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Big NYC Game


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An open collaborative game development project: The Big NYC Game - the first city wide Augmented Reality game for New York - by New Yorkers. …

An open collaborative game development project: The Big NYC Game - the first city wide Augmented Reality game for New York - by New Yorkers.
Kicked off at the AR Dev Camp @ Topp 5-Dec-09

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  • 1. The Big NYC Game An augmented reality game for NYC by New Yorkers Discussion Moderated by Ori Inbar AR Dev Camp NYC @Topp Dec 5th 2009
  • 2. What is it? • Location-based - right here in NYC! • Social - viral, for everyone • Augmented Reality - cool! • Game=fun
  • 3. How? A collaborative, open-source, game development project modeled after... Swarm of Angels open source feature film, and participatory filmmaking community. A new kind of film process and movement pioneering extreme collaboration & digitally-native cinema. With members now in the four figures we are reconfiguring our web presence to simplify involvement and clarify all the project developments.
  • 4. Launch Target 2010 ...and on going after that ...then expand to other cities
  • 5. What’s the Purpose Make NYC better • get people to shop locally • learning about the history of the city • Make NYC greener (e.g. get points for green transportation) • ghostbusters • Leave Manhattan (get to know the other boroughs)
  • 6. Work Streams • AR Software & devices - Tish, Noah, Sophia, Omar, Steve’s students (GoblinXNA) • Game mechanics, link to social networks - Chris • Design, Story - Jon, Ralph • Promotion, sponsors, Government relationships, non profit - Don, Ralph • Legal (IP) - Zeke
  • 7. AR Software • Sensors: GPS+compass, markers, NFT, PTAM, face detection, Sketch AR, ... • Focus on mature AR tools • Crowd source marker tagging around the city • T-shirt markers •
  • 8. AR Devices goal:device agnostic • iPhone, Android phones, Symbian, Win Mo • any camera phone (MMS) • cell phones + sms • mini laptops + AR goggles • Projection
  • 9. Game Mechanics • Loc: Quest, treasure hunt - across the city • AR: visual interaction • Social: pick a role and gang up to advance
  • 10. game ideas • Mini games. prizes • Introduce AR concepts - step by step • find hidden markers by using social networks • put together several markers in a certain location + more folks - fits any demographic • capture the flag, turn of the century (history), mystery • user generated game based on the game infrastructure and story line • teach users to create AR games • cover the city with QR codes and markers • Start playing individually and converge into teams (everyone can find a role to play, no matter what tech they have) • easter eggs - to incentivize people to explore new locations in the city • References: The following, e.g. Green Edge
  • 11. Game Time • Several hours? • On going (24x7)?
  • 12. Contributors Sophia Parafina, OpenGeo, @spara, organizer, Marco Neumann, KONA, @neumarcx, Tish Shute, Web,@tishshute, Dimitri Darras, @dimitridarras, Heidi Hysell, Joe Lamantia, Muku / ARWave, @mojoe Kate Chapman, Web Developer, FortiusOne, @wonderchook Matthieu Pierce, itinerant poet, @matthieupierce, Ori Inbar, ogmento games alfresco Noah Zerkin, [1] , Ohan Oda, webpage – Columbia University; NYC Sean White, webpage , Steve Henderson, Columbia University, webpage, @stevehenderson Omer Gunes, [[2] webpage] , Steve Feiner, Jon Russek, NYC, website, @filmaddict Daniel Leslie, Reflexions Data, LLC @dan_leslie, Donald Schwartz, NYC, @Ishkahbibel David Oliver, Oliver+Coady, Inc. NYC, @davidmoliver , Chris Grayson, NYC, Twitter: @chrisgrayson | Blog: GigantiCo | Contributor: H+ Magazine Saul Devitt, NYC. Bert Picot, NYC , MZ , Jon Russek – film production + law + internet, Davide Byron – developed the game Spads and Fokkers Philip Ashlock @philipashlock, Michael Keating, The Open Planning Project Yohan Baillot, @yohanBaillot