Enterprise Microblogging - The revolution of business communication (engl.)


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Enterprise Microblogging - The revolution of business communication (engl.)

  1. 1. Enterprise Microblogging. The revolution of business communication.
  2. 2. Communication is cruicial for success. by jetheriot/Flickr
  3. 3. … and constantly changing.
  4. 4. Twitter and Microblogging revolutionize communication. »The creation of Twitter is as significant and paradigm-shifting as the invention of Morse code, the telephone, radio, television or the personal computer.« (Ashton Kutcher in TIME Magazine)
  5. 5. success factors are… short messages mobile openess social networking simple fast
  6. 6. How do you communicate in your company?
  7. 7. Telephone and E-Mail dominate daily work…
  8. 8. the problem… closed Information communication cc and @all Mails gets lost! No traceability and documentation Structure and a clear overview are missing!
  9. 9. Can we find a solution? Instant Perfect for spontaneous 1:1 communication. No use for extensive topics, no central Messaging documentation. No structure Blogs Used for field reports and explanation of topics. High barriers for active involvement. Poor participation Wikis Good for collective work and documentation of results. Inflexible structuring and no active exchange about topics. No communication
  10. 10. Twitter in  Corporate communiactions b usiness?  Dialogue with customers  News ? Internal communication ? Project communication ? Documentation
  11. 11. Twitter doesn‘t fulfill enterprise requirements. • 140 character are not enough • weak security measures • missing structure • no permanent storage
  12. 12. Let‘s start all over again… The goal is a simple, fast and secure communication. structured and traceable.
  13. 13. The sucess factors for modern communication in business networks structure speed topics openess teams
  14. 14. It is not that difficult, is it?
  15. 15. All advantages of E-Mail SMS Foren Instant Messaging Social Networks Blogs combined in one communication- and information channel.
  16. 16. No, it is not what your are thinking about.
  17. 17. Agreement with our costumer. I need a solution for the Some changes have to be implemented… following problem. The presentation was perfect. Thank you all for the preparation. I just found this interesting article. The exchange of micro information requires a company-wide commmunication infrastructure.
  18. 18. „What are you working on?“ »Enterprise Microblogging is the exchange of information-snippets in companies (teams, topics and projects) to create informal, social und work-related awareness.«
  19. 19. Microblogging is a paradigm shift and will become a fundamental component of communication in business.
  20. 20. Communote offers Enterprise Microblogging as an innovative and integrated communication channel in business. What are the features of Communote? What is New about Communote? Why does Communote fulfill enterprise requirements?
  21. 21. Documentation Traceable and structured storage of communication in Microblogs without additional expenditure of time.
  22. 22. Transparency Creation of Awareness. Commmunication as needed: open or discrete.
  23. 23. Speed Fast and simple communication with micro information.
  24. 24. Structure and organisation Structured Microblogs through projects, teams and topics.
  25. 25. Mobility Ideas and thoughts can be shared at any time and in any place. Information is retrievable from anywhere.
  26. 26. Networking Microblogging creates a stronger connection between people in projects and distributed teams.
  27. 27. Security Security and administrability – essential for enterprise applications.
  28. 28. Integration … into existing information- and communication structures.
  29. 29. With what kind of jobs does communote help me? Use Cases
  30. 30. Project management Project blogs enable fast, simple and transparent team communication.
  31. 31. Sales Direct documentation and provision of information from customer conversations. Mobile and transparent.
  32. 32. Leadership Microblogs inform Decisions get continously about project comprehensible through status and activities. documentation.
  33. 33. Innovation management Open, simple and fast exchange of ideas and improvements.
  34. 34. Knowledge- and information exchange Build on the knowledge of your team.
  35. 35. The potential is in communication.
  36. 36. Come up to the expectations of employment. »This generation thinks differently, behaves differently and is already starting to demand, aggressively, big changes in the way society, business and individuals interact. Is your workplace prepared for the changes?« (CIO Insight Magazine)
  37. 37. Don‘t miss the chance. Start with Microblogging in your company. Register at: www.communote.com
  38. 38. Tagging Java
  39. 39. Communote
  40. 40. Service Offering Saas Licencing Consulting Implementation
  41. 41. Presentationen and information The revolution of How to communicate today? communication Use Cases. Where can I use microblogging in companies? How do I start and what are Introduction. the first steps? www.communote.com twitter.com/communote slideshare.net/communote
  42. 42. About us. Communote is a product of Communardo Software GmbH. Your partner Jens Osthues Communardo Software GmbH for collaboration in Jens.Osthues@communardo.de www.xing.com/profile/jens_osthues companies. www.twitter.com/jeos www.communardo.com twitter.com/communardo slideshare.net/communardo