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  • Welcome and thank you for listening to the April 2010 Tech Tuesday webcast. My name is Matt Baldassano and during this presentation I will present to you the technical details of the SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Data Center Connectivity Solution.
  • After completing this webcast I hope you will be able to understand
    What the Systimax 360 Ultra-High Density recommended solution is
    360-UHD 1U shelf features and benefits
    The Intended applications, purpose, and where it could be used
    And the I will pass the mic to Eric Leichter for a rundown on the competitive positioning of the entire SYSTIMAX 360 offering
    The Systimax 360-UHD solution is focused on today’s and tomorrows data center fiber density and bandwidth needs.
    360-UHD is centered around our industry’s highest density 1U fiber shelf that allows for predictable scalability while saving valuable floor and rack space in densely populated network, server, and storage equipment areas.
    The solution leverages the existing Systimax LazrSPEED and TeraSPEED best in class fiber cables and connectors as well as the Systimax 360-Modular Panels and raised floor enclosures.
    This 1U UHD shelf was designed to support high-density equipment locations such as Storage area network directors and the Modular Panels used for non-equipment areas such as inter and cross-connect fields to compliment the port counts of the UHD shelf.
    To cap it off the 360-UHD 1U includes the elegant look and feel of the Systimax 360 design.
  • The 360-UHD solution starts with the UHD 1U shelf and was created specifically for data center fiber networks. Today’s data center design architectures require high densities in space constrained network locations while needing the flexibility to upgrade port counts and bandwidth. The UHD solution provides a modular system consisting of low loss 48 fiber or 24 duplex LC fiber modules, a 1U sliding shelf with dual cam stops that allow for front side installation, and a 24 MPO adapter panel allowing for a 1:1 upgrade path from 10 to 40GbE.
    The SM and MM fiber modules and adapter panels can be mixed and matched up to 3 in one shelf to support all data center networking demands.
  • Now lets get into the features and use cases of the 360-UHD solution.
  • Density at the levels of the 360-UHD shelf requires a comprehensive labeling scheme.
    The shelf is compliant with TIA 606-B labeling standards with its comprehensive labels.
    The modules are designnated “A” through “C”, starting from the bottom up and the MPO connectors are labeling 1 through 4 per module with the corresponding duplex LC ports.
    This ensures that when an MPO is plugged or unplugged the technician is aware of which ports are being turned on or off.
    Method B polarity is handled by Alpha/Beta designation on the module and alternating cool grey and white alpha/beta labels.
    Identifying ports from the front side is easy without requiring the shelf to be extended out. The label lens was designed functionally with a magnification feature and ascetically corresponding to the Systimax 360 design.
    SYSTIMAX is stamped and clearly visible in each industrial strength steel trough and painted with durable wet paint that meets SYSTIMAX’s strict durability requirments.
  • As you may have now noticed the shelf pulls out and pivots so slack management is handled with use of the fiber cord management sleeve.
    The sleeve ensures that the proper fiber slack is maintained through the extension and allows for stacking the UHD without interference.
    The shelf trough has waterfalls and spring clamps on either side and was designed for cords to be dressed to one side or split to exit out both.
    This allows for true design flexibility by letting the UHDs to able to stack up to support SAN directors that typically requiring over up to 512 duplex LC ports.
    The front side of the sleeve was designed to tie off on the shelf and has additional tie off points at the other end to support the wide variety of industry racks and cabinets for. The sleeve also features elastic at each end opens with a velcro strip down the center.
  • When using the MPO adapter panels supporting 864 fibers in a 1U space requires proper tie off points and a slack loop for the trunk cables. The shelf rear has openings for (12) ½” cable glands, but CommScope recommends (6) 144 fiber cables to reduce the tension at the rear.
    In a SAN environment it is common to separate physical networks to ensure redundancy. We recommend that (3) of each 144 fiber trunk cables be mounted on the outside glands.
    The instructions that come with the shelf explain the two methods used to route and secure the trunk cables.
  • A good practice when dealing with MPO adapter panels is to segregate two networks by running one over ports 1-12 on each module on and the other over ports 13-24.
    The importance of ensuring a good port mapping scheme is vital for labeling and good practice for future changes to the physical layer network infrastructure.
  • The same philosophy can be used in the InstaPATCH modules.
    Overlayed on the front of each module, in groups of 6 duplex LC ports are the corresponding MPO relationship. CommScope recommends building modules from the bottom up to ensure that rear MPO ports are easily accessible, but to separate physical layers
  • So just how can an Ultra High Density format change a data center? In this diagram on the left we are showing Standard High Density formats commonly found in most of todays SAN environments. The first two rows of cabinets have two directors in one cabinet and the associated fiber infrastructure in an adjacent cabinet. The last two rows of cabinets have one director and the fiber infrastructure in each cabinet.
    By moving to the Ultra High Density format on the right with two directors and fiber infrastructure in a single cabinet, data centers can cut their space requirement by 50%. When looking at new data center construction, smaller space means less air volume and thus better cooling efficiency and lower energy costs. For current data centers, requiring only half the physical space for future growth can help double the life expectancy of the facility.
  • In addition to space savings advantages in the SAN area the UHD 1U shelf is well suited to save rack space in collocation and blade server cabinets.
    In the collocation situation it is typical to find a mix and match of server, Networked Attached Storage , and Disk arrays in the same cabinet. Most times dedicating 4U of contiguous space to gain enough fiber ports for the cabinet is not feasible and the cost per rack unit can range from $150-$250.
    With major advancements in power and cooling efficiencies we can expect blade servers cabinets to grow in density. Show here are (4) 10U blade servers in a 42 server cabinet. This only leaves 2U for fiber patching – the 1U UHD shelf can easily support the fiber densities of blade servers and is the best option to use the same physical rack space to migrate to parallel optics using QSFP transceivers.
  • The SYSTIMAX 360 UHD Fiber Solution integrates seamlessly into our InstaPATCH 360 Data Center Fiber Architecture.
    In this technical diagram we show the intended use of the 1U shelf in a SAN director rack.
    The 3603D-1U-144LC or 3603D-1U-72MPO preloaded shelves are perfectly suited to support 2 SAN directors in 1 rack.
    Exiting from the rack You can notice in the main cross-connect field we show the ability to use
    either the 360G2-4U modular sliding shelf or the 360MP-4U modular panel.
    A raised floor enclosure is also shown with a 3U-16 slot modular panel.
    Standard InstaPATCH 360 distribution modules or MPO adapter panels are interchangeable in these areas.
    Connecting the fiber infrastructure is completed with LC-LC patch cords, MPO-LC and MPO-MPO array cords, as well as MPO-MPO trunk cables between physically separate locations.
  • When we look at the applications that data centers can support with the SYSTIMAX 360 UHD Fiber Solution, we see that with 72 Duplex LCs in 1U, we can support 72 10 gigabit channels. With 72 MPOs in 1U we can support 432 10gigabit channels using array patch cords, 72 40 gigabit channels using MPO patch cords and 36 100 gigabit channels using MPO patch cords. For your reference we have also included the Terabit capacity per 1U for each of these supported applications. Using the 72 MPO configuration, the UHD shelf supports approximately 2.9 to 4.3 terabits per 1U. That is high capacity per 1U.
  • SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Data Center Connectivity Solution

    1. 1. SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Data Center Connectivity Solution Matt Baldassano Data Center BU
    2. 2. SYSTIMAX 360 Ultra High Density Solutions  Solution focused on today and tomorrow’s Data Centers’ fiber density and bandwidth needs  Delivers industry’s highest density 1U fiber shelf that allows for predictable scalability while saving space  Leverages existing Systimax LazrSPEED and TeraSPEED best in class fiber cables and connectors, 360-Modular Panels, and Raised Floor Enclosures  Focused to support high density equipment locations such as Storage Area Network (SAN ) environments  SYSTIMAX 360 elegance
    3. 3. 360-UHD 24MPO Adapter Panel Introducing the NEW and Data Center Application Specific: Ultra High Density Data Center Solution 360-UHD 24LC 48fiber InstaPATCH Module 360G2 UHD-1U Shelf SYSTIMAX 360-UHD – Data Center design architectures require higher densities while providing design flexibility in a low profile modular system. As active equipment physical layer connectivity needs grow, 360-UHD solutions are capable of supporting evolving data center fiber networks.
    4. 4. 360 UHD – Ultra High Density  360-UHD Modules designed to be stacked – Improved Density • Modules provide for the highest density fiber solution on the market 144F with LC connector – Maximum fiber density (864F) obtained with MPO pass-thru panels and fan-out assemblies for Data Center and SAN directors – Smallest standard footprint for Data Centers • 1U footprint – mix and match up to three modules • Loaded shelf can be ordered pre-populated with common modules and polarity types  Provide Preloaded or with shelf and modules ordered separately
    5. 5. 360-UHD Unveiled
    6. 6. Module Designation MPO Labeling Alpha/Beta Port Labeling 360-UHD Labeling
    7. 7. Fiber Cord Management  Cord separation within cabinet  Proper slack management  Stack UHDs without interference  Multiple Tie off points
    8. 8. Store slack fiber in shelf Sliding shelf fully extended Cable tie, Mille-Tie, or hook-and-loop strip 3” (76 mm) below shelf Cable ties, Mille- Ties, or hook-and-loop strips installed on outside of shelf slide Method A Trunk cable looped to shelf slide on opposite side of panel from entry point into shelf Fiber management bar Method B Trunk cable dressed over shelf slide Cable gland Cable entry port Gland nut (inside of shelf) Plugs (typical) Rear apron 864 Fibers in 1U - Rear Cable Mounting Network A Network B 3 2 1 1 2 3
    9. 9. UHD MPO-MPO Network Segregation  Network B = Yellow – Trunk 1 = C 1-12 – Trunk 2 = B 1-12 – Trunk 3 = A 1-12 A1A1 A2A2 A3A3 B1B1 B2B2 B3B3  Network A = Orange – Trunk 1 = C 13-24 – Trunk 2 = B 13-24 – Trunk 3 = A 13-24
    10. 10. UHD LC-MPO Network Segregation  Ensure that redundant paths do not run through same MPO A1A1 A1A1 B1B1 B1B1 A2A2 A2A2 B2B2 B2B2 A3A3 A3A3 B3B3 B3B3
    11. 11. How does an Ultra High Density format change a Data Center? Standard High Density Format Ultra High Density Format TO F F F D D D D D D F F F D D D D D D FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FD D FiberDirectorDirector
    12. 12.  Collocations – $$$ of rack space – Common to find mix and match of equipment – 1U footprint does not require contiguous 4U of rack space for high density fiber  High Density / High port count blade cabinets – Large Blade chassis can require high port count duplex LC ports or QSFP multi-fiber ports How does UHD solve high density Collocation and Blade environments? DISK ARRAYS NAS BLADES SERVERS SERVERS UHD SERVERS BLADES BLADES BLADES UHD
    13. 13. SYSTIMAX 360 UHD Data Center Fiber Architecture
    14. 14. Reference Slides
    15. 15. UHD Collateral Links  UHD Web Page - _solutions/patching/1217005_9477.html  UHD Solution Guide - .pdf  UHD Application Guide - uide.pdf  UHD Video - http://homeapps/sm/ent/docs/videos/SYSTIMAX_UHD_Solutio n_video.wmv  UHD Press Release - ess_release/1217056_9408.html
    16. 16. UHD Ordering Information MID                  Product Code Description    760110999 3603D-1U-UP UHD Fiber Shelf, 1U, Empty 760111013 3603M-48LC-LS InstaPATCH 360 UHD Module 48f LC LazrSPEED 760111039 3603M-48LC-SM InstaPATCH 360 UHD Module 48f LC TeraSPEED 760111153 3603P-24MPO UHD Adapter Panel, 24xMPO 760112003 CMS-2-02 Fiber Cord Management Sleeve Pre-Loaded Shelves with (3) modules // Alpha (A) Beta (B) 760136457 3603D-1U-144LC-LS-A 3603D-1U-UP w(3) 3603M- 48LC-LS A 760136465 3603D-1U-144LC-LS-B 3603D-1U-UP w(3) 3603M- 48LC-LS B 760136432 3603D-1U-144LC-SM-A 3603D-1U-UP w(3) 3603M- 48LC-SM A 760136440 3603D-1U-144LC-SM-B 3603D-1U-UP w(3) 3603M- 48LC-SM B 760136473 3603D-1U-72MPO 3603D-1U-UP w(3) 3603P- 24MPO
    17. 17. Ordering Samples MID Product Code Description    Sales Samples (LC Modules do not have fiber fanouts inside them) 760110999 3603D-1U-UP UHD Fiber Shelf, 1U, Empty 760136457SAMPLE SAM3603D-1U-144LC-LS-A SAMPLE 3603D-1U-UP UHD w(3) SAM3603M-48LC-LS A 760111013SAMPLE SAM3603M-48LC-LS SAMPLE InstaPATCH 360 UHD Module 48f LC LazrSPEED 760111039SAMPLE SAM3603M-48LC-SM SAMPLE InstaPATCH 360 UHD Module 48f LC TeraSPEED 760111153 3603P-24MPO UHD Adapter Panel, 24xMPO
    18. 18. Data Center Vendor Specific Applications SYSTIMAX 360 UHD Fiber Solutions UHD 72 Duplex LC UHD 72 MPO   Directors per Network Cabinet Maximum fiber port counts Rack Units UHD Shelves Rack Units UHD Shelves Brocade Data Center Networking Switches 48000 2 768 11 11 2 2 DCX-10 2 1024 15 15 3 3 DCX-4S 3 768 11 11 2 2 SYSTIMAX 360 UHD Fiber Solutions UHD 72 Duplex LC UHD 72 MPO   Directors per Network Cabinet Maximum fiber port counts Rack Units UHD Shelves Rack Units UHD Shelves Cisco Data Center Networking Switches MDS 9509 2 672 10 10 2 2 MDS 9513 2 1056 15 15 3 3 Nexus 7010 2 768 11 11 2 2 Nexus 7018 1 768 11 11 2 2
    19. 19. UHD Fiber Application Support 72 MPO 3672432 72 Duplex LC 72 - -(LC Patch Cords) (Array Patch Cords – 10G) (MPO Patch Cords – 40G/100G)
    20. 20. 360-UHD Spec Sheet Data Description Overall Height (closed) and Width 1.75”h x 19”w (44mm x 483mm) Shelf Depth (including trough) Shelf Depth 21” from front rail Trough extends 4.5” from front rail Extension (dual stop) Shelf slides 10” from rail during normal operation Shelf slides 14.75” from rail during install Weight Shelf: 6.8 lbs LC – module: 2.6 lbs MPO – module: 1.4 lbs Capacity UHD – LC 144 fibers; 48 per module UHD – MPO 864 fibers; 288 per module Cable Entry Rear trunk cable entry, Front patch cabling Termination Types LC, MPO
    21. 21. UHD Printable Label Sheet Printable, perforated label sheet Formatted Excel spreadsheet for label text printing