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Global brand simplicity index 2011

Global brand simplicity index 2011






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    Global brand simplicity index 2011 Global brand simplicity index 2011 Presentation Transcript

    • 011 2 u eas ount ull m e it c he f her con pli f sim st re o s mo sum city ers :global and T w nds bra forbrandsimplicityindEX Published on December 7, 2011
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011letter from the cEoWe all seek simplicity.the circumstances vary from generation to generationand culture to culture, but the instinct is universal and itsimplications in the global marketplace indisputable.it sends messages that are clear, direct and unfetteredby the unnecessary. it expresses itself in ways that areeasily transmitted and translated. in business, simplicitycreates an environment that promotes peace of mindwith consumers, inspires confidence and generatesbrand loyalty. 2
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011Simplicity is elemental, essential and profitable.The 2011 global brand simplicity added questions relating specifically employ simplicity succeed by getting confirmation number arriving in lockstepindextm articulates and underscores the to technology, Internet shopping and out of their own way and, in doing so, with an online transaction.across-the-board demand for simplicity social media. drawing customers closer. But whatever the industry or thefrom consumers trying to navigate Because while the introduction of the When properly applied, simplicity product, the companies that effectivelytheir way through an increasingly iPad made 2010 a technological game- serves purpose. It gets into our heads employ simplicity tend to come outcomplicated world crowded with both changer, 2011 was the year mobile faster and stays there longer, helps us on top, the wisdom of their approachreal and virtual clutter. technology took unprecedented hold, make choices, saves time, money and reflected time and again in their marketCompanies that respond to the fully embedding itself into our daily lives. minimises debate over decisions. share and stock performance.collective cry for transparency, easy Consider the level of public engagement This year’s report takes an industry-by- That, however, is only half of theaccess and clear presentation—i.e., surrounding the death of Steve Jobs, industry look at the state of simplicity. equation. Consumers are, after all,simplicity—gain on the bottom line the co-founder of Apple. As one human and whether connectivityand beyond. Some industries, we found, are just Washington Post writer put it: “People is achieved online, over the phone, simple by nature—the need to feed, forIn our first global brand simplicity built their lives around the objects Steve through the media or face-to-face, example, drives the primal give-and-index study in 2010, we confirmed just Jobs gave them: the MacBook, the iPod, in the end it’s all about perception take of a fast-food restaurant. Others,how much simplicity pays. This year, we the iPhone, the iPad.” and relationships. It’s about how we like insurance, are more complex.wanted to dig deeper—to quantify the experience our lives and, by extension, But progress and invention bring theirimpact of technology and the Internet In healthcare, simplicity contributes how companies and products do or own complications. And achieving ain particular—and further identify and to wellness; in retail, it facilitates don’t relate to that experience. state of simplicity has never been thatanalyse the attributes of simplicity the ease of purchase and yields simple to begin with. In the United States, the United(and, conversely, complexity) coursing higher rates of sales; in the world of Kingdom, Germany, China, Indiathrough our wired world. “You can’t believe how hard it is for telecommunications, it cuts through and the Middle East where we people to be simple, how much they the static, connects and informs us,In 2010, we found older respondents felt conducted our research, several fear being simple,” former GE CEO through space and time.technology added layers of complexity recurring themes presented themselves Jack Welch once observed.to their lives while the young concluded Simplicity manifests itself in an endless in the aggregate and in sometimesquite the opposite. So in 2011, we Nobody really wants a complicated variety of forms. It can be as fashionably particularly personal responses.followed that thread and included far relationship—certainly not in the world elegant as that must-have little blackmore Internet brands in our survey and of business. The businesses that dress or as purely functional as the 3
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011When properly applied, simplicity serves a purpose. It gets intoour heads faster and stays there longer, helps us make choices,saves time, money and minimises debate over decisions.6,026 PeoPle Ease of communication is the No.1 Sincerely, reason the world thinks technology makes their lives easier.across 7 But respondents voiced concerns, too, about the double-edge sword of Howard Belk technology. We can connect, they said. Co-CEO, Chief Creative Officer But we are under pressure to always be on. It saves time but demandscountries time. There’s less privacy and more dependency. And with each new generation of innovation and hardware, there’s a new learning curve. David B. Srereevaluated Co-CEO, Chief Strategy Officer So, they concluded, unequivocally and almost universally, if you want our business, keep it simple: Be straight. Be clear. Be quick and be real.consuMer Consumers are so serious about simplicity they’re willing to pay for it— between 5 percent and 6.5 percent extra, depending on the category. Thatbrands. translates to $30 billion at stake in the U.S., UK and Germany alone. For brands in need of motivation, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. 4
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011Table of contentsletter from the cEo................................................. 2–4 the state of simplicity by region United States................................................... 35–44Executive summary.................................................. 6 United Kingdom............................................... 45–54 Germany.......................................................... 55–64the state of simplicity—global............................... 8–20 Middle East...................................................... 65–73 Relationships................................................... 9–10 India................................................................. 74–82 Technology...................................................... 11 China............................................................... 83–91the state of simplicity by industry methodology............................................................. 92 Electronics/Appliances.................................... 22 Telecom............................................................ 23 about siegel+gale.................................................... 94 Social Media..................................................... 24 Internet Search................................................. 25 News Media..................................................... 26 Retail................................................................ 27–28 Retail Banking.................................................. 29 General Insurance............................................ 30 Health Insurance.............................................. 31 Utilities............................................................. 32 Travel................................................................ 33 Automotive....................................................... 34 Shipping........................................................... 34 5
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011Executive summarysimplicity continUEs to mattEr and pay Among the highlights: Ways to simpliFyIn our first study in 2010, we found that people were Retail: Think experience:willing to pay more for simpler communications and There’s a bona fide opportunity for simplicity-based Take a customer-centric approach to everything,experiences from brands. This trend continued in 2011, profit at the nexus of retail and technology. Online retail including typically ignored touchpoints like bills, labelswith global Simplicity Premiums averaging between offers the simplest overall shopping experience by far, and service interactions.5 percent and 6.5 percent depending on industry— but still lags in-store for obtaining advice, assessing Think human:leaving billions on the table. merchandise quality and returning purchases. Devise processes and communications to better serveOur Simplicity Portfolio, which is comprised of stocks Technology: people rather than merely increase efficiency.from the leading global Simplicity Index brands, As a growing, worldwide, consumerist culture interacts Think innovation:continues to outperform the major indexes. and intersects with technology, both the sector and the Look to technology as a tool to simplify, not just brands with a focus on simplicity are rising to the topsimplicity bUilds loyalty dazzle. Find unexpected ways your brand can simplify of the index. A compelling 81 percent of respondents its experience and use these to gain differentiationSimplicity is not just about short-term returns. A worldwide say that technology simplifies their lives. and loyalty.sustained investment in simplified communications Google and Amazon top the worldwide list of simpleand experiences breeds more extensive and enduring consumer brands. Think consistency:brand loyalty. More than 82 percent of respondents Focus on delivering a consistent and true experience simplicity WinnErs and losErsglobally said they would be more likely to recommend across all touchpoints and communications.a brand that provided simpler communications The winning and losing brands cluster by industry,and experiences. with technology, media and retail brands dominating the top of the list and insurance and utilities crowdingEntirE indUstriEs sUccEEd dUE togrEatEr simplicity the bottom. Brands with a clear sense of identity, focused on consistent experience and communications,Having established the inextricable link between came up the big winners. Simple brands are simplysimplicity and industry categories in 2010, we took a easier to understand. They live longer in memory. Theymuch deeper look at the meaning of simplicity within minimise—or at least don’t add to—the complexitydifferent industries in 2011. bedeviling people’s lives. 6
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalSimple can be harder thancomplex: You have to workhard to get your thinkingclean to make it simple.But it’s worth it in the endbecause once you get there,you can move mountains.—Steve Jobs 7
    • thestate ofsiMPlicityglobal 8
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011relationshipsLove or work, simply?turns out that there’s nothing like friends andfamily after all. When it comes to relationships,respondents the world over found family and friendseasier to handle than the complications they facedat work and in romance.Friendship was first in simplicity in the without interfering in the running of China had the largest overall having mixed results at best: manyUnited States, India and the United their daily lives.” relationship spread with family rated respondents see as many complicationsKingdom followed by family, while family far simpler than all other relationships. in their interactions with the sector as GPS has made life less complicatedwas No. 1 in China, Germany and the they do simplifications. and volatile, too, giving direction to On the global scale, respondents saidMiddle East, followed by friendship. the many who might otherwise find their relationships get simpler with age— LinkedIn is one of the bottom globalRomance was seen as the most themselves confused, lost and angry. with the notable exception of the Middle brands in terms of simplicity, butcomplicated of all relationships in the East where relationships are simple there’s a real opportunity for the brand “With GPS, there are no disputes in ourU.S., India and the Middle East, and from 18–39 and 60 and older, but are that succeeds—where LinkedIn has family during long car rides,” says onework was next in line. China, Germany seen as less simple from ages 40–59. failed—to find a new way to simplify German respondent.and the UK had an easier time with the workplace. Finally, men find relationships slightlyromance than work. Social networks cut both ways, making simpler than women in all countries The same is true of romance. it easier on the one hand, to connectTechnology was seen as a key except the UK. with faraway and long lost friends, but The brand that manages to notconnector in keeping relationships also contributing to complexity with What’s the lesson for brands here? only bring people together but alsosimple through ease of communication an implied demand to be “always help them navigate their romanticwith photo and video sharing reinforcing First, that there is still work to be done on,” respond faster, and maintain— relationships in a more simplifiedthose personal ties. and money to be made in simplifying if not create whole cloth—a separate fashion could be the next Facebook. relationships. Our findings on social One UK respondent was particularly online persona. Others found life Assuming, of course, that Facebook media, a new category and set of grateful for text messaging, saying, complicated by their inability to doesn’t get there first. brands we added to this year’s study,“Text has been the best thing as I can separate work from their personal show that social media brands are keep in touch with my daughters… life because of technology. 9
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011Results in: Simple ComplexUnited Statesand India 1. Friendship 2. Family 3. Work 4. RomanticGermanyand China 1. Family 2. Friendship 3. Romantic 4. WorkUnited Kingdom 1. Friendship 2. Family 3. Romantic 4. WorkMiddle East 1. Family 2. Friendship 3. Work 4. Romantic 10
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011technologyThe generational impact of technologyWherever we went in the world, the Technology even made them feel safer. Familiarity doEsn’t brEEd contEmptanswers to our questions about the But concerns and complaints arrived inimpact of technology on simplicity tandem with the acknowledgments. 8.43 8.43lead to two connected conclusions: 8.36technology brings simplicity to our The presumed need to be tethered tolives but there is a price to be paid technology—to always be “on” with 7.96 7.91 7.55 7.48 colleagues and friends—finished first in 7.17 7.16for progress. the list of most complicating attributesAcross the globe, ease of communications globally. Many saw their time beingwas considered technology’s greatest sucked away amid all the texts, emailscontribution to a more simplified life, and virtual social interactions and felt social media smartphonewhich was supported by overall results. mp3 player the pressure that came with the higher computer ereaderEmail and phone ranked in the top three Simplicity expectations of instant responses and phone tablet Emailsimplest technology products. gps the ramp-up time necessary to keepRespondents agreed that technology pace with new improvements.saved them time, saved them money, Despite all the hype about the iPad and the rapid growth of themade their lives more efficient, more tablet market, computers and email still rank simpler than tablets.convenient and gave them greater simplicity WitH agE?access to a wider world. While younger generations and retireesThey sang the praises, too, of the think technology greatly simplifies theirsimple virtues of online banking lives, older generations still working findand shopping. They were grateful technology most challenging.for technology’s ability to speed up Technology has made my life easier comparedhousehold chores and stay connected to my mother’s and grandmother’s. I give fullto others. They appreciated GPS-aided ability to get home faster in credit to technology when it comes to takingthe first place. care of my baby, my husband and myself. 11 —HoUsEWiFE in tHE middlE East
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Global Global: Simplicity by Industry 1000Simple 900 +  cross the globe, the search engine, Internet A retail and mobile phone industries are creating simple experiences through usable technology 800 and communications. 700 600 500 400 Restaurants/Entertainment general (department/big box) 300 restaurants/Entertainment Electronics/Appliances Travel and Hospitality General Insurance 200 Health Insurance general insurance Health insurance cable providers Retail Banking internet search Shipping/Mail mobile phones retail banking internet retail shipping/mail Heath/beauty social media Automotive automotive Electronics appliances car rental 100 booking grocery FashionComplex Telecom Utilities Fitness Utilities Hotels news Media Retail train air 0 The Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated 12 simplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical interactions are.
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 7 percent and 19 percent of peopleare willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>6.3% >6% >5.5% >5% more more more more Restaurants/ Travel:Train Media:InternetSearch Travel:Hotels SocialMedia Entertainment NewsMedia Travel:Air Retail:Grocery Retail:Fashion Retail:Fitness Retail:Health/Beauty Utilities Retail:General Retail:Internet Appliances Electronics Automotive Shipping/Mail HealthInsurance Telecom:MobilePhones 13
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal: Brand Simplicity Index1–29:LeaderS, 30–58: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 59–87: LaGGardS % Change % Change Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Google 955 NA 20 Dell 775 10% Automotive 2 Amazon 885 5% 21 Audi 772 8% RetailBanking 3 IKEA 882 NA 22 SUBWAY 765 -5% Electronics/Appliances 4 McDonalds 867 2% 23 Yahoo! 764 NA GeneralInsurance 5 Apple 861 25% 24 Toyota 762 5% 6 Nokia 859 1% 25 Puma 759 NA HealthInsurance 7 Pizza Hut 853 5% 26 HP 758 12% Media 8 Marks & Spencer 844 14% 27 Holiday Inn 756 9% Restaurants/Entertainment 9 LG 843 NA 28 iTunes 755 NA Retail 10 Starbucks 842 3% 29 YouTube 753 NA Shipping/Mail 11 Carrefour 836 7% 30 Canon 753 6% Telecom 12 Siemens 831 4% 31 H&M 751 0% Travel 13 Sony 827 10% 32 Honda 748 23% Utilities 14 Samsung 814 11% 33 Hilton 741 NA 15 C&A 809 NA 34 BMW 738 31% 16 Walmart 807 -1% 35 Philips 738 NABrands that were rated in at least two 17 Motorola 786 NA 36 Nike 735 -2%geographies have been ranked in the 18 Boots 786 -2% 37 Adidas 732 -2%Global Brand Simplicity Index. 19 KFC 781 -5% 38 Debenhams 731 6% 14
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1–29:LeaderS, 30–58: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 59–87: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 39 O2 729 NA 58 Reebok 683 -10% 77 Bupa 588 NA 40 Burger King 729 -12% 59 Google+ 683 NA 78 Ramada 583 NA 41 eBay 725 6% 60 Bosch 679 NA 79 Budget 572 1% 42 Vodafone 723 1% 61 DHL 679 12% 80 AXA 562 0% 43 Facebook 715 NA 62 ZARA 677 6% 81 Hertz 548 -4% 44 Volkswagen 713 12% 63 ING 676 NA 82 LinkedIn 540 NA 45 Microsoft 712 NA 64 Gap 675 7% 83 Peugeot 538 26% 46 BlackBerry 710 NA 65 Marriott 675 NA 84 Allianz 531 -1% 47 Mercedes-Benz 707 NA 66 Twitter 674 NA 85 Enterprise 522 -11% 48 easyJet 706 3% 67 Nissan 664 17% 86 Ryanair 473 -12% 49 Expedia 706 NA 68 Ford 660 10% 87 GE 459 NA 50 Sephora 704 NA 69 Best Western 648 NA 51 Topshop 697 NA 70 Panasonic 638 NA 52 MSN 694 NA 71 Sky 632 NA 53 Haier 691 NA 72 Avis 624 13% 54 HSBC 691 48% 73 Virgin Mobile 602 NA 55 UPS 689 10% 74 Bing 601 NA 56 FedEx 687 2% 75 Europcar 599 14% 57 Citibank 685 41% 76 Groupon 589 NA 15
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal Top 10 BrandsIntuitive experiences and design, both online and in-store,are notable attributes of the brands in this year’s top 10. 1BSI: 955 2BSI: 885 3 BSI: 882 4 BSI: 867 5BSI: 861Googleisourclearwinnerin Ifthere’sonewordthatdescribes Thankstostrongpositionsin McDonald’sowesmuchof Admiredforitslaser-sharpthisyear’sGlobalBrandSimplicity Amazonit’s“easy”—easyto Germany,ChinaandtheMiddle itshighrankingtoitsabilityto focusonconsumer-friendlyIndex,dominatingeverypart find,easytoorderandeasy East,theSwedishretailerlands consistentlydeliveronconsumer products,ApplescoresbigoftheworldexceptChina(where toreturn.That’sthetrifectafor intheNo.3spotglobally. expectationswhilestillkeeping pointsforeverythingfromdomesticbrandBaidustillreigns). successintheworldofonline IKEA’sbrandidentityisas thebrandrelevant.Withever- productfunctionalitytotargetedItshouldcomeasnosurprise. retail.ButAmazonhasmoved uncomplicatedasitsproducts expanding,healthiermenu advertisingthatconsumersGoogle’ssimpledesignboth furtherstill.Fromitsperchas —simple,inexpensiveandwith optionsandofferingstailoredto findbothrelevantandintuitive.containsandunleashesamind- theworld’slargestonlineretailer acleareyeondesign.IKEA’s localtastes,thefastfoodgiant Elegantandsimple,Applemakesbogglinguniverseofinformation, withthelargestselection,the advertisingfollowsthesame hasnowturneditsattentionto technologymorethaneasyandopportunitiesandservices.All brandhaslaunchedastringof consistent,appealing,easy-to- itsphysicalspace.Inspiredby funtouse,ithasbecomeago-towithoutoverwhelmingtheuser. electronicdevices(beginning shoppattern.Thecompanytakes Apple,McDonald’sstoresaround statussymbol.WhileoursurveyCapitalizingonitssuccess, withtheKindle)showcasing itallthewaytothenuts-and- thecountryareintheprocessof wasconductedpriortotheGooglehasrunitsubiquitous itscommitmenttosimple, boltslevelwhererespondents revampingtheirdesignstoreflect passingofApplefounderSteveonlinethreadthroughnews, intelligibleelectronicsaswellasa findassemblingIKEAproducts amoreupscale,modernfeel—all Jobs,hislegacylivesonthroughproductsandadvertisingand willingnesstocompeteinthetech generallyeasierthanthoseof ofwhichcouldleadtoaface-off awaitedproductssuchasiPhonemadeitalllookdeceptivelysimple. spacewithitsowninnovativeand itscompetitors. withPaneraandStarbucksinthe 5andiPad3,duetohitstores price-competitiveproducts. nearfuture. in2012. 16
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal Top 10 Brands (continued) 6BSI: 859 7 BSI: 853 8BSI: 844 9 BSI: 843 10 BSI: 842Nokiasucceedsinsimplicity Clearpromotionsperceivedas Marks&Spencerwinswith Intheworldofelectronics, Starbucksredesigneditsiconicthankstoacombinationof honestbyrespondentsplace clarity.Easy-to-understand consumersgetampedwhen logothisyear,droppingthetextusability,awiderangeof PizzaHutinourTop10.Around promotions,regularmailings, simple,usablegoodsseamlessly encirclingitsmarkandsignalingproductsandbroaddistribution theworld,consumersplaced diverseproductlinesandeasy- integratewiththeirlives.And thebrand’stransitionintoainemergingmarkets.In PizzaHuthighontheSimplicity to-read,well-designed,in-store LGdeliversthegoodsacross worldthatofferedsomethingdevelopingcountries,Nokia Indexpointingtocompelling displaysearnthebrandatop fivedifferentcategories— morethanjustcoffee.Changeranksatornearthetopofmobile offers,reliableserviceanda spotonthisyear’sSimplicity mobilecommunications,home ornot,respondentsconsistentlyphonebrands.Inthedeveloped streamlineddeliverysystem. Index.Customersalsoappreciate entertainment,homeappliance, praiseStarbucksforitseasy-to-world,wherethereisagreater Thecompanycontinuesto thehighqualityandreliability airconditioningandbusiness understandprices,reliableservicesaturationofsmartphones,it’s enhanceallaspectsofconsumer ofthebrandscarriedbythe solutions—thatrespondentssay andpromiseofcommunityacrossadifferentstory:Appleisthe interactionswiththebrand,from retailchain. theyintuitivelyunderstandwhile stores.Thebrand’scommitmentclearleaderinthecategory.With in-storediningtoquickfeed- alsoappreciatingLG’ssuperior toglobalsocialresponsibilityandhopesofpenetratingthemarket back.Alladdinguptosimple customerservice. transparencyconcerningfutureandcompetinginthecategory, andsmartmovesforalarge goalshasgarneredconsumerNokiahasrecentlyintroduced pizzachainoperatinginahighly supportandpeaceofmind.newproducts(i.e.,Lumia)with competitiveindustry.featureslikefree,multichannel 17globalmusicstreaming.
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal Bottom 10 BrandsCar rental services and insurance cluster at the bottom ofthe Brand Simplicity Index. 78 79 80 81 82 BSI: 583 BSI: 572 BSI: 562 BSI: 548 BSI: 540Ramadaallbutcheckedoutof It’snocoincidencethatthree ThoughAXAwasactually Despiteitslowglobalrank,the Consumerscomplainthattheglobalcompetitionwitha oftheBottom10brandsare rankedasthesimplestinsurance launchofHertz-On-Demand— LinkedIn,theworld’slargestsimplicityscorewellbelowthe carrentalcompanies.With companyglobally,itstillranks thecarrentalbrand’sanswer business-orientedsocialindustryaverage.Ontheother fuelsurcharges,complicated intheBottom10overall,losing toZipcar—contributedtoa networkingsite,invitesthemhand,theWyndhamHotelGroup insurancefeesandcoverage pointsforitsconvolutedpolicy strongperformanceinthe tomeetandgreetbuttoooftenraiseditshipprofilethisyear plansthatoverlapwithcreditcard statements.Whenitcomes U.S.whereitledthepackbya impedestheirabilitytodoso.withanewselect-servicebrand, benefits,complexityisclearly tosimplicityandinsurance, considerabledistance.Aretooling Unfocusedcommunications,TrypbyWyndham,andadeal anindustrything.Simplified thereseemstobenoprotection ofthebusinessmodel,withat aclutteredinterfaceandsitethatgivesWyndhamexclusive languageandpricingcouldbea fromcomplexity. leastoneeyeontheroadto upgradesthatcomplicateorfranchisingrightstoultracool truepointofdifferentiationwithin reinvention,couldjump-startthe preventinteractionarefrequentlybrandsDreamandNight. theindustry. brandglobally. cited.ThoughLinkedInfinishedRamadacouldbenefitfroma nearFacebookandTwitterinsimilarstrongertietotheup-and- theU.S.,itwasmuchfurthercomingmasterbrandbeforetheir backinthepackintheUK,andbrandgoeslightsout. significantlytrailedFacebook inIndia. 18
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GlobalGlobal Bottom 10 Brands (continued) 83 84 85 86 87 BSI: 538 BSI: 531 BSI: 522 BSI: 473 BSI: 459Peugeotwasonlyslightlybelow Atouchbelowtheglobalindustry Enterprisejustcouldn’tmake TheIrishairlinemadeheadlines SeeingGEatthebottomoftheindustryaverageintheUK, averageandabottomfivefinish agoofitwithU.S.consumers, withsomeofitsàlacartepricing: thegloballistwasabitofabutinIndia,itwasanotherstory show,there’sreallynothing trailingfarbehindindustryleader chargingforbathroomprivileges, surprise,astheirEcomaginationentirely.LeadingbrandsTVS simpleaboutinsuranceorAllianz. HertzalongwithAlamo.Inthe standing-room-onlyseating,afat platformhasbeentheenvyMotors,MarutiSuzukiandHero Astheworld’slargestinsurerby UK,however,Enterpriseactually taxforoverweightpassengers ofmanyacompanyfromaHondaleftPeugeotinthedust. revenueoutsideChina,Allianz cameoutontop,leadingby anda$63chargetoprint corporatepositioningstandpoint. putsitsnameonadizzying adiscernibledegree.Still,it boardingpassesattheairport. However,whenwedugalittle arrayofinsurancecompaniesit wasn’tenoughtopaveover Thecompanysaysthemeasures deeperintotheresults,we hascobbledtogetherthrough industry-widecomplexities aremeanttoreframeconsumer sawhowthebreadthoftheir acquisitionsandmergers. thatcausecustomerconfusion expectationsandkeeptheircosts portfolioishavinganegative andfrustration. low.Butrespondentssayit’snot impactonperceptions.GE’s thatsimpleandaren’tbuyingthe communicationswereperceived rationaletoooftenfoundinthe asunclear,withpeoplenotsure fineprint. astowhatproductstheywere reallyadvertising. 19
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Global Simplicity still pays Building on the trend from 2010, investing in a stock portfolio based on simplicity continues to beat the major indexes. A portfolio made from the publically traded top 10 global simplest brands outperforms and is less volatile than the major indexes. 80% Simplicity Portfolio S&P 60% Dow FTSE% growth of index/portfolio DAX 40% 20% 0% 20% 09 09 9 9 9 09 9 09 09 9 9 09 09 09 9 0 0 10 0 10 10 0 0 10 11 11 1 1 1 11 1 11 11 1 -0 r-0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 r-1 -1 l-1 -1 -1 -1 r-1 -1 l-1 -1 n- b- n- g- p- c- n- b- n- g- p- c- n- b- n- g- p- ar ar ar ay ly ct ov ay ct ov ay ct Ju Ju Ap Ap Ap De De Ja Ju Ja Ju Ja Ju Au Au Au Fe Se Fe Se Fe Se Ju M M M O O O M M M N N The Simplicity Portfolio is comprised of the publicly traded stocks of the top 10 brands from the Global Brand Simplicity Index. 20
    • thestate ofsiMPlicityby indUstryIn 2010, we saw that the industry category had a strong impact onhow simple or not a brand was perceived to be. In 2011, we have delveddeeper into individual industries, uncovering the simple, the complexand the plain ugly. Within industries, media and technology reign andinsurance fails; however, in each industry, there are winners and losersto learn from. 21
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 Electronics/appliancesTechnology, where the drive to simplify is a primal force,is not without its paradoxes. As a symbol of elegant simplicity, Apple Sitting near the bottom of this year’s ranked first among electronics and global list is Panasonic with its appliances companies in the Global everything-but-the-kitchen-sink product Brand Simplicity Index and the 5th most line that puts televisions, phones, simple brand overall. DVD players, cameras and more into one virtual bin. Out of 25 industries, electronics and appliances ranked 4th and 5th Apple remains almost ruthlessly simple ucts respectively, contributing six brands in that regard and, in doing so, has Prod logy in the top 20 (even more than quick- been able to not only charge a premium, no service restaurants). Apple’s success but have customers wear the expense ech lE Fo rT and its ranking is a function of more as a badge of honor. mp than its iconic devices. It’s also due in It’s a compelling dynamic where simple si = large part to its consumer experience equals status. focus in all aspects of its business— from point of purchase to packaging Us to service. UK rEspondEnt: at On the one hand, the steady stream “Apple is clear about their products, what they do and what they stand st of innovation continues to make it for and, in the end, deliver what easier for consumers to watch, listen, they promise.” share and communicate. But many companies in acquisition mode have expanded their profiles and portfolios and incorporated such a sea of product models and technology types that many customers feel lost as they attempt to navigate their way to a simple purchase. 22
    • telecomIt makes perfect sense to us that a truly simple industrygave birth to something called the smartphone.Mobile phones (handsets and providers) Nokia offers both smartphones and phones, finishing 13th out of 25 globallyranked No. 3 globally in the field of 25 standard mobile phones.) in our survey. While mobile phones areindustries. In fact, 78 percent of global seen as a simple offering, the world of BlackBerry was seen as least simple inusers found smartphones contributed cable TV is perceived as being more four out of the six regions of the worldto simplicity in their lives. That’s an complex. And with the rise of online we surveyed where it was repeatedlyimpressive performance for reasons television content, many consumers are called out for being too difficult to usealmost as numerous as available apps. reconsidering the cable packages they with too many features. frequently see as overly complicatedOnce gaudy, oversized and less than BlackBerry, said one respondent in the and overpriced.dependable, mobile phones have been United Kingdom, is just “not intuitive”slimmed down, their problems trimmed from a user’s point of view.down making them the ubiquitous, blacKbErry Fail:indispensible standard for millions. While traditional mobile tele- communications still lead as carriers, Of the telecom brands, BlackBerry skype is a veryIn the beginning, mobile phones werejust phones. A simple concept. there’s new, aggressive competition was seen as least simple in four out of the six regions of the world we fun and convenientNow they’re smartphones—game- coming from Internet voice and communications as well as smartphone surveyed, where it was repeatedly service that allows called out for being too difficult tochangers with a seemingly endlessarray of communicative and enter- apps enabling Internet calls. use with too many features. my family to havetaining possibilities. Microsoft’s recent purchase of Skype has only upped the ante. long distance,This despite the variety of operatingsystems, brands and options that In the U.S., the only country where face-to-faceusually contribute to customer confusion Skype was included as an individual brand, Skype was far out in front of communication.and frustration in other industries. the pack—including its next closest it’s a very simpleApple was the world-beater with competitor, Verizon.Nokia a close runner-up. (Apple The cable television industry as a whole programme to useoffers smartphones exclusively; fared poorly when compared to mobile and it’s free. 23
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 social mediaSocial networks not only dominate the conversation, they’vechanged the very nature of conversation and the global culture.In the U.S. some 22.5 percent of online respondent puts it: “social media LinkedIn hugged the bottom of the listtime is spent on a social network or complicates my life by creating new in every region. The service, originallyblog, according to the Nielsen Company. social norms, requiring me to be created as a sharable database ofAnd, by year’s end, Deloitte predicts constantly connected to all my friends, business contacts, gets low scores formembership in social networks could especially people that in the past I usability with an unwieldy combinationtop 1 billion worldwide. would not have kept in touch with. of user-to-user connectivity issues Additionally there is a constant pressure including specialised groups withThe oldest social media brand on the to keep up your digital image, as it varying membership rules.Global Brand Simplicity list, LinkedIn, can be seen by professionals, peersis just eight years old, a pioneer in and others.”the sector along with the now all-but-forgotten Friendster and Myspace. Unlike the news media, social media is dominated by global brands.The social media concept has always Respondents in almost every regionseemed simple enough: users gather weighed in on the same brands,at one online address to share theirthoughts, photos, videos, links and lives, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitter though social media usagebringing friends, colleagues and family and LinkedIn with China, again, by older generations has standing apart. (Facebook, YouTubeup to date as they please in a virtual increased in the past few and Twitter were banned in 2009,world connected (at least theoretically) though the country has its own Twitter years, those over 50 findto the real world. and Facebook clones.) it contributes much lessYet as an industry, social media ranks YouTube (now owned by Google) was to simplicity than thoselow globally on the simplicity scale— found to be simplest globally, with under 30.coming in 17th out of 25 industries Facebook following—earning its placewe surveyed. The complicating factor despite an onslaught of changes toisn’t, as it turns out, the mechanics of the service raising the ire of users whothe medium as much as the demands complain of interference and worryof participation—both on time and about compromises to their privacy.in creating social pressure. As a U.S. 24
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 internet searchInternet search has become such a fundamental aspect of modernlife that it finished first among all industries by a wide margin inthis year’s Global Brand Simplicity Index.FocUs on In every country we surveyed, with the In every country but China, Google notable exception of India, Internet was seen as the most simple Internet use exceeds the worldwide average search brand, dominating its category of 30.2 percent of the population. It in stunning fashion. And even in China,tHE UsEr should be noted, however, that India’s where Google has faced issues ranging comparatively paltry 8.4 percent, which from government censorship to claims pulled down the worldwide average, of hacking, Google still plays host to translates to more than 100,000,000 19 percent of the country’s searches— users. (In Western countries, by the way, second only to China’s homegrownANDALL about 80 percent of people are online.) Baidu, which respondents there found to be the simplest. It didn’t take much searching to come up with a winner—Google far outpaced The industry’s impressive performance its closest rival Yahoo! and a barely- speaks plainly and powerfully to theELSEWILL there Bing. benefits of simplicity. Online advertising revenues were up 10 percent from Clearly, Google’s guiding principle: Q3 2010 to Q3 2011 (excluding Asia), “Focus on the user and all else will bucking the economic anemia plaguing follow,” has paid off and then some. many, if not most, industries globally. One of our survey respondents wasFOLLOW particularly detailed in their appreciation, saying: “Google’s programmes such googlE rEigns: as Gmail or YouTube are more intuitive Google was seen as the most simple to use than other similar programmes. Internet brand in every country but The design is not cluttered, and the—googlE’s gUiding principlE China, where homegrown Baidu was company seems to be constantly found to be the simplest brand. working to make their products better and easier to use.” 25
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 news mediaThere’s good news for news media in 2011 even in the bad news. Consumers see the media—whether in in the U.S., BILD in Germany and print, broadcast or online—as relatively DNA in India, claimed the top spots simple, placing it 6th out of 25 industries for simplicity with readers citing clean as compared to its 4th out of 20 finish online interfaces. in 2010. In the UK, the BBC—the world’s largest For a market sector that has experienced broadcaster—was also the No. 1 a sea change in the way it conducts media brand when it came to simplicity. business in recent years, that kind of Business news outlets such as the consistency sends an affirming message. Financial Times (UK) and the Wall Street Journal (U.S.) were considered the Online news consumption, not surprisingly, most complex. continues its climb. Nevertheless, the Even though online global view is that broadcast news is the simplest way to consume news, Social media also ranked very low as a news channel. There were some publications are which holds true across lines of gender, exceptions to the rule around the world: on the rise, broadcast age, income, education and community in virtually every part of the globe with in the Middle East, where it ranked 3rd; and in India and China, where it tV is still the simplest the notable exception of China, where news aggregators come in first. ranked 4th. way to get the news. Online publications, by contrast, finish tHE simplEst Way to gEt second in most regions (except, again, tHE nEWs: in China) but show powerful potential Those under 40 find online publications when used in combination with other to be the simplest way to get the news media—particularly as it applies to more than those over 40, for which traditional print newspapers. When broadcast TV is still the clear winner. consumers were asked to rate individual media brands, newspapers with an online presence such as USA TODAY 26
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 retail The online retail industry has made its case for simplicity, and most of the world is literally buying it. It placed No. 2 among all industries in If there is a sticking point for online this year’s Global Brand Simplicity Index. retail it’s in the return process, which, by a wide margin, is seen as the most For many offline and multichannel complex part of doing business. Free most simple retailers retailers, simple can be a challenge, as shipping at Zappos, a U.S. brand, borne out in the ranking of retail grocery 1. Amazon addressed many of those concerns at No. 10; general retail (i.e., mega- stores) at No. 11; retail fashion at No. based on comments from respondents 2. IKEA and higher simplicity ratings. Amazon 3. Marks & Spenceramazon has 14; retail health and beauty (drugstores) at No. 21 and retail fitness at No. 23. also won simplicity points when 4. Carrefouraccurate graded on its return process, but the The simplicity of online retail seen in company’s wide variety of retailers and 5. C & Aproduct every market except the Middle East, came down to a basic side-by-side accompanying shipping/return policies added an unwanted level of complexity.descriptions, comparison among a broad range of In the U.S., multichannel retailers The key is avoiding real or virtual clutter choices with ease of purchase as itsan easy-to-use strong finish. have a simplicity advantage when it comes to in-store returns, but when and offering customers a clear path in and out of a purchase.website, a Germany delivered particularly high there are disconnects between online Responses in the fashion retail category scores across the board for Internetgreat return and brick and mortar inventories, made it apparent that both Gap and retailers with Amazon coming out on consumers complain that it complicates ZARA were seen as unfocused, resultingpolicy, helpful top and consumers proving especially responsive to 1-click ordering and the process. in a complicated brand identity.customer service what they considered clear, accurate The issue of choice can cut both ways. While Trader Joe’s and IKEA simplify As new transaction models and platforms continue to emerge, Internet product descriptions. Shoppers aroundand a full line the world also gave very high marks with streamlined selections, Walmart and Amazon win points for variety. retailers continue to set the industry standard in simplicity, but apparentlyof products. to online retail on the simplicity scale, suggesting a strong future upside for Groupon however was considered still have a few lessons to learn about complex with respondents citing an the customer experience from their the category. overload of choice as the main reason. brick and mortar counterparts. 27
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 retailShopping online is simplest…until you try to return something, that is. In-store shopping is still simpler for returnsand finding the highest quality items; online wins in simplicity for most other attributes. 8.4%* Matching products/services with my needs Advice on what to purchase 1.0% 11.8% Ease of purchase + Understanding product/service 6.6% 36.4% Offering the best range of choicesin-store shopping Finding the highest quality 19.4% online shopping 41.4% Product comparison Ease of return process 62.4% 48.8% Securing the best price 64.6% Price comparison 28*% lead of one shopping medium over another
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 retail bankingTo anyone following retail banking over the past year and the negative storiesabout excessive bonuses to bad debt to the absence of transparency, it probablycomes as a surprise that the industry held its own in our survey.In fact, the simplicity score for retail of simplicity, understanding bank Understanding fees is the most complex.banking rose 11 percent this year fees—when and how much they willcompared with last year—good enough be charged—was at the bottom of the Complex Simpleto keep its 16th place finish in a survey simplicity list. Using an ATM, on the 0 1 2 3 4 5 6* 7 8 9 10field that grew from 20 to 25 between other hand, was the most simple. 8.472010 and 2011. Using an ATM So while the focus on simplifying andHow to account for the boost in the automating the transactional pieces of 7.89Simplicity Index? the customer experience is having a Using online bill payment positive impact, the communicationsPart of the answer is branding. 7.78 are still sorely lacking. Transferring money from one account to anotherOn a global level, HSBC, which That’s money left on the table.positions itself as “the world’s local 7.59bank,” scores much higher than its only Getting one view of all my accountsother real global banking competitor, 7.06Citibank, and shows some noticeable, Getting assistance at a branchpositive spikes in India and the UKComments from survey respondents 6.94 Understanding how much interest I’ve earnedshow consumers engaged by HSBC’ssimple, global message: that issues can 6.83be addressed and questions answered Getting an answer when I speak to customer serviceanywhere and without the burden 6.56of unnecessarily complex financial Deciding which accounts/products are best for my needslanguage and information. 6.39Not that retail banks are, by any means, Finding an answer to a specific account-related question onlinein the clear. 6.23When we asked respondents to rate Understanding when I’ll be charged fees or how to avoid feesa set of banking processes in terms *Anything below 6 is considered complex. 29
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 general insuranceAs was the case in 2010, insurers in 2011 find themselves mired inan economic bog, impeding their abilities to address consumer concerns.Demand for general insurance remains rated SALAMA came in for a drubbing Getting a quote is the most simple.depressed amid uncertainties about with complaints focused on confusingglobal recovery, while low investment categories and unclear rates. Complex Simplereturns, market volatility, Europe’s 0 1 2 3 4 5 6* 7 8 9 10 In the U.S., every single touchpoint—sovereign debt crisis and a near-perfect 6.23 from quotes and online queries tostorm of natural disasters further bedevil Getting a quote policy documents—were rated asthe industry. complex and filing a claim was 5.95And once again—by a wide margin— considered nightmarishly so every- Understanding my billinsurance finished dead last on the where but Germany. 5.75Global Brand Simplicity Index, Insurers were generally successful in Getting an answer to a specific question when speaking to customer serviceidentified as the least simple industry providing quotes and bills that peopleby unhappy customers in almost 5.65 could understand, but failed to make aevery region surveyed. Choosing an insurance company policy change or answering a specificAs insurance companies are, for the question a simple matter. 5.64most part, regional entities, the only Filing a claim In response, some in the industryglobal players in our survey were AXA appear to be considering a move in 5.60and Allianz, and they received similar Finding an answer to a specific question online the right direction. According toaverage ratings globally but varied insurance industry consulting firm 5.57widely in perceptions of simplicity from Novarica, most U.S. insurance Making a change to my policycountry to country. Allianz, for example, companies plan to increase theirwas seen as the simplest insurance 5.56 investments in technology in 2012 tobrand in the UK but the least simple Selecting the right coverage for my needs better facilitate consumer interactions.in Germany. 5.44Insurers received the highest ratings Understanding the payment of a claim (coverage, deductible)in the Middle East where Abu Dhabi 5.31National Insurance Company fared Understanding my policy documentsparticularly well, but the much lower- *Anything below 6 is considered complex. 30
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 Health insuranceSimplicity is on life support in the healthcare industry.Health insurance finished 24th in a accounts for the fact that most people Understanding your insurance cover is most complex.field of 25 in this year’s Global Brand find it easier to get an answer to aSimplicity Index. question by making a phone call rather Complex Simple than searching online. Unless, of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6* 7 8 9 10The diagnosis was worse still in the course, they run into the oft-mentioned 7.34United States and India, where health complication of poor customer service. Filling a prescriptioninsurance was dead last. One pattern worth noting was the 6.76There’s a reason people who survive revelation that consumers felt their Scheduling a doctor’s appointmentcomplicated surgeries often complain healthcare interactions (findingthat dealing with insurance companies 6.65 physicians, scheduling appointmentsis far more debilitating. The notorious Finding a physician and filling prescriptions) became simplerexpenses are painful enough, but for the further they got from insurers. And 6.41many patient-consumers, the before- in the U.S. and most regions, there Contacting your health insurance providerand-after complexities of coverage just was little difference seen between oneadd insult to injury. 6.38 carrier and another. Getting a referralWhile technology’s lifesaving benefits Complexity exacts a heavy toll on bothare regularly incorporated into advances 6.07 consumers and providers with more Understanding the billin healthcare—from medicine to the hours and money devoted to weavingoperating theater—health insurers have 5.94 through an endless maze of rules,failed to harness technology’s power in Understanding treatment options regulations, contracts and policies atways consumers see as basic to their the expense of patients. The trend has 5.56simple well being. become so pronounced it has spawned Getting preauthorisationOr as one of our respondents so an administrative management industry 5.44succinctly put it: “Health insurance is within the industry. Filing a claimhard to understand. Period.” 5.31Next to nothing, it seems, is simple Understanding what is covered by my insurancein health insurance, which no doubt *Anything below 6 is considered complex. 31
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 UtilitiesShort-circuited by a complex mix of technology, governmentpolicies and consortium control, the utilities industry isgenerating a lot of complexity.It came in 22nd out of 25 industries in changes and investments while loweringthe Global Brand Simplicity Index. In prices at the same time.many of the countries surveyed, utilities Mergers and acquisitions, oil and consumers fear thatis a strictly local affair with hundredsof gas and electric utility companies gas price fluctuations, and economic environmental impact will downturns that siphon off jobs furthercompeting for a connection to homes complicate the utility industry picture, take a back seat to profit.and businesses. clouding understanding, obfuscatingIn fact, with little overlap in providers brand identity and raising fears andbetween countries, there isn’t a single suspicions. As with other low-ratedutility company on the Global Brand industries like insurance, unclear orSimplicity Index list. complex billing charges and practices fed consumer feelings of mistrust.Adding to an already complex industryprofile are the wider concerns coming Tapping into technology—those smartfrom consumers on energy issues meters which predict and respondranging from climate change to cost to consumer supply and demand, forand security of supply. Comments instance—and providing straightforward,from respondents reflected significant transparent information, could lead toskepticism relating to suppliers in be the big simplicity jolt the industryderegulated markets where consumers needs going forward.fear environmental impact will take aback seat to profit motives.Nevertheless, it should be noted thatmany of those same consumers aregenerally unwilling to alter their energydemands. Instead they looked toutilities, energy companies and policymakers to make the renewable energy 32
    • Car Rental Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 565 simplicity index travelTravel and hospitality showed some get up and goin the Global Brand Simplicity Index. Train 566 simplicity indexTwo out of five categories—booking and In the U.S., Southwest Airlines breezedhotels—rose to Top 10 finishes in 2011. by the competition, miles ahead of the Hotels 721 United/Continental merger. Southwest’sSimplicity, alas, appeared to stall when no-frills pricing without hidden feesit came time to put travel into motion. is a possible factor in its simplicityAir travel finished in the 12th position success, though stripped-down pricingglobally with train travel significantly didn’t necessarily translate to higher simplicity indexlagging at No. 19 and car rental scores everywhere.pulling up the rear at No. 20. European discount airlines easyJetIt’s clear that consumers equate and Ryanair, for instance, came in withsimplicity with brands they see the highest and lowest global scoresas transparent and honest, while respectively based on the ease ofcompanies bogged down by complexity navigation of their websites, customerwere viewed as untrustworthy. service and aboveboard pricing.As hospitality at its core is aboutpersonal relationships, technologyplays a very specific role in thetravel experience. It begins with onlinebooking, continues to expedited check- Air 695ins and ideally keeps the customergrounded and confident that everything Booking 726is as it should be.The goal from the consumer point of simplicity indexview is to have minimal interaction withstaff on travel details and maximumtime relaxing with friends, family or ontheir own. simplicity index
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011 automotive shippingMaturity breeds simplicity in the auto Snail mail, even the kind that arrivesindustry but as a whole, it seems, overnight, just can’t keep up with thethere’s a lot of growing up to do. digital world.The appetite for luxury cars, according undisputed leaders. Global players The industry straggled in at No. 18to AT Kearney, appears to be waning like Volkswagen and Honda blew by globally. Survey respondents foundand the call for cheap and easy their domestic counterparts in China. everything from the size of envelopestransportation is on the rise. to calculating postage impediments With automakers eager to cash in on to simplicity. And, too, there wereIn emerging markets, however, cars the new crop of growth markets around issues with on-time delivery, complexremain powerful indicators of social the globe, no obvious breakout strategy pricing and government interventionstatus. With BRIC countries at the has emerged yet—beyond the need to and regulation to further drag down theforefront, global demand is expected keep things simple. industry’s Simplicity Index.to grow dramatically in the comingyears as rising incomes create the next The three global brands—UPS, FedExgeneration of automotive owners. and DHL—were packed so tightly together that no clear winner wasThe industry finished 15th overallglobally. Buoyed by strong ratings in in Western declared globally.mature markets, global brands faredbest in simplicity. markets, cheap It should be noted that some of the regions we surveyed were withoutToyota and Audi were winners in and easy national mail services and/or did notthe category, receiving high marks transportation typically deliver to home addresses.for both their content and the avenues It appears, however, that DHL got thethey chose for communication is on the rise. message recently. Its new “Speed ofwith customers. Yellow” advertising campaign appearing in 19 American and 42 global marketsPeugeot, however, sputtered and now declares that DHL Express is:lagged behind its multinational peers. “Excellence. Simply Delivered.”Domestic brands and those workingwith outside manufacturers led theway in India—TVS Motors, MarutiSuzuki and Hero Honda were India’s 34
    • thestate ofsiMPlicityUnitEdstatEs 35
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesThe longer you live in the United States, the simpler your life becomes.But unlike some of the rest of the world, make work simpler, they will reapwhere simplicity follows a similar lifecycle, U.S. respondents say there’s a the benefits. Simplicity = Loyalty And if they can make a simple dentcomplexity balloon payment that comes in healthcare, there’s no place to go 79.4%due between ages 45 and 54. Which but up, because as an industry healthis why it’s always good to have friends. insurance is at the very bottom of theFriendship is considered the most Simplicity Index in the U.S. (with Aetnasimple of relationships in the U.S., ranked as the least simple brand).followed by family, work and romance,the latter of which is a long way from Respondents clearly feel better whensimple, according to our findings. they go shopping online—economic woes or not. Internet retail was namedSo brands stand to gain when they the most simple industry in the U.S.make their products and services fast thanks in large part to such brands asand easy for human interaction. Our Amazon, Zappos and iTunes.study shows there are opportunitiesfor improvement within social media inparticular. Although even a bank brand When it came to simplifying technology, only in the U.S. did the Global of people in the Unitedcould see substantial benefits from asimplified means to make it easier for Positioning System (GPS) find its way to the top of the list, ahead of email states are more likelypeople to talk to one another aboutfinancial matters. and personal computers. Of special note: Netflix was picked as to recommend aBut in this American life, one of themost complicating factors by far, based the most simple brand in our survey, which was conducted post-rate hike but simpler brand.on our survey, is work. Those that have pre-Qwikster (albeit short-lived).it are pressed for time and those thatdon’t deal with the complications of ajob market under duress. If brands can 36
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Statesindustry spotlightsHealth Insurance General Insurance Retail BankingHealthcare is in poor shape. There’s little disagreement There was little assurance to be found in general Returns on retail banking in this year’s index showedon that point in the U.S. Health insurance finished last insurance in the U.S. based on the industry’s growth, but not enough to bump the industry out ofin industry standings. disastrous showing at No. 24 in a field of 25. the bottom half of the pack with a No. 15 ranking.Respondents saw little difference between one carrier While most others in the category failed, GEICO Investments in simplicity, like making check depositsand another, although they did find that their lives succeeded by cultivating an approachable brand possible via smartphone, paid off handsomelyalways seemed simpler the further they got from rooted in simplicity and low prices. Staying on for CHASE, which was picked best in class byinteractions with the insurer when filling a prescription, message with its ubiquitous gecko mascot, it respondents. Among the simplifying factors cited:scheduling a doctor’s appointment and finding repeatedly came to one basic conclusion: “Fifteen an easy-to-use website with 24/7 access, convenienta doctor the most simple of health-related tasks. minutes could save you 15 percent or more on branch locations and short wait times on telephone car insurance.” help lines.Aetna complicated consumer lives the most, accordingto our survey, with respondents citing challenges to They were far less appreciative of Progressive, Citibank received the lowest U.S. ranking in retailunderstanding payment exceptions and navigating despite its award-winning campaigns. When it came banking and was singled out as confusing in its brandthe company’s website. United Health Group was the time to buy Progressive, respondents found the architecture as well as its products and services.most simple by comparison, making it the best of process too complicated. For starters, the insurer Consumers complained that “Citi has too manythe worst. offers a variety of coverage and sells policies both divisions,” and that rates and rules were confusing. directly to the consumer and through a large network of independent agents. Mega-insurer Nationwide had next to nobody on its side, coming in last in a group that performed poorly as a whole. With a web of subsidiaries offering products from homeowner’s insurance to life insurance, from annuities to credit cards, the company had respondents tied up in confused knots. 37
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Statesindustry spotlightsNews Media Retail Social Media If there ever was a time when the media took a Americans are obviously getting the hang of online Turns out the virtual world of human interaction is at“just the facts, ma’am” approach to news, it is surely shopping and then some—taking advantage of easy least as complicated as the real one—maybe even long gone. price comparison, free shipping and a streamlined more so. Social media was No. 19 in the field of 25 selection process funneled through customised industries in the U.S. based on simplicity.With news, entertainment and information streaming communications, viewing the process as preferablein from hundreds of sources online, on television, over Apparently, tending to imaginary crops and livestock, to traditional avenues for their purchases.the phone and in print, separating fact from fiction is maintaining hundreds of Facebook friendships—clearly no easy task. News media finished out of the All noteworthy as the National Retail Federation’s 2011 birthdays and all—isn’t as simple as it seems.Top 10 in 2011—ranked 11th out of 25. Holiday Consumer Intentions and Actions Survey, Keeping in touch has our respondents tangled up conducted by BIGresearch finds that close to half (46.7USA TODAY, was first in simplicity by a wide margin, with issues of privacy, commerce, old news [those percent) of holiday shoppers plan to buy online—upwith respondents reacting positively to its clean, friends from high school come back to haunt them] nearly 6 percent from last year.colorful design and easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and pseudo-news [fed randomly online through friends,execution in print and online. When it comes to mobile shopping, young adults postings and social media sites]. present the biggest opportunity for retailers. AccordingThe Wall Street Journal, which was seen as having 22.5 percent of online time is spent on a social to the same survey, Americans aged 18–24 are thea distinct target audience that embraced complex network or blog, according to The Nielsen Company, most likely to use their smartphones (72.2%) andconcepts, finished at the bottom of the news and the frenzy of competition to capitalise on that time tablets (86.4%) to shop for holiday items this year.media pile. is leaving consumers confused and vulnerable. Netflix (post-rate hike but pre-Qwickster) was seenRespondents also found Fox News complex for Small wonder that YouTube, where respondents as the simplest brand in the U.S., with Amazon indifferent reasons, citing a “biased account of the news” can just click and enjoy without commitment, was close proximity. Perhaps this proves that a brand likeand “an ideological bent toward business interests considered the simplest U.S. social media brand— Netflix can survive and even command higher pricesand money.” A lack of transparency, said some considerably ahead of Facebook, even further from (think Apple) when it has a clear, simple, purpose andrespondents, further complicated issues by creating Twitter and a world away from LinkedIn. message, but endangers its very existence when thereconfusion about facts. is confusion and a lack of transparency. Groupon, while lauded for its price-saving efforts, finished last in the rankings—the product of extra steps and limitations in its transactional process. 38
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesUnited States: Brand Simplicity Index1-42:LeaderS, 43-84: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 85-125: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 NetFlix 910 6% 23 Expedia 698 NA 45 Samsung 647 11% 2 Google 875 NA 24 Walgreens 689 -8% 46 Bing 645 NA 3 Amazon 849 9% 25 Comfort Inn 687 2% 47 Rite Aid Pharmacy 643 -3% 4 Target 817 NA 26 Sony 683 NA 48 Holiday Inn 640 -3% 5 Publix 814 NA 27 Burger King 682 -17% 49 YouTube 638 NA 6 UPS 808 9% 28 Old Navy 680 -14% 50 Nike 632 -4% 7 SUBWAY 804 -5% 29 Albertsons 680 -9% 51 Canon 631 -5% 8 McDonalds 788 -6% 30 Victorias Secret 679 3% 52 Kmart 631 NA 9 Whole Foods Market 787 16% 31 MSN 677 NA 53 Hertz 629 52% 10 Pizza Hut 772 NA 32 Days Inn 677 -1% 54 Adidas 625 -3% 11 Starbucks 761 -4% 33 Kroger 672 -15% 55 H&M 625 NA 12 Trader Joes 757 -5% 34 Ford 672 4% 56 Google+ 621 NA 13 IKEA 743 NA 35 Toyota 671 4% 57 Yahoo! 620 NA 14 Southwest Airlines 727 3% 36 USPS 669 -5% 58 The New York Times 615 NA 15 Walmart 724 -11% 37 CVS/pharmacy 666 -8% 59 Whirlpool 615 NA 16 Dunkin Donuts 721 -12% 38 Safeway 665 -15% 60 Yelp 615 NA 17 Honda 719 4% 39 eBay 664 2% 61 FedEx 610 -12% 18 USA Today 709 8% 40 Skype 659 NA 62 Macys 610 -18% 19 Zappos.com 705 21% 41 Apple 659 13% 63 HP 606 -8% 20 KFC 703 -8% 42 Groupon 652 NA 64 Gap 604 -5% 21 Hilton 702 35% 43 GEICO 650 1% 65 Marriott 602 -10% 22 iTunes 698 14% 44 PeaPod 648 NA 66 Chevrolet 598 -7% 39
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesUnited States: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-42:LeaderS, 43-84: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 85-125: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 Maytag 593 NA 89 State Farm 534 13% 111 AT&T 437 -18% 68 Orbitz 591 NA 90 Amtrak 532 -1% 112 U.S. Bank 437 NA 69 Reebok 586 -16% 91 DIRECTV 526 -7% 113 ZARA 437 NA 70 Sephora 585 NA 92 The Wall Street Journal 517 NA 114 Alamo 421 -26% 71 AllState 585 22% 93 KAYAK 516 NA 115 Enterprise 421 -24% 72 Budget 582 -18% 94 Best Western 510 -21% 116 Citibank 406 40% 73 MSNBC 579 NA 95 DHL 509 -12% 117 United/Continental 402 NA 74 Verizon 574 5% 96 Farmers 505 2% 118 Time Warner Cable 389 NA 75 Priceline.com 571 NA 97 Sprint 503 -35% 119 Nationwide 382 NA 76 Progressive 570 1% 98 Panasonic 500 NA 120 LinkedIn 368 NA 77 CNN 568 5% 99 Haier 489 NA 121 UnitedHealth Group 337 -13% 78 Dell 566 -16% 100 Chase 483 7% 122 HUMANA 316 -31% 79 Sears 561 -21% 101 Microsoft 483 NA 123 Comcast 305 NA 80 Dodge 561 -5% 102 American Airlines 481 24% 124 CIGNA 279 1% 81 T-Mobile 561 -21% 103 Bank of America 479 NA 125 Aetna 217 NA 82 Avis 560 44% 104 Wells Fargo 472 -16% 83 Ramada 556 NA 105 JetBlue Airways 471 -8% 84 Motorola 556 NA 106 US Airways 468 3% 85 Volkswagen 555 NA 107 Delta Air Lines 465 20% 86 GE 550 NA 108 BlackBerry 454 NA 87 Facebook 548 NA 109 Twitter 448 NA 88 Fox News 542 -14% 110 DISH Network 441 -20% 40
    • Complex Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Retailinteractions are. internet retail grocery general (department/big box) Heath/beauty Fashion Fitness Restaurants/Entertainment restaurants/Entertainment Media internet search news social media Electronics/Appliances Electronics appliances Shipping/Mail shipping/mail United States: Simplicity by Industry Travel and Hospitality Hotels booking train car rental airThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including statedsimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Telecom mobile phones cable providers Retail Banking retail banking Automotive automotive Utilities Utilities General Insurance general insurance Health Insurance Health insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United States41
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 3 percent and 15 percent of peopleare willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>5% >4.4% >4% >3.5% more more more more Restaurants/ Retail:Fashion Retail:Fitness Entertainment Retail:Grocery GeneralInsurance Retail:General SocialMedia Media:InternetSearch NewsMedia Travel:Hotels Electronics Appliances Travel:Train Retail:Internet Travel:Air Telecom:MobilePhones Telecom:CableProviders Automotive HealthInsuranceWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 42
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesUnited States Top 10 BrandsThis year, retail, restaurants, media and shipping brandsare represented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1 BSI: 910 2 BSI: 875 3 BSI: 849 4 BSI: 817 5BSI: 814 6BSI: 808 7BSI: 804 8 BSI: 788 9 BSI: 787 10 BSI: 772 43
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United StatesIn the United States, businesses are leaving more than$20.1B on the table.Simplify and you shall receive.The health insurance industry could stand to capture themost, more than $4.3 billion to be precise, through clearer, understandable communications.Health Insurance Retail: Grocery Retail: Internet+ $4.3 billion + $1.6 billion + $1.1 billionElectronics Automotive Utilities+ $2.3 billion + 1.4 billion + $1 billionRestaurants/Entertainment Retail Banking Telecom: Mobile Phones+ $1.9 billion + $1.4 billion + $905 million 44
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Kingdomthestate ofsiMPlicityUnitEdKingdom 45
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomFrom their relationships with each other to their interactionswith brands, it’s all, they say, just a little too complicated.Plainly, you do need a stiff upper lip Simplicity’s perpetual bottom dwellerif you live and work in the United general insurance fared no better in Simplicity = LoyaltyKingdom, because based on the results the UK than it did elsewhere in theof our Global Brand Simplicity Index, world, coming in dead last. But it was 87.7%there’s really very little respondents find UK gas and electric company npowersimple about their lives there. that came in for the real drubbing, voted least simple of all brands andAgainst the backdrop of a growing, roundly criticised for what consumersmulticultural population, our survey considered deceptive messagingfinds the workplace a focal point of UK and pricing.complexity. Accordingly, people whowork full-time said their lives were mostcomplex while retirement was seen as god saVE tHE mEnan oasis of simplicity. British women find most relationshipsOverall, UK women find their relation- simpler than British men, especiallyships significantly simpler than mendo, and though both genders say it’s work, romance and family. of people in theeasier to navigate friendships than workrelationships, men view work as more United Kingdom are more likely tocomplex than women do.Assessing industry, consumers sayInternet retail is simplest in the UK (asit is in many other regions we surveyed) recommend awith Google topping all brands insimplicity and Amazon, John Lewis simpler brand.and Tesco following close behind. 46
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Kingdomindustry spotlightsRetail Banking Utilities General InsuranceRetail banking returns were low this year, coming in No. You have to drill down to the bottom of the rankings in In the world of simplicity, general insurance is one of18 out of 25 categories and below the global average. the UK to find the utilities industry, which finished 24th the few industries that’s guaranteed to be seen as in our field of 25. complicated by consumers. It finished last amongAccording to our respondents, First Direct was first all industries globally, and it finished last in the UK,in simplicity, awarded points for its personal touch— British Gas was rated as simplest in the category, too—25th in a field of 25.a quality now considered a table-stake in UK banking. though in an industry with such sub-par numbers, it hardly qualifies as a victory. Jargon garbles communications, feeds confusion andAt the heart of the simple touch? Simple comm- mistrust, adding to the already complicated nature ofunication.“First Direct always answers the phone The industry-wide poor showing will come as no the industry even in best-case scenarios.with a real person…and never sends you to auto- surprise to UK consumers given Prime Minister Davidmated phone systems that we all hate,” read one Cameron’s recent call to cut energy consumption Still, there has to be a better way, and the industrycharacteristic response. and a summit with the country’s six biggest energy apparently has yet to find it based on responses to suppliers pushing them to drop their prices. our survey. On the downside, Santander, the UK’s least simple bank brand, paid a penalty in our survey for poor Against the backdrop of profit margins enjoyed by Allianz was seen as the best of the worst in the UK for communication and customer service. Consumers energy companies—at the expense, many believe, of at least showing signs of trying to simplify the brand. complained that Santander had “long, complex the public—the industry’s relationship with consumers But last-place Aviva took some extra knocks for its terms and conditions; full of ‘gotchas’” and what one couldn’t get much more complicated. confusing pricing plans and poor customer service. respondent said was a customer service so appalling it Unless, of course, you’re talking about npower, which“deserves special mention.” was the lowest-rated brand among utilities and a company respondents found especially vague and deceptive in its messaging and pricing. 47
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Kingdomindustry spotlightsTelecom News Media TravelAs it stands, based on our survey, mobile products The headline on simplicity and media in the UK isn’t Hotels topped the list with a No. 2 ranking in ourand providers were seen as simpler in the UK coming a tabloid-worthy shocker. Eyebrow raising, perhaps, field of 25 industries in the UK, closely followed byin 10th out of 25 industries with cable finishing 19th. given the scandal-ridden backdrop this year with booking at No. 3, and air at No. 4. Car rental, however, revelations of bribery, hacking and professional sputtered in at No. 16 and the train sector pulled inMobile provider Three was top of the sector, reaping disgrace that brought Rupert Murdoch’s News of the at dismal No. 20.the rewards of a new streamlined visual identity and World to its knees.offerings paired with technical improvements and Noteworthy within the findings was a poor showingstatus as the fastest 3G network in the UK. The fact is: UK media did just fine, finishing a by Ryanair. Consumers were unambiguous about respectable No. 9 out of 25 industries surveyed. the acute disconnect they felt between the carrier’sTalkTalk got a lot of static that left it at the bottom promises of cheap and simple air travel and theirof the list of mobile carriers as respondents found There were, however, signs of the same old story. actual experience. Many respondents thoughtcomplicating factors beginning with a lack of clarity As consumers have complained for years, a paid Ryanair’s offers were intentionally complex—aon a product level. subscription shouldn’t be a complicated process, but common reaction when communications lack somehow it remains a sticking point for the industry.Apple, the top-rated mobile phone in the UK was transparency and directness. Paying the price for that perception (or reality) in themiles ahead of last-place BlackBerry as was UK are the Financial Times and Sky. The two outlets Consumers had no such problem with top hotelVirgin Media on the cable side compared with the tied for last place in the media category. finisher Travelodge and its straightforward offers.undeniably underwhelming BT, the latter despite anoteworthy investment in online advertising and Not so for broadcast TV channels with the BBC rated Air travel brands in general scored above averagebrand campaigning. the simplest brand by a comfortable margin. The outlet in simplicity, with Virgin Atlantic taking the lead for was lauded for delivering on its brand promise and brand messaging and transparent communications. providing information that was easy to understand There were only two contenders in the UK’s travel and digest. booking category, but their differences were distinct. Lastminute.com graded significantly higher than the below average Expedia, which suffered from complicated messaging and presentation of information. 48
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomUnited Kingdom: Brand Simplicity Index1-41:LeaderS, 42-82: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 83-123: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Google 970 NA 23 The Sun 776 -5% 45 Canon 683 NA 2 Amazon 941 7% 24 Holiday Inn 774 6% 46 Hilton 682 9% 3 John Lewis 917 26% 25 KFC 767 NA 47 Honda 680 NA 4 Tesco 897 6% 26 Audi 755 10% 48 BMI 676 67% 5 Travelodge 864 6% 27 Gap 747 NA 49 Superdrug 676 -12% 6 Lastminute.com 853 8% 28 Burger King 743 -10% 50 Virgin Mobile 672 28% 7 Premier Inn 853 13% 29 Renault 740 NA 51 Primark 669 -15% 8 McDonalds 851 2% 30 Toyota 729 NA 52 Samsung 666 -2% 9 BBC 844 3% 31 First Direct 722 NA 53 Topshop 664 NA 10 Apple 830 26% 32 New Look 713 NA 54 Royal Mail 663 5% 11 Asda 828 -10% 33 Volkswagen 702 14% 55 BMW 661 35% 12 Waitrose 819 10% 34 Channel 4 701 2% 56 Virgin Media 661 8% 13 Co-operative 815 1% 35 Sony 701 NA 57 Bosch 658 NA 14 Nandos 806 14% 36 iTunes 701 NA 58 Metro 654 -6% 15 PizzaExpress 801 4% 37 Starbucks 700 NA 59 YouTube 653 NA 16 Virgin Atlantic 800 9% 38 Groupon 700 NA 60 Dell 652 7% 17 Marks & Spencer 791 5% 39 BHS 694 -3% 61 H&M 652 -15% 18 Sainsburys 789 -9% 40 HSBC 691 51% 62 Peugeot 650 26% 19 IKEA 787 NA 41 British Airways 691 17% 63 Nike 650 -2% 20 LOVEFiLM 782 NA 42 eBay 688 -3% 64 Google+ 643 NA 21 Expedia 777 18% 43 Three 687 NA 65 Facebook 640 NA 22 Boots 776 -4% 44 Nokia 687 NA 66 Ford 639 -1% 49
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomUnited Kingdom: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-41:LeaderS, 42-82: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 83-123: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 easyJet 638 3% 89 Virgin Money 573 NA 111 Santander 409 -10% 68 Panasonic 638 NA 90 Guardian 573 NA 112 BT 386 -8% 69 The Times 637 NA 91 Parcelforce Worldwide 566 -9% 113 Bing 385 NA 70 Twitter 634 NA 92 MSN 566 NA 114 British Gas 369 NA 71 Channel 5 632 NA 93 HP 557 -13% 115 GE 368 NA 72 ZARA 632 4% 94 Hertz 555 61% 116 AXA PPP Healthcare 362 18% 73 Debenhams 629 -12% 95 Nissan 551 NA 117 Ryanair 358 -18% 74 O2 626 -12% 96 Lloyds TSB 547 32% 118 E-on 352 NA 75 Philips 625 NA 97 ING 541 NA 119 Bupa 335 -30% 76 Enterprise 624 28% 98 Avis 533 14% 120 LinkedIn 319 NA 77 Adidas 615 -10% 99 BlackBerry 526 NA 121 EDF Energy 290 NA 78 Radisson Edwardian 612 50% 100 Budget 526 -5% 122 npower 275 NA 79 Reebok 608 NA 101 NatWest 525 4% 80 Selfridges 608 -1% 102 Sky 519 -12% 81 Vauxhall 605 -13% 103 The Financial Times 519 4% 82 Allianz 599 NA 104 Europcar 518 54% 83 Yahoo! 596 NA 105 TalkTalk 507 -6% 84 Orange 593 -4% 106 Barclays 499 2% 85 Microsoft 585 NA 107 UPS 492 NA 86 Mercedes-Benz 585 NA 108 The Royal Bank of Scotland 427 NA 87 FedEx 581 10% 109 DHL 423 -29% 88 Vodafone 581 -7% 110 Aviva 417 1% 50
    • Complex Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Retailinteractions are. internet retail grocery general (department/big box) Fashion Heath/beauty Fitness Travel and Hospitality Hotels booking air car rental train Restaurants/Entertainment restaurants/Entertainment Media internet search news social media Electronics/Appliances United Kingdom: Simplicity by Industry appliances Electronics Telecom mobile phonesThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated cable providerssimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Automotive automotive Shipping/Mail shipping/mail Retail Banking retail banking Health Insurance Health insurance Utilities Utilities General Insurance general insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United Kingdom51
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 3 percent and 17 percent of peopleare willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>5% >4% >3.8% >3.3% more more more more Restaurants/ SocialMedia Retail:General Travel:Booking Entertainment Appliances Automotive Shipping/Mail Electronics Retail:Fashion Telecom:CableProviders Telecom:MobilePhones Travel:Hotels Travel:Air Retail:Grocery Travel:Train Media:InternetSearch HealthInsuranceWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 52
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomUnited Kingdom Top 10 BrandsThis year, retail, travel, media and electronics brands arerepresented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1 BSI: 970 2 BSI: 941 3 BSI: 917 4 BSI: 897 5 BSI: 864 6BSI: 853 7BSI: 853 8 BSI: 851 9 BSI: 844 10 BSI: 830 53
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—United KingdomIn the UK, businesses are leaving more than£2.8B on the table.Simplify and you shall receive. The general insurance industry could stand to capture the most,more than £506 million to be precise, through clearer, understandable communications.General Insurance Automotive Health Insurance+ £506 million + £295 million + £119 millionRetail Banking Restaurants/Entertainment Retail: Fashion+ £460 million + £235 million + £94 millionUtilities Travel: Air Travel: Hotels+ £419 million + £152 million + £75 million 54
    • thestate ofsiMPlicitygErmany 55
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyGermans place such importance on simplicity, they’ve triedto make it mandatory.You have to hand it to a country like Insurance in Germany is anotherGermany, which boasts the lowest unhappy story entirely, and where the Simplicity = Loyaltyunemployment rate of any Western idea of mandatory simplicity comes in.country we surveyed, but whose While recent government regulations 68.2%unemployed rate their lives as actually require insurers to streamlinesignificantly simpler than their their communications on pricing andworking brethren. products to customers, complexity still plagues insurance. Out of 25 industries,Government policies, which provide health insurance finished 24th andsocial welfare benefits, (e.g., financial general insurance 25th.assistance and rent) for those out ofwork, account for much of that simple Utilities provider EWE was at the bottomlife. Only retirement, in fact, is seen of the brand list. Like other companiesas simpler. in the sector, respondents pointed to its less-than-transparent billingInternet search takes the top spot in the and highly unsatisfactory customerindustry, finishing first in simplicity in ourfield of 25 on the back of highly efficient, service experience. of people ineasy-to-use search brands such asGoogle. Just a click back is Internet bEing UnEmployEd in gErmany germany are more likely to recommendretail and Amazon—the top brand in is too simplEsimplicity in Germany overall. How people view unemploymentGerman consumers viewed basictechnologies such as computer and varies a lot by country. While it is seen as the most complex in the U.S., UK a simpler brand.emails as the most helpful in simplifying and China, Germany sees it as thetheir lives. Ranked last were e-Readers, second simplest “occupation.”whose slow adoption by consumersis affected by high prices and limited 56availability of devices and e-books.
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Germanyindustry spotlightsUtilities General Insurance HealthcareThe utilities industry in Germany doesn’t look like Germany realised several years ago that it had a When something that should be simple becomesit’s plugged into simplicity at all. It came in 22 out simplicity problem in its insurance industry—so much complex, there’s usually something wrong, and basedof 25 industries. so that in 2008 government regulations officially on the results of our Global Brand Simplicity Index, required insurers to provide consumers with a succinct, there’s something clearly amiss in the healthcareOne significant event was the government’s about- easy-to-understand, single-page description of their industry in Germany.face in the wake of Japan’s crisis at Fukushima earlier product with clearly defined pricing.this year and the announcement that all of Germany’s Germany’s state-run healthcare system, whichnuclear power plants will be phased out by the end of Despite the rules and regulations, the industry involves both government and private health insurers,2022. The public is much in favor of the end to nuclear landed at the very bottom of the simplicity industry has many respondents in a state of confusion andpower in Germany, with energy companies fiercely rankings this year, finishing 25th in a field of 25. In complexity as health insurance there finished 24thopposing the plan. fact, respondents put “understanding my policy out of 25 industries. documents” dead last for simplicity among theStill, respondents complained more about company BKK Mobil Oil was voted by far most simple in its eight interactions we evaluated.communications and interactions than energy policy— category while insurer DAK was a distant last. Possiblythe sense that the lights were on but there was Insurers are clustered close together top to bottom contributing to DAK’s lowly rankings was its rolloutnobody home when consumers came knocking. with AXA and R+V Versicherung virtually tied for the of additional fees to customers. In contrast, BKK has top spot while Allianz, the country’s largest insurer, expanded its service offerings but didn’t raise prices.RWE shone brightest, with EnBW and E.On also sits at the bottom. Respondents characterise Allianzreceiving a few glowing returns and simplicity Apparently DAK was plagued like its counterparts as “untrustworthy” and some getting the sense thatpoints for customer service and availability around the world with the inability to offer customers the company “conceals its strategy.” This stands inand responsiveness. direct and unambiguous answers to basic questions marked contrast to the company’s marketing efforts, like treatment options and pre-authorisation.Things were darkest for EWE, which was at the which emphasizes its efforts to be a “trusted partner”bottom of the energy barrel and complained that for customers.the “changed [nuclear] policy burdens EWE,” whilerespondents complained about EWE’s confusingcontract messaging. It is noteworthy that EWE isthe only utility provider offering “triple play” services(Internet access, phone and television), which canresult in more complex interactions with consumers. 57
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Germanyindustry spotlightsAutomotive Social Media Retail BankingMore+better+faster doesn’t necessarily equal simple. Maybe Mark Zuckerberg’s social media sensation gets Retail banking is getting more complicated. ThisAnd in Germany, the technology driving innovation more face time, but in Germany—and around much of in spite of recently passed legislation requiringand the country’s world famous auto industry actually the globe—consumers look to YouTube for simplicity. comprehensible and easy-to-understand productpushed the sector into the Global Brand Simplicity In fact, there was a world of difference in Germany, information sheets, which many banks haveIndex ditch. It finished 20th in a field of 25 industries. where YouTube finished at the top of the Simplicity implemented. The industry finished 18th in our field Index and Facebook ended up on the bottom. As a of 25 in the study.Perhaps it’s because the relentless churn of upgrades whole, social media finished 20th out of 20 industries.and change is unsettling and complicating to One German banking brand, however, did manage toconsumers and in the auto industry, it touches so With almost 18 million users, Facebook is actually the stand out above the crowd. ING Diba, though smallermany product areas—from electronics and motor most visited social network in Germany. Close to 50 in comparison to its competitors, is the Germantechnology to security. percent of Germans online use Facebook and almost banking simplicity leader by a large margin. ING Diba 40 percent of them do so weekly. Recent changes in might have a smaller corporate footprint, but it wasGerman pride took a heavy hit, indeed, with three of terms, layout and concerns about data protection, viewed as far greater in terms of simplicity based onthe nation’s six brands rated as below average in the however, have caused significant confusion and its reduced and clear product portfolio as well as itscategory and luxury brand Mercedes-Benz at the very complications among users, contributing to its last clear communications and interactions.bottom of the list with Volkswagen in close proximity. place finish in the social media industry.Mercedes may be considered a premium brand, but Commerzbank found itself at the bottom of thefor the older, not younger generation. Similarly to LinkedIn’s low performance in other simplicity rankings in Germany, its stock with countries, Germany’s social network for business consumers weighted down by complaints ofWhich car manufacturer took the No. 1 spot in professionals, Xing came in near the bottom of social “stubborn” and “inflexible” customer service thatGermany, then? Toyota. media brands because of its inability to engage users. complicated the lives of consumers in a way thatThis despite a number of product recalls in the recent some found “nerve-racking.”past. The reason? Toyota maintains an exceptionalposition in the market based on long-standingcustomer satisfaction, which is closely tied tocustomer expectations about a brand rather than itsabsolute service performance. 58
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyGermany: Brand Simplicity Index1-42:LeaderS, 43-84: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 85-125: LaGGardS % Change % Change % Change Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Amazon 995 13% 23 YouTube 833 NA 45 Opel 792 8% 2 Google 992 NA 24 Media Markt 832 NA 46 HP 788 NA 3 IKEA 931 NA 25 airberlin 832 8% 47 REWE 787 1% 4 Zalando 922 NA 26 Edeka 831 -2% 48 Deutsche Postbank 787 16% 5 Tchibo 914 8% 27 H&M 831 3% 49 Best Western 785 NA 6 Apple 898 NA 28 DM 825 -3% 50 TUI 784 3% 7 Dell 897 NA 29 McDonalds 825 0% 51 Google+ 783 NA 8 OTTO 895 17% 30 Hermes 824 7%* 52 Saturn 783 3% 9 Toyota 894 NA 31 Nokia 824 NA 53 Sparkasse 783 18% 10 Canon 886 NA 32 Lufthansa 819 4% 54 Prosieben 781 NA 11 iTunes 879 NA 33 C&A 819 0% 55 Ford 779 NA 12 eBay 873 NA 34 BKK Mobil Oil 818 23% 56 Nike 777 2% 13 Aldi 871 -1% 35 Microsoft 817 NA 57 Alltours 776 NA 14 Lidl 870 NA 36 Yahoo! 817 NA 58 easyJet 775 3% 15 Miele 866 NA 37 ING DiBa 810 5% 59 Bing 775 NA 16 Sony 854 NA 38 Real 808 NA 60 FedEx 773 -4% 17 Audi 847 15% 39 Spiegel 802 -4% 61 Rossmann 773 -1% 18 BILD 840 NA 40 Bosch 798 2% 62 Vodafone 772 4% 19 BMW 838 15% 41 Siemens 796 1% 63 Volkswagen 772 -3% 20 Samsung 838 NA 42 Panasonic 795 NA 64 Thomas Cook 771 5% 21 Motorola 837 NA 43 DHL 793 NA 65 Philips 771 NA 22 O2 833 3% 44 KIK 793 -4% 66 Penny 767 NA 59*% change for Hermes reflects a corrected score from that reported in the 2010 study.
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyGermany: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-42:LeaderS, 43-84: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 85-125: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 Mercedes-Benz 767 NA 89 SUBWAY 727 -5% 111 EnBW 643 NA 68 Holiday Inn 764 NA 90 Hilton 723 NA 112 E.ON 641 NA 69 ZARA 762 NA 91 TARGOBANK 719 NA 113 Wüstenrot 635 13% 70 Adidas 760 -1% 92 Xing 711 NA 114 IKK Group 629 NA 71 MEDIMAX 758 NA 93 Deutsche Telekom 708 13% 115 Hertz 626 -19% 72 Twitter 758 NA 94 KFC 706 NA 116 DAK 626 3% 73 Sixt 758 -2% 95 Peek & Cloppenburg 693 -13% 117 Ramada 609 NA 74 ITS Travel 756 NA 96 Facebook 691 NA 118 Deutsche Bahn 598 NA 75 Burger King 754 -10% 97 UPS 690 NA 119 Ryanair 589 -8% 76 Deutsche Post 753 11% 98 AOK 686 -5% 120 ERGO 573 NA 77 EP/Elektronik Partner 752 NA 99 StarCar 683 NA 121 HDI-Gerling 543 NA 78 Deutsche Bank 746 11% 100 Puma 681 -13% 122 Vattenfall 539 NA 79 Müller 746 NA 101 Schlecker 681 -15% 123 Generali 538 NA 80 DER 745 NA 102 Europcar 680 -5% 124 Allianz 519 -19% 81 Techniker Krankenkasse 745 NA 103 HypoVer.Bank 678 3% 125 EWE 480 NA 82 Sky 744 NA 104 BARMER GEK 675 NA 83 AEG 743 NA 105 Reebok 675 NA 84 Nordsee 742 -12% 106 Commerzbank 670 2% 85 Budnikowski 739 NA 107 AXA 668 0% 86 eplus 733 -7% 108 RWE 661 NA 87 Marriott 733 NA 109 R+V Versicherung 660 26% 88 RTL 733 -8% 110 Avis 645 -10% 60
    • Complex Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Mediainteractions are. internet search news social media Retail internet retail general (department/big box) grocery Fashion Heath/beauty Fitness Electronics/Appliances appliances Electronics Telecom mobile phones Germany: Simplicity by Industry cable providers Travel and Hospitality Hotels air booking train car rental Restaurants/EntertainmentThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated restaurants/Entertainmentsimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Shipping/Mail shipping/mail Retail Banking retail banking Automotive automotive Utilities Utilities Health Insurance Health insurance General Insurance general insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Germany61
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 2 percent and 11 percent of peopleare willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>4.9% >4.5% >4% >3.8% more more more more Travel:Hotels Media:InternetSearch Travel:Train GeneralInsurance Shipping/Mail NewsMedia Appliances Electronics Telecom:CableProviders Automotive Retail:General Travel:Booking HealthInsurance RetailBanking Travel:Air Retail:Internet Retail:Health/Beauty Telecom:MobilePhones Restaurants/ EntertainmentWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 62
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyGermany Top 10 BrandsThis year, retail, electronics, media and automotive brandsare represented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1BSI: 995 2 BSI: 992 3 BSI: 931 4 BSI: 922 5BSI: 914 6BSI: 898 7 BSI: 897 8 BSI: 895 9 BSI: 894 10 BSI: 886 63
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—GermanyIn Germany, businesses are leaving more than €3.6B on the table.Simplify and you shall receive. The utilities industry could stand to capture the most,more than €714 million to be precise, through clearer, understandable communications.Utilities Automotive Restaurants/Entertainment+ €714 million + €415 million + €124 millionRetail Banking Health Insurance Telecom: Mobile Phones+ €605 million + €234 million + €100 millionGeneral Insurance Retail: General Electronics+ €589 million + €138 million + €90 million 64
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle Eastthestate ofsiMPlicitymiddlEEast 65
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle EastWhile intricacy and abundance contribute to a richexperience in the Middle East, there’s still an unansweredlonging for simplicity.In the Middle Eastern countries we One interesting sidebar in our findings issurveyed, telecommunications was the view of unemployment. Apparently Simplicity = Loyaltyking of simplicity and Google was the not having a job in parts of the Middlereigning brand overall. East makes for a less complicated 72.8% life and is not seen as a hardship.News media including print, online, Retirement, in contrast, is seen as onebroadcast and mobile outlets, also of the least simple stages of life—a timeheld a prominent place in the Global spent navigating family relationshipsBrand Simplicity Index, finishing in and making decisions about inheritance.the 5th spot.As was the case in much of the rest ofthe world, insurance was consideredthe most complex industry in the Middle WorKing is morE complEXEast with SALAMA—Islamic Arab tHan UnEmploymEnt orInsurance Company the worst of the stUdying in tHE middlE Eastworst. Respondents pointed typicallyto an absence of clear and concise How people view unemployment varies a lot by country. While it is seen of people in thecommunication.Online shopping is not the simple as the most complex in the U.S., UK and China, the Middle East sees it as middle East are moretask in the Middle East that it can beelsewhere in the world due in part to a the simplest “occupation”. Also, being a student ranks as second simplest, likely to recommendlack of national mail delivery. Simplicityis valuable enough, however, that some possibly reflecting large investments made in education in this region. a simpler brand.respondents say they are willing topay an average of 7 percent more forimproved shopping experiences. 66
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle Eastindustry spotlightsHealth Insurance Telecom Retail BankingThe state of healthcare is in such a condition that Telecommunications/cell phones was the No. 1 The strictly governed, highly regulated banking systemcoming in No. 20 in a field of 25 industries is a industry in simplicity in the Middle East, but that’s not in the Middle East wasn’t designed with simplicitycomparative victory. Everywhere else in the world we what got our attention. as its driving force. There are, for instance, manysurveyed, health insurance finished three to five spots circumstances where customers are required to One company, Mobily, delivered in a way that tran-lower in the rankings. appear in person to request or complete transactions. scended its notably superior point total. Respondents Still, retail banking was ranked No. 11 out of 25Not that all is well by any means or that all things said the mobile carrier/cable provider not only came industries overall.are equal. The qualities of healthcare and level of in loud and clear on their website and in productsimplicity vary from region to region within the Middle literature with easy-to-understand brochures, they Islamic banks surveyed were all perceived to deliverEast. Some receive high-quality gratis state care while also made users feel like they had unimpeded access simpler service than their international counterparts.others have little access to care. Most expatriate to account information and simple packages that Overall, the region’s Citibank delivered a bit betterexecutives carry some form of international coverage custom-fit a wide variety of needs and sectors. than other international names, but still ranked behindand frequently combine a company-provided plan with homegrown offerings, on customer inability to easily It was the complete opposite with lowest-scoringone or more private policies for their families. search the bank’s website or find basic information in brand Zain. “You cannot get what they are offering printed materials.Against that backdrop, the Abu Dhabi government- at a glance,” said one of our respondents. “You havebacked Daman was rated as the simplest insurance to read through [everything] until you go insane.” The Locally, Alinma Bank lead the simplicity pack withprovider while NCCI was at the bottom of the Middle feelings were negative enough about Zain that though SABB, Emirates Islamic Bank and Al Rhajhi BankEast health care rankings. it was part of the top-rated industry, it still ended up a among the top brands within the list of Islamic banks. brand bottom-dweller across all categories. Among non-Islamic retail banks surveyed, Emirates NBD was the top performer and was the most simple brand overall. The bank got points for clear statements, concise communications, efficient transactions and its abundance of physical locations. HSBC was by far the least simple—plagued by issues around customer privacy including leaked client emails in the UAE. They were frequently cited as well for making things complicated by changing terms and conditions without notice in ways customers considered detrimental to them but beneficial to the bank. 67
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle Eastindustry spotlights (continued)News Media Social Media RetailOne of the most tumultuous and high-profile regions Though the Middle East is culturally disposed to Some key differences in the Middle East marketplaceof the world sees news media as one of the most embrace social media as a region that celebrates a distinguish it from other regions—the absence, forsimple industries of all. News media, which included strong sense of community, the category’s ranking starters, of national mail service or home delivery inbroadcast TV, print, online and mobile outlets in our of 15th out of 25 industries shows there’s a need for some countries. Which means delivering an iTunessurvey, finished 5th in a field of 25 industries in the greater simplicity. file is simple, but an order from Amazon is anotherMiddle East. story entirely. YouTube, where interaction can be as basic as clickBroadcast brands like Al Jazeera and Al Arabiya were and view, was picked as the most simple social media Overall, general retail in the form of megastores wasseen as simple within the industry, boosted by their brand in the region covered by our survey. highest ranked at No.10 in our field of 25, followed byability to provide easy access to local and global retail grocery at No.13, Internet retail at No. 16, retail Google’s Gulf region manager says Saudi Arabia,content across multiple areas of interest. In fact, the fashion at No.18, retail fitness at No. 22, and retail the UAE and Kuwait have the highest per capitaltwo outlets were in the top 20 in the region in a list health and beauty finishing 23rd. consumption of YouTube in the world. It is, in fact,that featured 124 multicategory brands. Saudi Arabia’s second most visited website with International brands scored higher than domesticBuilding consumer relationships and loyalty via new 40 percent of the Kingdom’s population spending brands in the online shopping space, with trust incontent models is key in the Middle East—as it is an average of 136 minutes per day on the network. security cited as an important factor.elsewhere—as seen in newspaper/online combinations (YouTube’s role as an unfiltered news source is Souq.com, a Middle Eastern eBay, which was thefrom top media brands Gulf News and close second considered a factor in time devoted to usage.) highest-ranked online retailer, has addressed theAsharq Al-Awsat (which heavily promotes its free LinkedIn, whose sole focus on professional life makes domestic brand security issue by offering cash-news and iTunes apps.) it culturally disconnected from the region when on-delivery options.Last place Saudi TV, however, took heat from compared to other social networks, was picked the Groupon, however, was seen as the most complicatedconsumers for overwhelming them with too much least simple social media brand. Internet retailer as it left the impression that there wasinformation and unclear messaging. too much fine print connected to its offers.Social media continues to develop in the Middle Eastas an important news source. Though they placed 15thoverall, social networks were considered the secondmost simple way to follow news (after broadcasting) bypeople between the ages of 18and 24. 68
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle EastMiddle East: Brand Simplicity Index1-41:LeaderS, 42-82: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 83-124: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Google 1004 NA 23 eXtra 901 31% 45 Sharaf DG 860 NA 2 McDonalds 971 NA 24 Al Baik 900 NA 46 Twitter 857 NA 3 Apple 968 14% 25 Marks & Spencer 898 22% 47 BlackBerry 849 NA 4 Sony 967 NA 26 Toyota 898 21% 48 FedEx 848 30% 5 IKEA 959 28% 27 YouTube 894 NA 49 KFC 845 NA 6 Gulf News 956 15% 28 Alriyadh 893 NA 50 Emirates NBD 842 50% 7 Starbucks 946 NA 29 Dell 893 NA 51 Bupa 841 67% 8 Asharq Al-Awsat 946 NA 30 HP 892 NA 52 Spinneys 840 13% 9 Samsung 943 20% 31 Toshiba 884 11% 53 GoNabit 839 NA 10 Mobily 942 28% 32 NEXT 884 38% 54 Puma 837 NA 11 Al Arabiya 941 38% 33 Microsoft 882 NA 55 Arab News 836 32% 12 Holiday Inn 940 NA 34 WaterLemon 881 47% 56 Dubai Metro 834 NA 13 Fly Dubai 934 NA 35 Zaatar W Zeit 881 39% 57 DHL 834 29% 14 Carrefour 928 23% 36 Facebook 878 NA 58 LinkedIn 834 NA 15 Emirates 916 18% 37 Herfy 878 NA 59 Debenhams 832 26% 16 Boots 913 14% 38 LG 878 24% 60 Chilis 830 12% 17 Yahoo! 911 NA 39 du 877 NA 61 Dubai TV 820 25% 18 Al Jazeera 908 NA 40 Panda 875 25% 62 Nike 816 NA 19 MSN 907 NA 41 Daman 873 22% 63 ENOC 815 NA 20 nasair 906 NA 42 Home Centre 867 12% 64 STC 815 30% 21 Pizza Hut 905 18% 43 Siemens 866 7% 65 GMC 812 17% 22 Souq.com 903 30% 44 Etihad Airways 862 13% 66 The Body Shop 812 30% 69
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle EastMiddle East: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-41:LeaderS, 42-82: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 83-124: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 Orbit Showtime Network 810 31% 89 NCCI 769 NA 111 Saudi Post 687 NA 68 Alinma Bank 810 NA 90 Saudi TV 766 NA 112 Saudi Railways 684 9% 69 MANGO 810 0% 91 Rotana 765 NA 113 Philips 679 NA 70 The National 808 16% 92 Saudi Airlines 760 14% 114 Areej 677 9% 71 Adidas 808 NA 93 Marriott 757 NA 115 AXA 655 -9% 72 Choitrams 807 13% 94 dnata 755 NA 116 Massimo Dutti 648 61% 73 Neuron 804 39% 95 Amazon 753 -9% 117 Tawuniya 625 13% 74 Avis 804 28% 96 Sheraton 753 23% 118 Jumeirah Group 623 -11% 75 Etisalat 803 3% 97 ZARA 744 12% 119 Thrifty 621 45% 76 SABB 803 51% 98 iTunes 741 NA 120 Budget 608 NA 77 Paris Gallery 801 27% 99 UPS 740 45% 121 Oman Insurance Company 602 28% 78 Emirates Islamic Bank 799 NA 100 Itehad Atheeb 738 96% 122 Allianz 476 9% 79 Reebok 793 NA 101 Gazzaz 737 23% 123 Groupon 413 NA 80 NCB 791 63% 102 Zain 735 -2% 124 SALAMA - Islamic Arab Insurance Co. 314 NA 81 Al Rajhi Bank 791 15% 103 Topshop 731 8% 82 H&M 789 NA 104 Theeb 728 15% 83 ADNOC 786 NA 105 Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts 728 13% 84 Abu Dhabi National Insurance Co. 784 NA 106 BMW 716 52% 85 Aramex 778 23% 107 Hertz 714 -5% 86 Nissan 778 18% 108 Audi 714 NA 87 Citibank 770 13% 109 HSBC 696 7% 88 Mercedes-Benz 769 35% 110 Diesel 688 5% 70
    • Complex Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Telecominteractions are. mobile phones cable providers Media internet search news social media Electronics/Appliances Electronics appliances Travel and Hospitality air booking Hotels car rental train Automotive Middle East: Simplicity by Industry automotive Restaurants/Entertainment restaurants/Entertainment Retail general (department/big box) grocery internet retailThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated Fashionsimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Fitness Heath/beauty Retail Banking retail banking Utilities Utilities Health Insurance Health insurance Shipping/Mail shipping/mail General Insurance general insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle East71
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle EastThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 7 percent and 21 percent of peopleare willing to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>7% >6.5% >6% >5.8% more more more more Retail:Grocery Travel:CarRental Media:InternetSearch NewsMedia Retail:Fitness Travel:Train Travel:Hotels SocialMedia HealthInsurance Appliances Travel:Booking Electronics Shipping/Mail Telecom:MobilePhones Restaurants/ Automotive Retail:Internet Entertainment Retail:Fashion Retail:Health/Beauty Retail:GeneralWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 72
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Middle EastMiddle East Top 10 BrandsThis year, media, electronics, restaurants, retail and telecom brandsare represented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1 BSI: 1004 2 BSI: 971 3 BSI: 968 4 BSI: 967 5BSI: 959 6BSI: 956 7BSI: 946 8 BSI: 946 9 BSI: 943 10 BSI: 942 73
    • thestate ofsiMPlicityindia 74
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—IndiaThe intersection of innovation and tradition leads to someintriguing roads in India, particularly as they relate to notionsof simplicity.Consider the way Indian consumers Also worth noting, the top five brands inexperience technology brands. India were all technology related. Simplicity = LoyaltyWhile Internet search topped the Global At the bottom of the Simplicity Index: 86.9%Brand Simplicity Index, Internet retail general insurance and health insurance.didn’t even crack the Top 10 in our Unlike much of the rest of the world,industry rankings. men in India found relationships muchIt appears consumers in India are still simpler than women—in every area, thatusing the Internet primarily to search is, except romance.for information, although there are As for the price of simplicity, betweensigns of change in that area. Increased 13 and 27 percent of respondents saidaccess to broadband and a boost in they were willing to pay 7 percent moredisposable income are providing new on average for simpler products andpurchasing opportunities by expanding communications from makers of mobileshopping horizons. phones, electronics and appliances.Social media finished higher at No. 13in India than it did in any other region of people in indiaof the world we surveyed. (That provedtrue for the performance of retail liFE in india is simplEr For mEn are more likely tobanking as well, with consumers inIndia retaining a level of trust not seen Apart from romance, that is. Men rate work relationships, friendships recommend a simpler brand. and family as simpler than women do.elsewhere in the global recession.) Romantic relationships are the onlyGoogle was at the top of the simplicity place where the trend reverses:brand list, followed closely by mobile are arranged marriages harder onphone manufacturer Nokia, which got the men?a push from the surge of mobile phoneuse in India. 75
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Indiaindustry spotlightsSocial Media RetailSocial media didn’t really show its face in India until 2004, but since then it has made Where there has long been a landscape dominated by a tapestry of independentup for lost time. According to Nielsen, people in India spend more time on social retailers ranging from family-owned kiosks to blanket-top displays, today Indianmedia than they do checking their personal email accounts. It finished about midway consumers enjoy, as one respondent told us, “the freedom to buy anything fromin the industry rankings, just out of the top half at No. 13 out of 25, but higher than grocery to footwear at the same place.”social media anywhere else in the world. That kind of enthusiasm is what put retailer Big Bazaar in the top spot in its categoryAlthough 70 percent of social media users in India still identify Google-operated Orkut in India—far ahead of its nearest competitor. Regional brand Viveks, on the otheras their preferred social media site, Facebook now surpasses them in total users and hand, seems to be the shop where consumers expect everything and get…much lessis our clear winner in simplicity in the category. Professional networking site LinkedIn than that. As a result, Viveks was at the bottom of our retail barrel in India, a victim,was found to be the most complex, falling significantly below the industry average as clearly, of its own over-reaching self-promotion as “The Unlimited Shop.” In truth,many respondents said they had trouble understanding and navigating the site. Viveks only sells electronics and appliances. With India trending strongly in the direction of one-stop shops and hypermarkets, general retail (including megastores and department stores) finished 7th in our field of 25 industries, followed by Internet retail at No. 12 and grocery retail at No. 14. Rounding out the retail sector were specialty stores—fashion retail and health and beauty, which trailed at Nos. 20 and 22 respectively, with fitness dragging in at No. 23. 76
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Indiaindustry spotlightsTelecom Retail BankingIndia is getting wired. And, according to our survey, doing it simply. The telecom We’ve seen it time and again in the Global Brand Simplicity Index—where thereindustry, which includes mobile, landlines and cable, continues to grow at breakneck is simplicity, there is trust. Where there is complexity, there is suspicion andspeed, and its connectivity to customers is borne out in the Global Brand Simplicity consumer dissatisfaction.Index. Sales of mobile devices, to cite just one example, jumped 19 percent in the The good news for retail banking in India—which no doubt contributed to its 8thfirst quarter of 2011, which could account for the category’s No. 2 spot among 25 place ranking in our field of 25 industries domestically—is there has been a retentionindustries in India. of trust despite the global financial crisis. Although the competition is stiff and the category is divided among multiple brands, According to a recent study by Ernst and Young, while 50 percent of respondents locals more than held their own against global competitors. Tata DoCoMo and surveyed in Europe and 55 percent in the United States said their faith in banks had Vodafone were a tight No. 1 and 2, respectively, singled out for their ease of use fallen, only 8 percent responded in kind in India. across the spectrum by customers. Virgin Mobile, by comparison, was considered an“appealing” global brand but suffered in its ability to communicate with users. Retail banking is also on the robust rise in India, where products offered are simple in nature and banking is seen as an open, not closed, culture.Cable providers finished impressively, as well, with a No. 6 placement in the fieldof 25. There was, however, a built-in advantage for the sector in India as there are Domestic banks in India performed significantly better on the simplicity scalefar fewer players. Airtel took the top spot among cable providers while Worldwide than their global counterparts as Bank of India led the way with clear and directCommunication India was a distant last. communications as a centerpiece.With mobile phones viewed as among the simplest pieces of personal technology in Global HSBC, on the other hand, was in the bottom half of the rankings (and saidIndia, the industry appears perfectly positioned for continued, robust growth. earlier this year that it is losing money in its India retail operations). HSBC still ranked higher, however, than international competitor, Standard Chartered, which finished a distant last in India. 77
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—IndiaIndia: Brand Simplicity Index1-37:LeaderS, 38-74: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 75-112: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Google 926 NA 23 YouTube 750 NA 45 Pantaloons 689 NA 2 Nokia 915 2% 24 Tata Sky 747 9% 46 ICICI Bank 688 21% 3 Samsung 899 4% 25 Ixigo 740 NA 47 Orkut 685 NA 4 Yahoo! 877 NA 26 Adidas 736 -10% 48 Megamart 685 NA 5 Dell 864 11% 27 Bank of India 735 21% 49 Lakme 681 -9% 6 Tata DoCoMo 824 6% 28 MakeMyTrip 735 NA 50 Philips 681 NA 7 Facebook 821 NA 29 Apple 735 11% 51 Onida 680 NA 8 Big Bazaar 820 2% 30 Bata 731 NA 52 Lee 678 -12% 9 Pizza Hut 819 -5% 31 BlackBerry 728 NA 53 Reliance Mobile 678 NA 10 Vodafone 816 4% 32 State Bank of India 724 4% 54 Westside 675 -5% 11 Sony 811 NA 33 Café Coffee Day 721 -14% 55 eBay 675 NA 12 Canon 810 8% 34 TVS Motors 720 NA 56 Hyatt 667 3% 13 LG 808 NA 35 The Hindu 717 0% 57 Cleartrip 667 NA 14 Videocon 807 NA 36 Levis 715 -16% 58 Times Group 663 -11% 15 McDonalds 805 -5% 37 Maruti Suzuki 708 -22% 59 Holiday Inn 662 NA 16 Microsoft 796 NA 38 Dominos 705 -17% 60 Haier 658 NA 17 DNA 776 21% 39 Lifestyle 704 NA 61 HSBC 651 38% 18 Airtel 766 -2% 40 Hero Honda 703 -16% 62 Nike 646 -23% 19 Haldiram 761 -18% 41 Kingfisher 699 -7% 63 Expedia 644 NA 20 Tata Indicom 761 NA 42 Shoppers Stop 697 NA 64 Yatra 643 NA 21 HP 757 1% 43 Godrej 696 NA 65 LinkedIn 641 NA 22 Reebok 752 -9% 44 TravelChaCha 689 NA 66 Peter England 640 -20% 78
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—IndiaIndia: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-37:LeaderS, 38-74: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 75-112: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 Bajaj Auto 638 NA 86 Leela 599 -7% 105 Peugeot 427 25% 68 HDFC Bank 636 -1% 87 SoSasta 597 NA 106 Birla Sun Life 425 19% 69 Barista 636 NA 88 Spencers 596 NA 107 MINT 390 -32% 70 Taj 630 -18% 89 Himalaya Healthcare 579 -21% 108 Worlwide Communication India 356 -34% 71 T24 Mobile 628 NA 90 Avis 576 3% 109 The Oriental Insurance Company 351 NA 72 BSNL 628 -1% 91 Standard Chartered 574 27% 110 Viveks 338 NA 73 Croma 628 -11% 92 LIC 572 4% 111 IFFCO Tokio General Insurance 284 NA 74 MSN 625 NA 93 Ford 552 8% 112 Hertz 216 -61% 75 Volkswagen 623 -5% 94 UPS 549 NA 76 FedEx 623 NA 95 Travelocity 547 NA 77 Panasonic 620 NA 96 Toyota 541 -33% 78 Travelguru 618 NA 97 Virgin Mobile 533 NA 79 Snapdeal.com 617 NA 98 Air India 532 -10% 80 Tata Motors 614 -19% 99 Godrej Natures Basket 503 -22% 81 DHL 613 NA 100 Bajaj Allianz 490 59% 82 Reliance Grocery 612 -17% 101 Tata AIG General Insurance 471 NA 83 ITC 610 -10% 102 Marriott 455 NA 84 Oberoi 609 -13% 103 Max India 451 32% 85 Jet Airways 607 -6% 104 ICICI Prudential 449 29% 79
    • Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Mediainteractions are. internet search news social media Telecom mobile phones cable providers Electronics/Appliances Electronics appliances Retail general (department/big box) internet retail grocery India: Simplicity by Industry Fashion Heath/beauty Fitness Retail Banking retail banking Travel and Hospitality train booking air HotelsThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated car rentalsimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Restaurants/Entertainment restaurants/Entertainment Shipping/Mail shipping/mail Utilities Utilities Automotive automotive General Insurance general insurance Health Insurance Health insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—India80
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—IndiaThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 13 percent and 27 percent of people arewilling to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>8% >7.4% >7% >6.5% more more more more Retail:Fashion Retail:Fitness Retail:Health/Beauty Media:InternetSearch Retail:General Retail:Grocery Appliances SocialMedia Telecom:MobilePhones Automotive Restaurants/ Electronics HealthInsurance Entertainment Travel:Train Utilities Travel:Air GeneralInsurance Shipping/MailWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 81
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—IndiaIndia Top 10 BrandsThis year, telecom, media, restaurants and electronics brandsare represented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1BSI: 926 2 BSI: 915 3 BSI: 899 4 BSI: 877 5BSI: 864 6BSI: 824 7BSI: 821 8 BSI: 820 9 BSI: 819 10 BSI: 816 82
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Chinathestate ofsiMPlicitycHina 83
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—ChinaSo much about China—from the thousands of years of historyalready behind it, to its billion-plus population—defies the verynotion of simplicity.Vibrant, expanding and newly em- Consumers picked domestic Baidu,powered, consumers at the center a web services firm best known for its Simplicity = Loyaltyof the “Chinese century” are faced search engine, as the No. 1 brandwith a plethora of possibilities and in simplicity. 91.1%now choose from among three to five On the more complicated side, socialbrands in any given product category. changes in China are placing newAnd our study found they tend to rate pressures on its people. Thosethese brands generously—particularly employed full-time rate life as thetechnology brands. simplest, but the unemployed—who are without a government-provided safetyIn fact, a significant portion of Chinese net—rate it as the most complicated.consumers value technology-aidedsimplicity enough to pay 5.8 percentmore on average for related productsof their choosing. EmploymEnt is tHE simplEst in cHinaThe Global Brand Simplicity Indexin China reflects that strong affinity China is the only country where being of people in chinafor simplification as the top fiveindustries picked by respondents employed ranks as the simplest occupation. So not only does the are more likely to recommend a country dominate as an economicwere all technology driven—with powerhouse, but it also has the keyInternet search and Internet retail simpler brand. to ongoing and future success: makeleading the way, coming in at No. 1 working seem like the simplest thingand No. 2 respectively. to do.General insurance, like everywhereelse in the world, ranked last. 84
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Chinaindustry spotlightsGeneral Insurance Retail Banking ElectronicsThere’s little that general insurance does right from the Though the needs of the average retail banking Electronics took the No. 5 spot among all industriesconsumer perspective in China, as shown by its last- customer in China are simple, banking as an industry we surveyed in China—with global brands leading theplace finish in our industry results. is perceived as complicated. Banking was ranked category and Apple shining brightest by far. No. 20 out of 25 industries, a result steeped in bothRespondents said things begin badly with general Apple’s “simple functionality” was deeply appreciated traditional and modern perceptions.insurance and get worse from there—starting with by respondents in China, whether that meantoverly aggressive representatives, poor comm- Foreign banks HSBC and Citibank enjoyed higher connecting with friends, integrating with otherunication and policies perceived as vague at best and simplicity rates than many Chinese banks, maintaining technology or providing “clear instruction” whenintentionally misleading at worst. A significant number a stronger reputation than their domestic counterparts troubleshooting.of people surveyed said they felt “cheated” when they despite global market turmoil. Factoring into the And the overall performance of this category suggestswere making their purchase. results is a common belief among Chinese consumers that the bar for usability is already set high and rising. that state-owned businesses—including banks—fallAIA, a widely respected global brand, fared better than short when it comes to innovation and services. Hisense, which manufactures a wide range of homeits competitors, successfully maintaining its reputation Citibank, the clear leader, received kudos for its appliances and consumer electronics, found itselffor reliability and professionalism and putting it near website’s “comfortable” design and its “simple and at the bottom of the technology heap because thethe top of general insurance brands in China. clear layout and images.” company’s products are seen as low end to beginAmong domestic providers, China Life Insurance with and the experience from communication to Simplicity is still strongly tied to convenience in theoutperformed People’s Insurance of China by a wide consumption is less satisfying and more complex. form of bank branches—this despite the fact thatmargin and beat out any other insurance brands in ATM use and online banking are rated as the simplestChina. Consumers familiar with China Life pointed to banking interactions in China as they are in manya pain-free user experience with a simple, clear style countries. For that reason, say respondents, China’sfeaturing high-quality products that saved them money. largest bank, ICBC, scores higher than many of its competitors. “Although it is not the best one,” said one survey response about ICBC, “it is very convenient.” 85
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—Chinaindustry spotlightsTravel Internet Search Social MediaTravel is on the move in China but, based on this year’s Technology doesn’t scare consumers in China. Quite In China, where social media is officially homegrownsurvey, it’s also all over the map. the opposite. Technology is seen as a calming, and somewhat homogenous from a simplicity point reassuring force—one that respondents said they of view, Kaixin 001 holds the edge. With sharing aHotel travel had the view from the top, finishing No. 7 believe makes their lives easier even as they get older. key component in the brand competition, Kaixin’sout of 25 industries, followed by travel booking at No. ease of use played a significant role in its ranking.9, air travel at No. 11, train travel at No. 16 and rental And online media is most comforting of all at No. 1,cars pulling up the rear at No. 18. topping all media and all industries in China with Users also said communications around the brand search engines and portals aggregating the most were characterised by “clear information,” simplifyingWith China “eagerly assuming its place among the simplicity points for lucid and logical layouts that the experience, but “diversified” enough to keepworld’s top travel destinations,” according to experts steered consumers to their intended destinations things interesting. Last-place RenRen, which wasat Lonely Planet, more tourists mean more demands without undue complication and delay. not far behind Kaixin overall, was faulted for itsand a greater need for simplicity. “complex interface,” which respondents found time- Content scores were high as well with local Baidu Homes Inn took top honors in its category with consuming, difficult to learn and navigate, and, considered China’s most simple brand and Google a accommodations travelers called “comfortable, therefore, complicating in nature. Enough, in fact, considerable distance back at No. 2 in the category. convenient and easy.” In the air, Shanghai Airlines was that the word “headache” was mentioned. Baidu’s large lead is due to it providing results that are No. 1 in simplicity, propelled by a “more efficient” and more relevant to the Chinese market, better serving“consumer-focused” approach. localized needs than Google. 86
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—ChinaChina: Brand Simplicity Index1-39:LeaderS, 40-79: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 80-118: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 1 Baidu 1085 24% 23 Sony 945 NA 45 KFC 885 -1% 2 eHi Car Service 1079 NA 24 7-Eleven 939 NA 46 eLong 882 NA 3 Apple 1076 59% 25 Philips 934 25% 47 YOUKU 879 NA 4 360buy 1018 NA 26 GREE 932 22% 48 Citibank 878 NA 5 Nokia 1009 25% 27 Ctrip 930 28% 49 BYD 875 56% 6 HTC 1001 78% 28 Midea 930 14% 50 China Auto Rental 873 NA 7 BlackBerry 991 22% 29 Haier 926 22% 51 Tudou 868 NA 8 IKEA 990 NA 30 Pizza Hut 916 13% 52 Qzone 867 NA 9 Home Inns 987 NA 31 Tencent 916 NA 53 ZTE 863 NA 10 Vancl 984 NA 32 QQ 913 23% 54 Sassa 859 37% 11 7-Days Inn 982 NA 33 Lenovo 913 14% 55 Konka 859 NA 12 Southern Weekend 976 8% 34 Volkswagen 912 96% 56 H&M 858 26% 13 Qunar 975 NA 35 Kaixin001 911 NA 57 Sina Weibo 858 NA 14 Taobao 974 39% 36 Li-Ning 905 5% 58 Hilton 858 NA 15 Lashou 970 NA 37 OPPO 905 NA 59 UPS 856 NA 16 Motorola 966 NA 38 UNIQLO 901 3% 60 China Mobile 851 34% 17 Google 965 34% 39 DHL 900 NA 61 Metersbonwe 851 5% 18 McDonalds 965 4% 40 Samsung 891 17% 62 RenRen 850 NA 19 Starbucks 962 15% 41 Honda 890 61% 63 Shijihualian 848 NA 20 PHtv 959 NA 42 Walmart 890 9% 64 RT Mart 848 1% 21 Sina 953 30% 43 Douban 889 NA 65 Adidas 845 5% 22 HP 949 46% 44 Nike 888 5% 66 361 Degrees 843 1% 87
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—ChinaChina: Brand Simplicity Index (continued)1-39:LeaderS, 40-79: MIddLe-OF-THe-PaCK, 80-118: LaGGardS % Change % Change % ChangeRank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 Rank Brand BSI from 2010 67 MangoCity 842 NA 89 Shentong Express 801 NA 111 Bank of China 637 19% 68 SF-express 841 NA 90 China Eastern Airlines 800 23% 112 Hexie Hao 630 NA 69 Toyota 839 20% 91 China Southern Airlines 799 19% 113 China Merchants Bank 625 1% 70 ChangHong 836 6% 92 C&A 799 NA 114 China Life Insurance 557 153% 71 HaiDiLaoHuoGuo 836 NA 93 Watsons 799 1% 115 AIA 530 NA 72 Baleno 836 -6% 94 HI-24 791 NA 116 Ping An Insurance 491 131% 73 ANTA 833 -5% 95 Air China 789 16% 117 China Pacific Insurance 459 67% 74 Geely 831 19% 96 Chery QQ 778 32% 118 Peoples Insurance Company of China 439 58% 75 TCL 829 5% 97 China Construction Bank 772 39% 76 Peoples Daily 827 8% 98 Zkungfu 771 NA 77 Wumart 827 NA 99 CAR/ Zuche.com 763 NA 78 Marriott 826 NA 100 Carrefour 745 -8% 79 Sephora 824 26% 101 CCTV 743 3% 80 Shanghai Airlines 823 22% 102 Motel 168 739 NA 81 Mannings 818 NA 103 HunanTV 739 NA 82 Giordano 818 -6% 104 FAW HongQi 733 NA 83 China Unicom 817 22% 105 Industrial & Commercial Bank of China 731 28% 84 Sohu 813 5% 106 HSBC 725 NA 85 Yonghe Dawang (Yonghe King) 810 -8% 107 Tongrentang 699 NA 86 ZARA 809 NA 108 China International Travel Service (CITS) 696 #N/A 87 Hisense 807 8% 109 China Southwest Airlines 692 NA 88 K-Touch 805 NA 110 Agricultural Bank of China 650 17% 88
    • Complex Simple 0 100 700 200 500 800 300 400 600 900 1000 Mediainteractions are. internet search news social media Retail internet retail general (department/big box) Fashion grocery Fitness Heath/beauty Telecom mobile phones cable providers China: Simplicity by Industry Electronics/Appliances appliances Electronics Travel and Hospitality Hotels booking air train car rental Restaurants/EntertainmentThe Simplicity Score is a normalised composite based on ratings on key elements of our Simplicity LabTM methodology, including stated restaurants/Entertainmentsimplicity, ease of understanding, transparency, caring, innovation and usefulness of communications as well as how painful or not typical Automotive automotive Retail Banking retail banking Utilities Utilities Shipping/Mail shipping/mail Health Insurance Health insurance General Insurance general insurance Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—China89
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—ChinaThe Simplicity Premium can increase profits for many industries.Depending on the industry, between 7 percent and 25 percent of people arewilling to pay more for simpler experiences and interactions. Theamount they are willing to pay varies by industry, but is significant.For simpler experiences, people would pay:>7% >6.5% >6% >5.5% more more more more Restaurants/ Media:InternetSearch Automotive Appliances Entertainment SocialMedia Retail:General Retail:Grocery Electronics Retail:Health/Beauty Retail:Fitness Retail:Fashion Retail:Internet Telecom:MobilePhones GeneralInsurance Travel:Air Travel:Train Travel:Hotels HealthInsurance RetailBankingWhile people will pay more across all industries, they are willing to pay the most in the industries above. 90
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011—ChinaChina Top 10 BrandsThis year, telecom, retail, travel, media and electronics brandsare represented among the top 10 simplest brands. 1 BSI: 1085 2 BSI: 1079 3 BSI: 1076 4 BSI: 1018 5 BSI: 1009 6BSI: 1001 7BSI: 991 8 BSI: 990 9 BSI: 987 10 BSI: 984 91
    • Global Brand Simplicity Index: 2011MethodologySiegel+Gale fielded an online survey with over 6,000 respondents in 7 countriesto gather perceptions on simplicity and the impact industries and brands haveon people’s lives in relation to simplicity.During the study, respondents rated 500 brands. The brands were selectedas a representative set that respondents would be most likely to knowand/or use in each country.sample set – Transparency/Honesty brand simplicity index methodologyBetween August 22 and September 12, 2011, an online – Care about their customers The Brand Simplicity Index was calculated with thesurvey was conducted among 6,026 consumers in – Innovation/Freshness following inputs:7 countries: – Usefulness – A rating of each brand on the simplicity/complexityUnited States N=1,000 – Rating of simplicity/complexity of specific brand of their products, services, interactions andUnited Kingdom N=1,003 touchpoints within specific industries communications in relation to their industry peersGermany N=1,006 – Familiarity with and usage of brands – User/Non-user ratings were weighted to give moreMainland China N=1,004 – Rating of brands on how much simpler or more importance to user experience and remove anyIndia N=1,012 complex communications and interactions are in possible bias for higher proportions of users for someUAE and Saudi Arabia (Middle East) N=1,001 relation to their industry peers of the brandsThe sample was recruited to be representative of – How consistent the ratings of brand experiencenational demographic distributions in each country. More than 100 brands per country were rated. and communications were across respondents (the standard deviation of the ratings)survey methodology Brands were selected to be a representative set of – How aligned non-user and user perceptions were, brands that in-country respondents would be most (privileging aligned perceptions) as demonstratingSurvey Topics: likely to use or experience their services and/or that communications reflected experiences (the– How simple or complex do you feel your life is? communications, based on input from our in-country difference between user and non-user ratings)– Rating the industries on: offices and existing third-party research and data. We – The industry simplicity score for the brand’s industry/ – Contribution to making life simpler/more complex are unable to report on some smaller, lesser-known category(ies) brands for which we could not collect sufficient – Pain of interactions responses. – Ease of understanding of communications 92
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