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Future Leaders Need More than Digital PR: Prsi 2011
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Future Leaders Need More than Digital PR: Prsi 2011


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My December 2011 presentation to the PR Society of Indonesia.

My December 2011 presentation to the PR Society of Indonesia.

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  • 1. Future LeadersNeed More Than Digital PRMichael Netzley, PhD
  • 2. Michael Netzley, PhD communicateasia@gmail.c om
  • 3. Twitter &Queenstown
  • 4. Who Wouldn’t?
  • 5. Talent
  • 6. Roles and Talent in Communication Senior Roles Managerial Roles Technical Roles
  • 7. Roles and Talent in Communication Salary increase rates (communication agencies) Hong Kong Japan Singapore/SEA Senior +50% +33% +78%Managerial +56% +50% +60% Technical *source: Hudson Asia Salary Information
  • 8. Roles and Talent in Communication Salary increase (communication departments) Hong Kong Japan Singapore/SEA Senior +19% +17% +64%Managerial +64% +42% +70% Technical *source: Hudson Asia Salary Information
  • 9. Bonsai Effect: Talent not able to grow Poaching necessary from: JournalismMajority of managing directors of large Marketinglocal agencies are foreign talent Abroad SeniorMajority of the heads of corporate Master of Sciencecommunication in the largest companies arenot from communication Education in Communication Gap Management Managerial Education Graduate Gap Diploma in PR Technical
  • 10. Market Characteristics
  • 11. Overall, the internet continues to remain thestandout medium for growth in Asia, with itsshare of the total ad spend looking to risefrom 16.9 per cent in 2011 to 22.8 per cent in2014. Television however, which takes thelions share of the advertising pie at 40.7 percent in 2011, is expected to decline slightly to39.7 per cent by 2014. - Campaign India, Dec 8, 2011
  • 12. 4 out of 5 $Not Goingto Digital
  • 13. In Asia, Media Outlets Not Sufferedfrom Same Excesses in West
  • 14. Current Events
  • 15. Olympus Scandal in JapanMichael Woodford, ex-CEOof Olympus Corp., wantsOlympus to come clean onscandal Shuichi Takayama, president of Olympus Corp., bows in apology
  • 16. Bell Pottinger ScandalExecutives from Bell Pottinger They also use"dark arts" to burycaught on camera boasting bad coverage and influenceabout their access to the public opinionGovernment
  • 17. Australian FloodsQueensland Police tweeting on the YouTube Channel for more info
  • 18. Sinar Mas Activism
  • 19. Rothschild Indonesia Partnership
  • 20. Rise of Asia
  • 21. Nowadays, with the face-to-face agency-clientrelationship based at the Asian headquarters, PRpeople in the East are gaining more opportunitiesthan ever to devise and manage global PRcampaigns. This is proving quite an adjustment forsome in Western agency networks unaccustomed tofollowing leadership direction fromBeijing, Delhi, Seoul and indeed Tokyo. It’s alsodaunting for some people in senior positions whomay have never run an international campaign fromAsia before and who Ive noticed may therefore sufferfrom a lack of confidence in leading their globalcharge from the East.
  • 22. We StillNeed….
  • 23. Media Relations
  • 24. EmployeeCommunications
  • 25. Crisis Communication
  • 26. Investor Relations
  • 27. One More Reason
  • 28. No Single “Capacity” Can Do It Plato’s Phaedrus The problem, he explains, is that one overcome with this desire will want to turn his boy into whatever is most pleasing to himself, rather than what is best for the boy.
  • 29. My Business Card