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Community From Scratch

  1. 1. Building an online community from scratch Why, Where, How?
  2. 2. Who is Martin Reed? I build online communities. • - Founded in 2000. – Up to 600 simultaneous chat room users – Over 400,000 forum posts since December ‘04 – Over 250,000 messages sent since May ‘06 • •
  3. 3. Why an online community? Knowledge Loyalty Brand Reputation Reduce costs Relationship Benefit your members!
  4. 4. Where do we build the community? Who are your potential members? Where are your potential members? or…
  5. 5. Build it yourself? One place, one opportunity.
  6. 6. Building a community from scratch Vital Requirements: • Members before day one • Activity before day one • Buzz before day one • FUN before day one Inactivity breeds inactivity.
  7. 7. Step One - Start the Search • Who are potential members? • Where are they likely to be? When you find them, stop.
  8. 8. Step Two - Admire from a Distance • You are in their environment • You are a stranger • You are commercial (probably) • Learn and understand A lot is at stake.
  9. 9. Step Three - Build a Relationship • Get involved • Add real value • Be genuine • Be honest • LEARN Do not initiate private communication... …yet!
  10. 10. Step Four - Reach Out This is a critical stage but now you are: • Known • Respected (hopefully) Who are you? Why are you contacting them? How do they fit in with your plans? Ego stroke but be genuine.
  11. 11. Step Five - Recruit • Why them? Not everyone gets invited. • What are the benefits for them? • What are you asking for? • Be personal and specific. • Some will be easier than others. • Just the beginning.
  12. 12. Step Six - Develop Purpose Name Design Functionality Personality Member Benefits The community needs to be tailored to its members, NOT your business.
  13. 13. Step Seven - Retain • Keep these members • Existing relationship • Knowledge • Activity • Loyalty • Buzz You need these members up to launch day and beyond.
  14. 14. Step Eight - Repeat • Continue reaching out • Continuous process • New relationships • New members • New ideas But don’t forget about your existing members!
  15. 15. Embrace Unknowns • Community building is an art not a science • There are no right or wrong answers or strategies (kind of) • People not numbers • Experiment • Take risks •MANAGEMENT BUY-IN
  16. 16. Resources and discussion:
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