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Content is Data - Vertical Measures Webinar
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Content is Data - Vertical Measures Webinar


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Marketing is facing a crisis. In the past decade we have evolved our data systems to know our consumers & prospects from every angle & touch point. We have never had more efficient and effective …

Marketing is facing a crisis. In the past decade we have evolved our data systems to know our consumers & prospects from every angle & touch point. We have never had more efficient and effective distribution channels (Search, Email, Social & Mobile). Now we are faced with the last great challenge. We don’t have the content. Content is the weak link in our goal to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time through the right channel. In this webinar you will learn how:

- Advanced marketers are leveraging personae
- To empower employees and our audience to create large volumes of relevant sharable content
- Leverage & repurpose content across all channels
- Measure content as an individual element

Published in: Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Presents: Chris Baggott,Co-Founder of Compendium Content Is Data
    • 2. “Content marketingis all the marketing that is left.” Seth Godin Best Selling Author
    • 3. What Is Big Data? According to the IBM’s definition, the three core components of big data are volume, variety and velocity. Volume refers to the growing mass of terabytes and petabytes being generated and converted into analysis and real time decisions. Variety refers to the structured and unstructured data pouring in via thousands of sources that is analyzed in new and creative combinations. Velocity simply refers to how quickly the data is being produced and the speed at which it must be processed to serve useful tasks central to marketers’ needs.
    • 4. Content Gap
    • 5. PersonasJill Brown Behaviors & Culture FearsSingle Working Mom • Slightly unorganized • Feeling unaccomplished • Very practical but easily flustered • Something bad happening • Honest and sincere to her son • Passionate • Getting off task“There is always somethingto be done. I need tasks tobe simple and easy so I canfocus on the more important Challenges Motivationsthings in life, like my son • Managing multiple tasks at once • Checking things off her • Coping when “life” happens and “to-do” listBrady.” goes against her “plan” • Quality time with her son • Feeling accomplished Known Information: User Category: New Sample Search Queries Apartment Tenant Needs & Expectations • Apartments in safe • Simplicity Age: 38 neighborhoods • Affordable housing options • Affordable apartments in • Products and services that are Race: White St. Louis easy to understand and choose • How to downsize living space • Anything that is in the best Education: Associate interest of her son Degree Employment: Full time Household Income: $40,000 Family: Divorced, Single mother
    • 6. Customer Engagement CycleStage Questions AskedAwareness How can I find/fix/help __________?Consideratio What do I need to consider when purchasingn __________?Inquiry What options/solutions does this company offer?Purchase Why is it better to purchase from this company over another?Retention What would make me purchase from this company again?
    • 7. Topic Modeling
    • 8. Topic Modeling
    • 9. Tyler Cole, Jill Brown, 38 Kevin Rogers,21 Single Working 52College Student Mom Empty Nester
    • 10. Editorial Calendar
    • 11. Most Popular Content Tactics
    • 12. Original
    • 13. Curated
    • 14. Customer
    • 15. RepurposedExisting Content Repurpose Existing Content As:News Releases • Rewrite in conversational tone and post on content hubVideo of CEO Annual • Post video on YouTubeMeeting • Convert audio to MP3 for downloadable or streaming podcast • Transcribe speech and post on blogCustomer case • Create PowerPoint and post on SlideSharestudies • Record PowerPoint with voiceover as video and post on YouTube • Post video (YouTube embed code) on content hubSelf-published • Rewrite in conversational tone and post as a month long blogarticles series • Combine similar articles into an eBook and write a post promoting it’s downloadEvergreen Content • Find content that has performed well before and link to it from a new piece of content or promote it through social
    • 16. FAQ
    • 17. Branded Hub
    • 18. Branded Hub
    • 19. Branded Hub
    • 20. Author Rank
    • 21. Social Reach
    • 22. Demonstrating Content Value
    • 23. Questions?More Traffic. More Leads. More Business. Contact: 888-476-1881
    • 24. FREE WEBINAR SERIES:Join us February 7th at 11am PST/2pm ESTBeyond Optimization: Elevating Your Content with Google AuthorshipPresenter: David Gould,Creative Services Director at VerticalMeasuresLearn how:• The SEO benefits of being a verified author• How to set up your authorship• Multiple options for linking your content to your profile• Tips for building your AuthorRank Check out our website at for registration information.