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55 connect student experience
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55 connect student experience



Published in Education , Technology
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  • 1. The Student Experience
  • 2. Lycor Networks is planning to buildhundreds of online learning courses, virtualcommunities and social networking sitesdesigned to meet the needs and interestsof seniors.55Connect2
  • 3. Highly organized courses will helpstudents to understand retirementplanning, manage a disease or condition,enjoy a hobby or master theirsmartphones, all in an easy to useenvironment55Connect3
  • 4. Seniors join with a support community oflike-minded students and teachers toexplore live and recorded lectures,engaging videos, interactive demos andother content-rich course materials at anytime from any place55Connect4
  • 5. Seniors can ask questions or exchangeideas with topic experts and their peers,through email, robust discussion threads,in chat rooms or in group workingenvironments55Connect5
  • 6. Seniors connect with fellow classmatesoutside the classroom through exclusive,invitation-only social networking sites andcommunities55Connect6
  • 7. One place to find trusted and authoritative information of interest toseniors755Connect
  • 8. Join hundreds of introductory or advancedonline learning coursesBasic or introductory courses are freeStart self-paced courses at any timeCourses designed specifically for seniorsby topic experts55Connect8
  • 9. Each student provides contact information,including an active email addressEach student completes a basic interestand knowledge surveyEach student views an introductory tutorialon the easy-to-follow 55Connect learningenvironmentStudents receive clear instructions oncourse objectives and expectations55Connect9
  • 10. As the course progresses, each studentcan access, save and share notes, videos,Web links, recorded lectures and chathistories in their own personal spaceStudents actively work with their peers,through robust discussion threads, chatsand optional group projects.Students can ask questions and get timelyanswers directly from experts or fellowclassmates55Connect10
  • 11.  Students can meet and exchange informationusing today’s new interactive technologies Students can chat casually, talk about theirinterests or share personal information in the“virtual student lounge” Course facilitators can “listen” to students’comments, questions and concerns andprovide support or feedback55Connect11
  • 12. Experts design and implement coursecontent and answer students’ questionsFacilitators manage course discussionsand ensure a positive online experienceModerators balance communicationamong group members and mediate anydisagreements or disputes55Connect12
  • 13. Students encounter different modes oflearning, including Webographies ofreadings, live Webcasts, recordedaudio/video, interactive games, and linksto authoritative Websites55Connect13
  • 14. Students receive an end-of-coursesummary, complete a course evaluationsurvey, and receive a printed certificateacknowledging course completionEach student will be offered information onfee-based advanced or related courses55Connect14
  • 15. Graduates are also invited to joinexclusive, topic-related social networkingsites, including a virtual community,Facebook or Google+ pages and TwitterfeedsGraduates will continue to developrelationships and pursue interests beyondthe classroom using these socialnetworking tools55Connect15
  • 16. Knowledgeable graduates will joincommunities of people sharing commoninterests and ideasGraduates can return to courses forupdates or new content, ask questions orshare information in community chatrooms, respond to targeted ads, shop forrelated products or services, and receiveassistance from other members55Connect16
  • 17. 55Connect has developed a highlyeffective way to build communities ofcommon interestConvenient “senior friendly” courses allowstudents to review new materials or re-learn conceptsGraduates can connect with fellowclassmates or meet new persons ofcommon interest within exclusive,invitation-only communities55Connect17
  • 18. What to expect in an online course1855Connect
  • 19. A senior has just purchased a smartphoneand wants to understand how to make themost of its many features and capabilitiesSearching the 55Connect site, the seniorfinds the basic online course “How to Makethe Most of Your Smartphone” andregisters55Connect19
  • 20.  At registration the student completes a briefsurvey about their course expectations, thetype of smartphone they purchased and otherareas of interest (e.g., photography, texting,emailing, etc.) The students views a brief online tutorial onhow to navigate the 55Connect learningenvironment The student receives a summary of courseobjectives and expectations55Connect20
  • 21.  The student is given a self-paced, step-by-step course curriculum, with access to awealth of general information on smartphoneuse, including:• “Getting to know your phone”• “Taking better photos”• “Texting and messaging”• “Downloading and playing audio and video files”• “Storing your contacts”• “Browsing the Web”• “Installing new applications”• And much more…55Connect21
  • 22. The student receives a welcomemessage(s) from the course instructor andmoderatorThe student joins the conversation withother students in the “virtual studentlounge” and meets a fellow student who isalso interested in travel and finding thebest smartphone “travel apps”55Connect22
  • 23.  The student encounters many forms of learning:watching live and recorded Webcasts and videos,listening to audio files, and reading or reviewingWebographies of electronic documents, mediaresources and Websites During the course, the student asks manyquestions, which are answered by both the coursefacilitator and fellow classmates The student is able to store these answers, alongwith favorite videos, Web links, and other chathistories in a personal space for later review55Connect23
  • 24.  While studying, the student receives encouragingmessages from the course moderator and fellowstudents. At course completion, the student is given a briefsurvey on areas of interest and suggestions forcourse improvements or possible other, relatedonline courses The student is given a certificate of completion The student is also invited to join an exclusivecommunity of smartphone users who would like tocontinue their online learning experience55Connect24
  • 25. The student joins the “Smartphone users”community, Facebook and Google+ pages,and Twitter feedThe new member receives information onthe latest “must have” smartphoneaccessories and services from trustedproviders, including protective screens,skins, leather cases, headsets, powercords, etc.55Connect25
  • 26. The community member receives a noticeof a course update and returns to view anew video on “shopping Apps” available intheir personal spaceThe community member answers aquestion from a fellow member about“taking pictures for scrapbooking”The graduate takes an advanced courseon smartphone photography55Connect26
  • 27. Preserving the relationship2755Connect
  • 28. Students and graduates can access acomplete library of authoritativeinformation in one placeMembers will feel like they are part of alarger community, with opportunities to askquestions, share ideas and shapediscussions with others of like interests55Connect28
  • 29. Through online courses, virtualcommunities and social networking sites,55Connect will promote a long-term,continuing dialog with our students andgraduates.55Connect29