready to retire that the funds would be there. After this masters I have a much better appreciation of what to do and how to do it. Thanks Jim New York ............................................. Hello Joe and Aaron, I want to congratulate you and the CSE team for a fantastic program this past weekend. I was overwhelmed with the amount of excellent information that was shared by this years very talented, and knowledgeable " masters." At the last minute I was unable to attend in person but did connect via the internet. I projected both the live camera view and the power point onto my 46 inch Sony LCD TV. The live camera does make you feel that you are in the room with everyone. The toolbox additions will be extremely valuable in helping me and others increase the returns on our investments. I can't wait to get started. How will you ever top this year's Master course next year??? Ron ............................................. Joseph, Aaron and Crew - 18 -
  19. 19. Short and sweat. Fantastic!! Quality people and quality, quality presentations. Client presentations is a terrific concept. Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment to CSE and your clients! I learned a ton and feel very fortunate to be associated with all of you. Dave ............................................. Joseph, I wanted to thank you and your staff for putting together a great event. You did a great job of selecting presenters that had a wealth of experience in using CSE and brought a lot of gravitas because of their professional experience. The range of topics was broad enough to provide something for everyone. I also appreciate the fact that CSE continues to look into new ways to make the process work more effectively. With the introduction of new tools, I believe they will help to improve the "rules" and the success of us COWs. I am always looking for better ways to make decisions, especially around entering and buying back TSSs. I believe the introduction of these new tools will not only improve my returns, but add confidence as to when to pull the trigger to enter and exit a position. Regards, Leigh ............................................. Greetings Joseph, Thank you, Thank you to all of you for having a wonderful Masters Presentation! I enjoyed each facet of their presentation, from daily management, pivots points, TSS enhancement and Greedy Gregs. These guys have taken the basics, follow the rules, and think outside of the box. It was truly an amazing weekend that took giant leaps forward. The material was presented precise and clearly. Everyone's mind was just turning and you can see the creation of new ideas are on the horizon. What I learned this weekend will enhance the growth of our portfolio and we'll be able to retire much sooner. I would encourage those who did not attend to get the DVDs. You'll be glad you did! - 19 -
  20. 20. Thanks again! Marilyn & Howard ............................................. Dear Joe and Aaron...a note regarding the Masters. Starting Friday with an early morning cab ride to far North Chicago I could tell excitement was high with a very large group from those who attended my Advanced Charting seminar. A full day at the seminar...even with two potty breaks and a short 30 minute lunch we ended at 3:00 PM in time to catch a nice leisurely train ride (through all the traffic) with the group back to the Renaissance Hotel...and ending the day with a great cocktail party on theTerrace. What a way to get started! Then Saturday and Sunday the presenters just confirmed again their formulas to succeed. Follow the CSE rules + apply discipline + master the skills of charting = added returns every month. I talked with many who attended, their returns are for real. We got many great ideas and much to learn and absorb. And not to forget the evening dinner cruise boat ride, dancing and fire works Saturday night with absolutely beautiful weather! Candace and I again want to thank you and Aaron for CSE and how it has changed so many lives including ours. Ed and Candace ............................................. Joseph & Aaron: Thanks for a fantastic Masters Seminar in Chicago this past weekend. The cocktail hour (3 hours) was great and my wife and I met you for the first time as well as the seminar presenters. You two were excellent hosts and we felt right at home, even though we are the new kids on the block (six months with CSE). The real treat was the next two days of presentations. In addition to the new techniques presented it was great to learn about the everyday schedules of these individuals and how they keep record of their profits. It was so interesting and educational that I did not want to miss a word said and therefore my notes suffered - looking forward to the DVD. I hope we will soon see something in writing as pertains to GGR and Pivot Points. We took some pictures which I am attaching. Again, thanks for an outstanding seminar - I am sure to be a better client in - 20 -
  21. 21. the future (making more money). George & Etsuko P.S. We did not attend the Advance Charting seminar because it was on the other side of Chicago and learned about that a little too late. ............................................. Hello Joe and Aaron, Wow, what a fantastic 2008 Master's Seminar. The other presenters were great. I learned a couple of things from each of them that I can incorporate into CSE process (not all at once, of course). Also, the new techniques being added into the CSE Toolbox will be very helpful. If anyone is not getting the Toolbox yet, I am sure they will want to begin now. I would like to Thank You for giving me the opportunity to present how I generate 100% of the income required to live on during my retirement. I had a blast speaking to and mingling with all the other CSE clients and instructors. I forgot how fun it was to be a presenter and convey information and techniques to others. I hope someone can reap benefits by increasing there returns. Even if I could contribute only a small part, it was worth my time and effort. I know from years of teaching engineers, that it takes much more than just the speakers for a successful seminar. Those behind the scenes play a vital role in the great success of this weekend. Jennifer was so helpful to me in preparation for the weekend. Tiffany and Ms. W were very efficient in staffing the "front desk" and the "soundman trio" made the speaking / presenting process go so smoothly. You and Aaron are always such a great inspiration to us all and made my experience so comfortable. Thank you for the gracious hospitality you provided. I am anxiously awaiting the DVD of this weekend so I can review all of the fantastic information over and over again. I also look forward to the next Roundup in 2009. There is nothing like associating with all the great CSE clients and staff to "rev the engines" to new highs. Once again, I want to Thank You and Aaron for allowing me to have the time of my life and I will never forget the experience. Your Friend, - 21 -
  22. 22. Randy ............................................. HI Again Joe, Well we really had another excellent learning "seminar" this week end at the Masters. I have over 10 pages of notes and all of them are 'action step" oriented -- Actions and ideas that flow right in with all I have already learned with the CSE process. I am focused on applying one lesson / technique at a time over the next 3 months. Should be a big help on the return (effort and $).. What was of particular interest to me was the fact that not one comment or question was surfaced re: the turbulent week on Wall street --imagine that a 800 to 1000 point swing and no one cared!!! That is progress. Great weekend to hold the Masters --don't you think? It would seem that the "Joe and Aaron" lesson, and CSE process is the true antidote to all that Wall Street / Main street poison. Thanks again for all that you do to help us learn and to have access to the very best in investing and self reliance. Till next time, Richard ............................................. Joe, Aaron and all CSE staff, Kudos to you for a great Masters event...meant to congratulate you guys sooner but real job got in the way! They just get better and better...enjoyed all the presenters to learn how they manage their days and the tools they use. This was the first time for my wife to travel with me to this event; she very much enjoyed the social activities and meeting some of the other participants from our Dallas area....we now intend to get together socially... I also noticed that the current market meltdown did not seem to bother any of - 22 -
  23. 23. the participants since we are now trained to focus on cash returns...what a welcome sense of relief for us "Cash Cows" is such pleasure to be a member of such an elite group. Keep up the outstanding work... Fred ............................................. Joe and Aaron: Thank you for a very educational and beautiful social experience in Chicago. This was perfectly organized and I want to say thanks to you but know, it takes a very knowledgeable and talented staff to do this job. Job well done to all. It seems that retirement is on many minds right now as we can attest from the subjects of discussion of your latest radio show. I have played with various retirement calculators over the years and one thing that has always stayed in my mind is that if one wants to withdraw 5% per year to live and maintain a nest egg to maintain funds, you have to multiply the amount you want to pay yourself per year by 17 to come up with the amount of money needed to invest to maintain this yearly income. So, if you want $100,000 per year, you need $1,700,000 invested to maintain this income. Now if you apply the CSE technique and want to pay yourself $100,000 per year, you can do this with $210,000 given you generate 4% per month selling covered calls. These are compelling figures. By using 12% less capital, one can accomplish the same goal. CSE speaks for itself. Thank you. George ............................................. Hi Joe! What a FABULOUS Masters Conference in Chicago!!! The setting was perfect, and we enjoyed the social aspects of it.the cocktail party on the Terrace, and the Dinner Cruise. It was fun to meet your wife Pat.what a lovely lady. and meet some of the presenters and clients who have been following the CSE system for some time now. But, of course, the BEST PART was the presentations!! Bill & I learned more than we ever thought we could.our minds are still sorting it all out! We've only been using your system for 5 months, but already we are making good returns.5 to 6 % per month! We plan on implementing many of the new - 23 -
  24. 24. techniques we learned at Masters, and feel sure they will help us achieve success. We are in full retirement, and living off our investments, so your system is a welcome "port in the storm" . We have now decided to move ALL our assets from our Main Street broker.they just can't provide the returns we need, and your system can! One suggestion about the Masters: It would have been very helpful if the presenters had issued printed hand-outs of their slides. We could've taken notes right on the copies, and would have much more information for reference than we do now. Is it possible to include this in next year's Masters? Thanks again for a great conference. We look forward to many years of profits and working with you, Aaron, and your system! Nancy ............................................. Joe, Aaron, and Your (ever-growing)Team: The CSE Masters Class was a first class event and worth every penny. It was packed with information that I have taken home and will start applying (one-by- one, as advised). Not only was your choice of presenters top-notch, your "choice" of audience was stunning. The backgrounds of the people attending are an incredible tribute to and confirmation of your trading approaches and recommendations. Thank you for caring about all of us and providing the structure and the tools to make our trading significantly better and much more profitable. Hint: If you keep this up, 150 participation slots for the next Masters meeting will not be enough. Linda, "the politician" .................................... Dear Joe & Aaron, I would just like to chime in with all the praises sent in by my fellow CSE colleagues who attended this year's Masters Class. I just can't say enough about the value received. So many folks have said it all so well, I won't be redundant. I thought I'd pass along this tidbit to remind folks to fully utilize the forthcoming DVD's. I've heard that we only retain about 10% of the information heard at a presentation even if good notes are taken. That tells me that we all need to view the DVD's often to gain the full benefit. - 24 -
  25. 25. On another note, I've been actively trading covered calls for just under a year. My success (4.5% average per month) has allowed me to make definite plans for early retirement. This is real excitement and motivation for those of us in our "fabulous fifties". Here's the difference: Without CSE, I would probably have to wait until age 70 to retire and then settle for an income stream of 50% of my final salary including Social Security (or as I call it, "so-so security"). With CSE, I'm now looking at leaving the "rat race" less than 2 years from now, before age 61. At that point I should be able to conservatively generate 120% of my salary without S/S. How many retirees can say they are living on more than their final J- O-B salary? I'm also factoring in a separate account for compounding. This will give me a continual growth of capital and allow me to add to my income account for a 20% annual raise! Except for the very infrequent big promotion, what J-O-B out there could ever offer any of us a 20% raise? The Boss thinks a big 4% per year is supposed to keep the troops happy. (Ha-ha). I know so many CSE clients could do much, much better. My projections are conservative and don't include higher returns from LEAPS trading. It would be great to hear stories of folks retiring on 2 or 3 times their final salaries. I know they're out there or soon will be! Kurt ................................... Joe/Aaron, Just returned from attending the Masters Class this past weekend. What great experience! I had hesitated initially and did not sign up early as I questioned the worth of attending, but can't say enough good words to explain the weekend. Great professional presentation from Mike, Jay, Ed, Mark, and Mark. It was nice to put a face with a name in regard to Mark Dannenberg, after so many positive e-mails in the Cow report. As always, interesting "insights" from Joe and enjoyed Aaron's comments as well as introduction to the KADD and The Stretched SSR. In addition to the great presentations I had a great deal of fun at the two lunches and dinner at the Chop House. Both restaurants were excellent and did a great job of taking care of so many people at the same time. Did not get a chance to attend the cocktail party, but will make sure my schedule allows me to attend everything next year, as I look forward to attending the 2008 Masters Class. Just as powerful as listening to the presentations, was the ability to network with everyone. I am also amazed at how each presenter obviously loves what they are doing, as well as their desire and willingness to discuss their experiences and share their time with everyone. - 25 -
  26. 26. Also, thanks to Jennifer, Tiffany, and Wade for all their work in the organization and implementation of such a good weekend. Thanks again for a great weekend pat .................................... Joe: The best analogy I can give is to compare the Masters Class to a covered dish supper. As you know, each contributor to a covered dish supper brings his or her absolute best and favorite recipe, allowing the diners to see how a really good cook can prepare an outstanding dish. And that is exactly what our speakers did for us this weekend. We saw techniques ranging from highly mathematical to highly visual and everything in between. But the interesting thing is they all worked! Certainly lends credence to the CSE method stability and flexibility (even if they all seemed to be variations on the common theme of identifying the V.} Anyway - I tremendously enjoyed the sessions as well as meeting the other attendees, both in class and the entertainment events. While I am not a stellar contributor to the technology, I certainly am a beneficiary of it and I thank you for creating it and you and Aaron for formalizing it so well. Best wishes! Orrin .................................... To all: Great job with the Master's class. I attended online and learned a lot. I will incorporate some of what I learned into my current process in order to increase my returns. I must admit some of the information and explanations were over my head and way too technical but on a whole the seminar was great. I can hardly wait for the DVD so I can watch it again to confirm my notes. One request is for Aaron to spend more time on the SSSR before the DVD is cut and sent out or do an addendum to the DVD. Thank you! Rod .................................... - 26 -
  27. 27. Hi Joe, What a Fabulous Masters Class this past weekend! I learned so many great ideas from participants over dinner, and from FABULOUS formal presentations! I also learned that everyone is unique. That means everyone has a unique operating style, and that one size never fits all. So the best implementation is gradual, as your operating style evolves. I've learned from teaching that we all learn and think differently. Your presenters reached a very wide of audience. One gentlemen at dinner said he is still paper trading! I could not believe this man has yet to make his first fer-real trade! But I believe we all bolstered his confidence that he can do this thing!! Someone else at dinner said, "Joe's process is the only way out for retirement for hundreds of thousands of people!" Thanks for organizing the Masters! It is well worth the few extra dollars!! And we all did learn from each other! Bob .................................... Dear Joe, Aaron and Staff, Just a quick note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the masters seminar. Everything was great, the presenters, the accommodations, the restaurants, it was just a lot of fun. We met some nice people and learned some cool new stuff. I have been trading with CSE for ten months and I love it. Many thanks. Sincerely, Rick and Diana .................................... Joe/Aaron, What a blast I had at the Masters Class. I got to meet a wealth of people and made many new contacts. The food, the drink and camaraderie were unparalleled. It was fun but now I need to join AA and Weight Watchers after all the good times I had. As always thanks so much for your hospitality and generosity to all that attended his weekend. For me it was a great experience to speak in front of everyone and - 27 -
  28. 28. give them something that will help them in their trading. I look forward to seeing you guys again soon. Lastly, thanks so much to Jennifer, Tiffany, Wade and all the others that made the Masters Class such a success!! Kind Regards, Mark .................................... Hi Joe and Aaron, I am, probably like everyone else, struggling to catch up with regular business while absorbing the amazing amount of great input that we got this past weekend at the Master's class. But before I get too caught up in life's details, I wanted to get out a quick note to congratulate you both and also your staff. And what can I say about the fabulous presenters at the event--great job Mike Ruff, Jay Hansen, Ed Watanabe, Mark Dannenberg. and Mark Sormberger. You were all just terrific, not to mention extraordinarily generous in sharing your experience and encouragement. When an event like this goes so well, there is a tendency to ignore or not acknowledge the enormous amount of work that went into it to make it appear seamless. You all deserve great credit for the elegance and hospitality that you showed your visitors from all over the globe. Thanks so much also to Jennifer, Tiffany and Wade. I would also like to acknowledge your beautiful city and the residents of Fort Worth. Coming back to Texas makes me remember why I sometimes think of giving up my little Shangri La in Los Angeles for the charm and warmth of Texas. A special shout out to the Reata Restaurant and The Chop House for great food and service, and to the Hilton Hotel. Please let them know how much we all appreciated their hospitality. I know we were all the beneficiaries of the good will that Joe has created over the years. And please tell Pat that it was wonderful to see her, if only briefly. Her grace and loveliness are a great blessing to all she touches and influences. I will expand on my appreciation of the great wealth of information that was made available to us this weekend, but let this serve as an inadequate expression of thanks from a grateful CSE toddler. And Joe, I wanted to especially thank you for your "pertinent jocularity", if not for the more traditional and expected "fitfulness". - 28 -
  29. 29. Sorry that I could not properly say goodbye at the end. I was anxious about getting to Love Field in time, and all of the transport seemed to be only going to DFW. It worked out, but I had to pay much higher. I will try to be smarter next time. Love to all from Joan and Hugh in LA .................................... Joe and Aaron, I thoroughly enjoyed the Masters Class weekend. The meetings, the meals, downtown Fort Worth and interacting with fellow participants made for a very fun and productive weekend. Lots of smart minds at work this weekend - I watched a few, , conversations between participants become a bit "heated." Though all of us are CSE graduates, it is obvious that discussing our individual interpretation of what works and doesn't work can cause as much tension as discussing religion or politics! Thanks to both of you and your staff (who I'm sure did most of the work!) for arranging and hosting this Master Class weekend. Mike .................................... Joe, I wanted to thank you and Pat for dinner Thursday night. It was great to spend some time with both of you and to have such a great dinner! The Master's was excellent! You and Aaron did an outstanding job of lining up presenters who each have a different way of being successful. It was a great way to show everyone that once you get past the basic rules and build a strong foundation of consistent success for yourself, there are a variety of ways to be successful. I thought it was good that people could see success models ranging from very detailed analysis to a simple review of positions and the chart. Everyone thinks differently, learns differently and has varying degrees of interest in studying deeper levels of detail. What you did was provide a wide range of methods where everyone there should have walked away with a new understanding and 1-2 additional tools that will help them improve their success. I loved the meeting format and found it to be professional and well planned. The social events including the reception, lunches and dinner were excellent and I loved meeting so many people who have the same passion for investing and wealth building I have. It was just plain fun!! - 29 -
  30. 30. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a presenter! I love to teach and combined with my passion for trading, it was a great combination for me. Great job to both of you for an excellent seminar!! Mark .................................... Joe, Following up on our conversation after the CSE Master's Class on Sunday, I have included the notes that I took over the course of the two days. For the most part I captured the high points of the presentations and think that other people might find them useful. You are welcome to send them to group that attended. Personally I found the seminar very rewarding. Having now been using the CSE techniques for 8 months, the information made a great deal of sense and I will eager to incorporate much of what I learned into my trading strategy. Additionally, I really enjoyed meeting other CSE students and the sharing of personal experiences. Overall, it was a great experience and I will plan on attending next year. Thanks again. Andy .................................... Joseph, I want to thank you, Aaron, your staff and all the presenters at the Masters Seminar in Fort Forth. Experiencing the richness, and diversity of styles using your trading structure and rules was pure pleasure and excitement. It is an important step in my trading development and philosophy. Corker of a job! Phil Oakdale, CA .................................... Dear Joe, Aaron, Jennifer, Tiffany, and Wade, This Master's Seminar was just outstanding. The presentations by Mike, Jay, Ed, the two Marks, and Aaron were packed with philosophical and technical advice. It's obvious why these folks are successful and enthusiastic traders. I think everyone came away with a ton of new ideas and appreciation for the time- honored CSE rules. - 30 -
  31. 31. Beginning with the cocktail party Friday evening right on through the weekend the extracurricular activities were on par with the Seminar. Thanks again for putting on a truly world-class educational event. Sincerely, Don .................................. Joe, I've been meaning to email you to let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed the Masters Class. It was definitely worth every penny. The knowledge I gained from the presenters was invaluable. I started using some of their techniques right away and it's made all the difference. My results improved considerably. I haven't figured out yet exactly how much but I'll bet I doubled my returns from before. It's incredible. I am looking forward to next year!! When you get a chance, could you please send me the videos? I would love to go through some of the presentations again. Thank you so much for the valuable service you provide. Regards, Eileen ……………….. - 31 -
  32. 32. How to sign up for 2010 Masters Class The price for the 2010 2-Day Masters Class plus the DVD's sets for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 Masters Class Seminars will be $3,495. However, we are offering a special early sign-up price. The price for early sign- ups will be just $2,495 for anyone signing up before the close of business May 21st, 2010. This is $1,000 off the normal price and fantastic value considering that each individual Master Class DVD has a value of $2,750 so the total value of this package is over $14,000!!! When you sign up at the special price of $2,495 for either LIVE or ONLINE attendance, we will immediately mail out the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 Masters Class HD DVD's Sets (these sell individually for $2,750 each on our website) so you can begin familiarizing yourself with the fantastic advanced topics covered in those events. Remember, the early sign up price of $2,495 for the 2010 Masters + 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 HD DVD sets is only available until the close of business May 21, 2010! The last Fort Worth Round-Up sold out with an attendance of 400 people live (300 people were forced to attend online), we expect this event to sell out. If you want to attend the live event, it is important to register early. Our meeting room in Fort Worth can only accommodate 400 people. Remember also, due to size restrictions, only the first 25 people to sign up for the 2010 Masters Class will be able to attend the Texas Cookout (including spouses capacity is 50 people total) on Joe Hooper’s downtown deck on Sunday evening. To sign up for either LIVE or ONLINE attendance call our offices during business hours at 817-882-9142 or CLICK HERE. - 32 -