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Infografic: The new way of collaboration


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Infografic: "Communote - The new way of collaboration" describes how microblogging can change the way we communicate and collaborate within a company.

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Infografic: The new way of collaboration

  1. 1. The new way of collaboration How is communication @ changing? founded: 2004 founded: 2006 800 million users (09|2011) closed information exchange 100 million users (09|2011) in private networks open information exchange status updates, activities, like + share function 140 characters, follow user, # hashtags ! ... What can companies learn? from web 2.0 to enterprise 2.0 Corinna Pahrmann O‘Reilly"Web 2.0 is mainly about one thing: „ “Enterprise 2.0 is the use of emergent social software platforms within companies, or between companies and their partners or customers” people. The web2.0 user „ Andrew McAfee is no longer a customer of web he is now a co-creator. […]„ ? external internal Open structures Open and active communication with the customer establish a culture of participation e.g. company blogs and social media and knowledge exchange ! ! ! Excurs How is it used within the company? Web 2.0 > Enterprise 2.0 Wikipedia > Enterprise Wiki Blogs > Corporate Blogs Social- > Communote, founded 2008 Germany Networks Yammer etc. (Sillicon Saxony) Content > Social founded 2008 SaaS and Sharing Software USA (Sillicon Valley) On Premises only SaaS Communication is crucial for success. ... conquer Barriers with microblogging distributed teams identify with the company ... ... Motivation and knowledge optimization encourages creativity and innovation Support of unstructured workflows and ad-hoc processes What is it used for? ideas and information 15% status updates 26% problem solving 28% task coordination 52% What are the benefits? Corporate Communication ... Project Communication „… I’ve never been so well informed „… finally I realized my employees’ concerns, about internal issues, activities, and can easily offer new impulse and the latest project updates!“ on different hierarchical levels.“ ... Communication with partners ... ... „… partners and suppliers can be easily integrated into my projects as if Sales and Marketing ... they were on-site …” „… all employees actually receive the most important messages. Information no longer Innovation Management disappears in personal „… I receive feedback, hints, advise € ! E-Mail accounts.“ and support immediately.“ § ? ! Tipp ? How to get started? ? 1 invite participants. 2 define topics and areas. 3 get first experience. 4 definine guidlines. 5 integration into information portals What do I need? Do and unstructures processes 6 getting started. 7 company-wide use. Keep it short and simple Share relevant information with other collegues Participate actively share private information (ask and answer questions) confuse with instant messaging Write in context and use tags for your messages post confidential messages in public topics Create added value in the comments you send How many characters does Don‘t microblogging need? abc < 140 33% < 200 45% < 300 60% < 400 70% < 500 77% > 500 23% Source: Communardo, 2012 How do I communicate correctly? ? bla Microblog Microblog SharePoint Team Wiki Blog/Wiki Fileshare Instant Messaging E-Mail E-Mail + Personal Direct Message Attachment SMS Short message Message/Article Document What are the results?“The volume of emails we send and receive is unsustainable for business. Managers spend between 5 and 20 hours a week reading and writing E-Mails. [...] We have set up collaboration tools and social community platforms, to share and keep track „ Thierry Breton CEO Atos Origin „ of ideas on subjects from innovation and Lean Management through to sales. [...] E-Mail is on the way out as the best way to run a company and do business.” Birgit Gebhard "We are committed to social communication and want to guarantee smooth flow between management, employees, CEO external personnel and clients." Trendbüro "In our daily practice, we feel a certain need, to improve the organization of information. E-Mail, Instant Messaging and personal file storage are simply not the solution. " „ Ilja Hauß CEO Communardo