Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting 2010
  Twitter transcript from #ccommapm2010 & related conversations September 29...
missing out on younger talent #CCommAPM2010
6:01pm    @hackofalltrades @commutiny Apparently only 0.5% of trustees are und...
6:43 pm   @commutiny      Very warm tribute to Andrew was endorsed by the crowd
                          #CCommAPM2010 No...
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Charity commission annual public meeting 2010


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Charity commission annual public meeting 2010

  1. 1. Charity Commission Annual Public Meeting 2010 Twitter transcript from #ccommapm2010 & related conversations September 29, 2010 5:02 pm @commutiny The Charity Commission's vision is "Charity working at the heart of society for public benefit" #CCommAPM2010 5:06 pm @commutiny #CCommAPM2010 is just one of the ways the Charity Commission tries to be #open and #accountable 5:08 pm @commutiny I've had a very friendly welcome by Sam Younger and his colleagues at #CCommAPM2010 which is encouraging... They *want* to be open 5:24 pm @commutiny Wondering if these Charity Commission peeps get to talk to #real people these days. They're *all* keen & smiley, chatting away #CCommAPM2010 5:26 pm @commutiny Very civilised facilities at #CCommAPM2010 I wasn't expecting Wifi so tweeting by SMS (risk of predictive text slippage) 5:31 pm @commutiny Charity Commission mission includes championing public interest in charity and enabling charities to maximise impact #CCommAPM2010 5:34 pm @commutiny No attendee list or badges so can't slink around peering at chests. Have to emulate unnervingly jolly Charity Commission staff #CCOMMAPM2010 5:35 pm @hackofalltrades @commutiny Eek! I'm pretty sure I know exactly the type you're talking about... may be a link to 'Cult of Professionalism' stuff? 5:37 pm @commutiny Wondering how many #thirdsector #leaders are at #CCommAPM2010 There's a full house, impressive in this weather 5:38 pm @commutiny Dame Suzi Leather, Chair of Charity Commission opens the meeting warmly #CCommAPM2010 5:39 pm @commutiny Happy Birthday to Andrew Hind got a round of applause #CCommAPM2010 5:40 pm @commutiny It's a tricky time to be looking back when the immediate future will see huge changes #CCommAPM2010 5:41 pm @commutiny Context is vital for #thirdsector to flourish and Charity Commission is vital to shape this #CCommAPM2010 5:42 pm @commutiny Charity Commission has recently been shortlisted for Civil Service "more for less" award #CCommAPM2010 5:44 pm @commutiny Sam Younger, new CEO presents the strategic and operational highlights of the past year #CCommAPM2010 5:51pm @commutiny When I say unnervingly jolly I mean culture of this APM is unusually approchable, chatty and open. Conversation not broadcast #CCommAPM2010 5:52 pm @commutiny Not much paper around, Charity Commission is quite good at digital information #CCommAPM2010 5:53 pm @commutiny Back on Track report shows some charities at risk due to basic governance mistakes, largely financial & safeguarding related #CCommAPM2010 5:55 pm @commutiny Only 7.5% of assessments lead to investigations #goodsign and 80% charities filing on time #CCommAPM2010 5:58 pm @commutiny Research finds in addition to survival issues there is a fear that infrastructure which supports charities is also at risk #CCOMMAPM2010 5:59 pm @commutiny Avg age of trustees is 57 - sector is missing out on younger talent #CCommAPM2010 6:00 pm @hackofalltrades RT @commutiny: Avg age of trustees is 57 - sector is
  2. 2. missing out on younger talent #CCommAPM2010 6:01pm @hackofalltrades @commutiny Apparently only 0.5% of trustees are under 25... which further highlights that divide... 6:02 pm @commutiny Commission Strategic Review launches after Govt Spending Review and will go back to 1st principles. #CCommAPM2010 6:03 pm @commutiny Sam Younger calls for all Charity folk to contribute to the consultations when the review is launch #CCommAPM2010 6:05 pm @commutiny Next up, David Locke & Neville Brownlee presenting info about how the Commission is managing demand for its services #CCommAPM2010 6:06 pm @commutiny Progress has been made on response times, consistency and levels of 'customer satisfaction' #CCommAPM2010 6:07 pm @commutiny First jarring note for me is use of "customer" several times #CCommAPM2010 6:09 pm @commutiny Serious efforts are being made to reduce bureaucracy #CCommAPM2010 What's your experience? 6:11 pm @commutiny If you have anything you'd like me to ask at the Charity Commission APM Q&A just use the hashtag #CCommAPM2010 6:14 pm @commutiny 50% of phone calls to the Commission are from small Charities with <£50k income #CCommAPM2010 6:16 pm @commutiny Most popular subject in phone calls is submission/receipt of Annual Returns, then technical calls e.g. password queries #CCommAPM2010 6:17 pm @commutiny I hope I'm not boring you. This is very important stuff to me and should be to all #thirdsector peeps #CCommAPM2010 6:18 pm @watfordgap @commutiny Please keep it going. One of my twitter selling points is "eyes & ears at events i'm not able to attend". Thx 6:19 pm @commutiny Even the style of presentation is unnervingly jolly at #CCommAPM2010 Neville is getting laughs 6:21 pm @commutiny This is all too cosy, someone give me a spiky question to ask! #CCommAPM2010 6:22 pm @commutiny Ms Allcock Tyler is asking about how cuts will affect small charities #CCommAPM2010 6:23 pm @commutiny Dame Suzi admits evidence base is inadequate for understanding what the risks of cuts are and invites us to inform #CCommAPM2010 6:29 pm @commutiny We are "on the record" cos @thirdsector are reporting. Of course, this is a *public* meeting & they've also welcomed my tweeting #CCommAPM2010 6:30 pm @ChrisPenberthy @commutiny with move to digital returns what about areas with very slow/no broadband - especially for smaller rural orgs CCommAPM2010 6:30 pm @commutiny question about a formal complaint which a member of the public does not feel has been handled well #CCommAPM2010 6:31 pm @commutiny I think this particular issue has been raised before, but it's not the place of the audience to heckle (ahem) #CCommAPM2010 6:33 pm @commutiny Commission has committed to personal attention & says the public, not just the Commission, should hold charities to account #CCommAPM2010 6:38 pm @commutiny And finally, a happy reflection on Andrew Hind's tenure as Commission Head Honcho. It's a bit like crashing the office party
  3. 3. 6:43 pm @commutiny Very warm tribute to Andrew was endorsed by the crowd #CCommAPM2010 Now off to drinks and chat 6:45 pm @commutiny @ChrisPenberthy This was raised, response related to govt digital online centres or whatever they're called 6:46 pm @ChrisPenberthy @commutiny I think that shows lack of understanding - if broadband's not there then there aren't centres with it! Major rural issue 6:47 pm @commutiny Ah, no need for name badges... many establishment chums are here. More #public should take advantage of these meetings #CCommAPM2010 6:48 pm @commutiny @watfordgap happy to be of assistance ;) 6:51 pm @commutiny This may seem shallow... @DebAllcockTyler is wearing the most magnificent blue boots #CCommAPM2010 6:55 pm @commutiny It's quite difficult to join any of the conversations now, establishment closes ranks? #CCommAPM2010 6:59 pm @prbass @commutiny if its not too late could you ask the CC about @opencharities? Are they aware of and what is their response? 7:00 pm @commutiny @ChrisPenberthy I spoke to Neville, he had reasonable response too long for a tweet... #CCommAPM2010 7:02 pm @commutiny In summary … "The phone will never be unplugged, the post box never nailed up" #CCommAPM2010 7:08 pm @ChrisPenberthy @commutiny that's good - as long as it is being sorted :) 7:24 pm @commutiny @prbass a bit late, will try :) #CCommAPM2010 7:25 pm @commutiny Sir Stuart Etherington has just popped up to praise Andrew Hind... Ooh look! there's Richard Fries #CCommAPM2010 7:26 pm @commutiny I'm not showing off, I only recognise a few folk without the badges #CCommAPM2010 7:30 pm @commutiny @ChrisPenberthy Neville is happy to talk to you more about it if you want to contact him directly #CCommAPM2010 7:35 pm @commutiny Don't think @ChtyCommission would mind if y'all get in touch direct to follow up on #CCommAPM2010 < my opinion 7:45pm @commutiny @prbass short answer, opencharity is good stuff, regulator wants to provide data & regulate, we can use it & do more #CCommAPM2010 7:48 pm @commutiny Charity Commission Trustee Simon Weatherd is a thoroughly nice chap (I know it's his job but still) #CCommAPM2010 8:00 pm @commutiny Thx to all following #CCommAPM2010 I'm sending a transcript to @ChtyCommission tomorrow Roxanne Persaud @commutiny