Pecha Kuch - 20 Most Insanely Expensive Things- Mahendra Singh


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Pecha Kucha is a presentation style in which 20 slides are shown for 20 seconds each (six minutes and 40 seconds in total). Compassites held Pecha Kucha session as team activity. This session talks about 20 Most Insanely Expensive Things. *All company names, product names, logos, images included in this presentation may be registered trademarks or service marks of their respective owners. No copyright violation intended on images sourced from Google searches.

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Pecha Kuch - 20 Most Insanely Expensive Things- Mahendra Singh

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  3. 3. 20 Most Insanely Expensive Things
  4. 4. Diamond Chess Set Charles Hollander Having a price tag of $600,000, and with 320 carats of black and white diamonds only seven of these luxury chess sets have ever been created.
  5. 5. Tokyo real estate. At $1,200 per square meter, this surpasses former favorites London and Paris.
  6. 6. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Price Tag: $35 million. Not long ago this 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car ever when it was sold in the United Kingdom to a private collector.
  7. 7. Hotel Room: Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson in Geneva = $65,000 per night. It comes with 10 rooms and 7 bathrooms.
  8. 8. Cigar box: Gurkha Black Dragon. Price: $1,150 each. Introduced in 2006, these Honduran cigars arrive on your doorstep in a chest constructed out of camel bone. Unfortunately we regret to inform the cigar enthusiasts among you that only 5 chests were ever produced.
  9. 9. Burger Le Burger Extravagant. For $295 you can have this insanely priced burger from Serendipity 3 in NYC, served of course, with a gold toothpick.
  10. 10. Heidsieck Monopole 1907. In the late 90′s an underwater search party stumbled across a century old shipwreck containing 2,000 bottles of this French champagne. Now, you can get a bottle for $25,000.
  11. 11. You can move in for $2 billion. Named after the mythical Atlantic island of Antillia, this house in downtown Mumbai, India has over 600 full time staff.
  12. 12. Yacht: History Supreme. Valued at $4.8 billion, it's made with over 100,000 kg of gold and decorated with everything from T- Rex bones to miniature meteorites.
  13. 13. Extinct Huia Bird Feathers. Were hunted for feathers used in hats.Found in New Zealand. $8000
  14. 14. Jeans: Spin Jean by Damien Hirst. With only 8 ever made, this will cost you $27,000.
  15. 15. Domain Name: Price? $16 million. When Quinstreet, the California based marketing firm, bought in 2009 they went down in the Guinness Book of World Records for owning the most expensive domain name ever.
  16. 16. Parking Spot: Manhattan. Price: $1 million. Located in eight-story luxury condominium building at 66 E. 11th St in downtown Manhattan, this million dollar parking spot is worth more than 6 times the national price of a single family home.
  17. 17. Camera: Susse Freres daguerreotype camera. Dating back to 1839, this daguerreotype camera sold at auction in 2007 for $775,000 and is believed to be the oldest commercially manufactured camera in the world.
  18. 18. Painting: Number 5, 1948. worth $140 million.Jackson Pollock’s work,was an influential American painter.
  19. 19. At the 2004 wedding of Lakshmi Mittal's daughter, 1,000 high- profile guests from across the world were entertained at the Palace of Versailles in Paris. Pop star Kylie Minogue and Shah Rukh Khan performed at the wedding. The wedding costed $ 55 Million (253 crore).
  20. 20. Kohinoor diamond, The gem remains the property of the British crown and is kept in HM Tower of London and it’s a popular tourist attraction.
  21. 21. Drai's, a new nightclub in Las Vegas, is offering a package that costs $737,000 and involves a private jet.
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