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CommonTime mDesign for ISVs Datasheet

  1. 1. mDesign for ISVs CommonTime mDesign for Independent Software Vendors Design, develop, deploy and manage dynamic enterprise mobile applications quickly and cost effectively. The Challenge Many independent software vendors (ISVs), IT consultancies and value added resellers (VARs) are seeing an increasing demand to extend their existing business solutions onto mobile devices. This demand is being driven by the rapidly growing enterprise mobile applications market, more powerful devices and evolving platforms. ISVs face considerable challenges in such changeable and disruptive conditions. Products and solutions need to be delivered quickly to capitalize on opportunities, customers require more complex solutions that operate on a number of mobile platforms, and lower development costs are needed to maintain margins. Offering mobile applications and In order to gain a competitive advantage, ISVs must meet the challenges solutions in partnership with of mobility by creating cross platform mobile solutions quickly and cost effectively, without compromising functionality. CommonTime can deliver many CommonTime’s partner offering provides ISVs with significantbusiness benefits for ISVs, including: opportunities to deliver own branded enterprise mobile applications and solutions.• Reduced development costs• Increased speed to market “After trialing several enterprise mobility• Improved professional services solutions within the Gartner Quadrant, we• Increased profitability• Extended intellectual property reach found that CommonTime mDesign was the• Improved customer experience most comprehensive and cost effective.”• More business opportunities Andy Noble - Managing Director, Mobile Data Force Australia• Enhanced corporate image The Solution - CommonTime mDesign CommonTime mDesign is a powerful yet simple to use enterprise mobility solution, which provides independent software vendors with multiple mobile application capabilities. mDesign allows for the rapid design, development, deployment and management of cross platform enterprise mobile applications. These fully integrated applications can be created at a fraction of the time and cost of native development methods. mDesign features an intuitive application building process, using a library of customizable business process templates. This allows for the rapid prototyping and development of applications and significantly reduces 1
  2. 2. mDesign for ISVstime to market. Added functionality also allows complex applications to be custom built Gain a competitive edgefrom the ground up where required. with CommonTime:As new devices are released and customer requirements change, our compatibility growswith you. mDesign allows your investment to be future proofed by providing you with the • Increase profitability byability to deliver cross platform applications. winning enterprise wideThe solution provides full application deployment and a range of flexible back office mobile projects withintegration options, as well as incorporating device management, software provisioning and margins designed todata security capabilities as standard. increase the bottom line.Advanced Functionality for Technical Personnel • Improve professionalmDesign also includes features that allow more comprehensive solutions to be built from services revenue bythe ground up where required. These include: utilising CommonTime’sHierarchical Process Relationships industry recognisedmDesign allows you to link multiple processes within an application using a full inheritance mobile developmentmodel. framework and device• Smaller, more manageable processes can be created and reused. management platform.• Data can be easily passed between parent and child processes in both directions. • Win more business• A process launcher can be designed to interact with these processes. by offering an end to end suite of integrated enterprise mobile software solutions designed for specific industries that can be used across the business. • Extend the reach of your intellectual property across multiple mobile platforms. • Significantly reduce development costs compared to native development methods.Open Integration Model • Shorten the time itThe mDesign integration plugin allows connection to commonly used enterprise takes to deliver mobileapplications and ODBC data sources, such as: solutions to market.• MS-SQL Server• MySQL • Receive expert assistance through direct access to• Oracle field resources from the• Progress CommonTime sales,• PostgreSQL consulting, marketing and• Many others. support teams.The plugin also allows web services integration, batch file processing and custom APIintegration. 2
  3. 3. mDesign for ISVs Product Extensibility • Styling can be customized within mDesign to change the look and feel of your application, employing widely used technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. • ‘Custom’ questions can also be used to implement your own application features, as well as existing JavaScript function libraries. • mDesign scripting language provides a common cross platform scripting language, allowing the implementation of complex business logic and functionality. CommonTime mDesign - The Complete Enterprise Mobility Toolkit for ISVs mDesign Studio mDesign Manager mDesign Client mDesign Server Rapid Application Design & Application Deployment, Mobile Application Back End System Development Environment Management & Full Execution Environment Integration Version Control HTML5 CSS3 JavaScripte MDMgement: Field Service & Complete Mobile Windows Mobile SQL Server Inspections Enterprise Symbian Domino Survey & Data Capture Application Windows Phone 7 Oracle Sales force Automation Complete Mobile iOS SAP Retail & POS Enterprise Android Various CRM Other Templates Application Blackberry Other CommonTime MDM Security and Mobile Software Policies Mobile Device Management Encryption VPN Distribution and Settings Data Consumption The mDesign DataList control allows efficient administration and presentation of data from back end data sources to end users. Applying a style template to the DataList control gives you complete flexibility over its appearance. mDesign DataSets allow fully offline data storage for local data lookup. DataSets can be used to drive processes and dynamically populate questions such as droplists, radios, combos and checkboxes. This allows you to dynamically change your choices using data created on the device, as well as use key information to drive ontify Technology demand loading of content from servers such as customer, Security and Encryption contact and order data. Mobile VPN Software Distribution Offline Operation mDesign applications are capable of working in both offline and online modes. When disconnected from the mDesign Server, mobile users still have access to locally stored data so they can continue working, whether that is looking up contact information or searching part list information. Device Integration mDesign applications can make full use of native hardware capabilities. It is therefore possible to create applications that allow the following: • Barcode and QR code scanning • Photo capture • Signature capture • Sketching • GPS Location reporting 3
  4. 4. mDesign for ISVs Dynamic Presentation mDesign allows you show or hide questions and controls according to answers given anywhere in a process. Certain questions also allow you to dynamically change their display depending on whether the question has been answered. Presentation areas can be used to style data such as address information into blocks showing name, address and phone numbers in a unified style. This styling can be saved and used as a template whenever needed. Data Layer mDesign’s Calculated Answers allow you to compare data items, aggregate data and derive new data items. mDesign allows the creation of composite data editors for group data editing, and maplists to drive location based operations. Partnership Options CommonTime supports independent software vendors by providing technology that enhances current capabilities and takes them into the mobile working environment. The technology enables you to differentiate your products within a crowded market, extend the reach of your intellectual property, and retain more customers. You take mDesign Studio for free, with nothing to pay until you sell your first application. You retain the IPR of any applications you develop, allowing you to easily extend the reach of your intellectual property. CommonTime allows ISVs to: • White label mDesign, and sell it to your customers and clients as a complete enterprise mobility development toolkit. This allows you to brand the solution as required and sell it at your chosen price. White labelling and selling mDesign as a whole is ideal for those ISVs with clients who are further on in their mobility strategy and have multiple processes to mobilise. • Create branded mobile applications using mDesign to sell off the peg or tailor for individual projects. This allows you to retain the intellectual property and development functionality of mDesign inhouse. You can sell these applications at your chosen price. • Resell mDesign as a complete solution whilst supplying your own services, for which you will receive a margin. This approach is suitable for services based ISVs with larger corporate or government bodies as customers. To learn more about how you can use mDesign to add cross platform enterprise mobile applications to your product offering and try mDesign for free, get in touch today. Contact Us Why CommonTime For more infotmation about CommonTime mDesign please visit our website Experienced in delivering high value business contact or call us on: mobility to the world’s leading organizations, CommonTime is dedicated to providing UK: +44 (0) 1332 542 028 independent software vendors with flexible, USA: 866 706 0609 (toll-free) cost effective, mobile business solutions and technology that can be used across your customer base and target markets. 4011211-v003