Personal and Leadership Brand


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Personal and Leadership Brand

  1. 1. Webinar Notes Michael Netzley, PhD
  2. 2. Management and Excellence Guru Tom Peters writes about A Brand Called You in Fast Company Magazine. The year was 1997. Like any brand, you are making a promise to your stakeholders. You are selling.
  3. 3. Does your leadership brand represent and the firm well? Little different than a product or service brand, organizations become know for the kind of leadership they display over time. The leadership performance of any firm is a promise to stakeholders.
  4. 4. 1. Begin with the fundamentals 2. Connect executive ability to your desired reputation 3. Assess leaders against your leadership brand 4. Let customers and investors teach 5. Track the long term success of your leadership brand
  5. 5. Strategy Execution Talent Management Talent Development Personal proficiency
  6. 6. Strategy Execution Talent Management Talent Development Personal proficiency
  7. 7. “…regularly assess their actions and accomplishments from an external point of view. Invcite key customers, investors, and community leaders to periodically evaluate your leaders through surveys, interviews, and focus groups.” - HBR article, 2007
  8. 8.  Invite customers and investors to periodically have a role in management development  Give your leaders the occasional customer- orientation experience  Experience can be a powerful influence
  9. 9.  Think back to the 5th box of the Strategy Cascade  What metrics will you use?  Measure corporate reputation and include a leadership dimension  Focus groups and surveys  If appropriate, links to financial ratios or performance
  10. 10. Michael serves as the Academic Director of SMU’s Executive Development office where he delivers courses on leadership, implementation, change management, strategy and digital media. Michael currently serves as the faculty programme director for SMU’s Aligning to Win: Excellence in Strategic Implementation and Change Management programme and also the EXCELerator Leadership Programme. Previously, he was faculty director of the Wharton-SMU Strategic Leadership and Change Management Program. Michael has held visiting faculty appointments at the Helsinki School of Economics, Bled School of Management in Slovenia, and Chua University in Japan. He has also led study missions to Germany and Argentina. In 2010 he was named a Fellow to the Society for New Communications Research. In 2011 he received the Champion’s Award from the Central and Eastern European Management Association for innovative course design and delivery. An enthusiastic classroom facilitator, Michael has completed the participant- centered learning program at Harvard Business School and also founded SMU’s teaching excellence initiative. He has written numerous business case studies and published four books discussing effective business communication. Since 2000, Michael has also served as a qualified neutral and mediated numerous disputes for small businesses and communities. He remains registered with the Supreme Court of the State of Minnesota as a court-appointed mediator. Michael’s executive clients have included Unilever, IBM, Intercontinental Hotel Group, Singapore Airlines, TCS, BNP Paribas, UOB, Koram Bank (South Korea), Singtel, Singhealth, and Academic Director,SMU ExD Ph.D., University of Minnesota Michael Netzley Michael Netzley, PhD