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Common Time M Design Studio Datasheet

  1. 1. mDesign Studio CommonTime mDesign Studio Design, develop, deploy and manage dynamic mobile applications quickly and easily. The Challenge In a bid to achieve the many business benefits that enterprise mobility can deliver, organizations are increasingly looking to mobilize business- critical processes. Projects range from simple e-mail to specialised field workforce implementations such as Sales Force Automations, Field Service Automation, CRM, Sales Order Processing and many others. Industry research specialists, Gartner, suggest that the requirement for organizations to deploy multiple applications will grow considerably over the next three years. As organizations have gained the capability to mobilize multiple business processes, complexity, security and cost have become a Well implemented mobile concern. These concerns become more acute as deployments expand rapidly across multiple departments, this leads to an exponential applications can deliver many increase in the number of disparate systems running independently business benefits including: The challenges organizations face when attempting to mobilize mutliple business processes include management & security of different device types, synchronization of data, development &• Improved productivity management of applications and back office integration.• Business process efficiency Purchasing and maintaining individual applications from multiple• Timely and accurate information vendors, or developing applications in-house using device operating capture specific SDKs (Software Development Kits) further increases the• More informed decision making complexities and cost involved.• Staff satisfaction and retention• Customer experience “mDesign Studio puts the power to create solutions improvements in the hands of those who best understand the• Improved internal and external problems.” communications• Enhanced corporate image The Solution - CommonTime mDesign Studio CommonTime mDesign Studio is a design environment that allows the rapid development of enterprise mobile applications. This environment makes it easy to mobilize business processes and has been designed specifically for people who manage them. mDesign Studio gives business process managers the tools to design, develop, deploy and manage dynamic mobile applications without the need for complicated coding. 1
  2. 2. mDesign Studio How it works mDesign Studio provides a simple drag-and-drop business process modeling interface and an intuitive application building process that can be used to mobilize complex business processes quickly and easily. CommonTime’s library of customizable business process templates can be modified and adapted in hours, and complex business process can be built from scratch in days. mDesign Studio - Mobilizing Business Processes Business Process mDesign Client Back End System Templates mDesign Studio Integration Mobile Application Rapid Application Design & Execution Environment Development Environment SalesForce Automation SQL Server Complete Retail & POS Business Process Oracle Field Service Complete Domino & Inspections Business Process SAP Survey & Complete Various CRM Data Capture Business Process Other Other TemplatesDesign A library of pre-designed business process templates and components (called process snippets) are provided for users to customise and adapt using simple drag-and drop functionality. Users create applications by adding process snippets to a new workspace or by amending existing process templates. The configuration of snippets can be changed; new fields can be added and captions, labels and other attributes can be amended. There are existing snippets for authentication, customer information, surveys, questionnaires, inspections, remote data lookup, workflow, photographs, voice memos, and location information. New snippets can be created manually and added to the library for reuse. CommonTime is continually developing both business process templates and snippets, which are available to download online.Deploy Once an application has been created, it is crucial that it can be tested and deployed efficiently to get mobile workers operational. mDesign Studio integrates seamlessly with mSuite, CommonTime’s comprehensive mobile device management solution to provide secure over-the-air deployment of applications, as well as ongoing management after the initial deployment. Changes to applications can me made quickly and easily within mDesign Studio and instantly pushed out over the air to the devices in the field.Integrate mDesign Studio has flexible and tiered integration capabilities that range from simple direct integration with existing SQL data and Web Services to using bespoke elements such as stored procedures to ensure data integrity can be tightly maintained and controlled by its owners. Any information your mobile workforce captures is integrated with your back end systems, removing the need for re-keying or further data integration work. 2 2
  3. 3. mDesign StudioThe InterfacemDesign Studio ‘s simple drag and drop interface makes application development quick and easy. Thescreenshots below show business process snippets and the way that they flow together for a typical inspectionprocess, in this case, vehicle inspection The structure of snippets in a typical inspection process, displaying individual process elements and their relationships. An individual process snippet, in this case a Visual Inspection, provides a diagram to annotate with damage information on the device. 3
  4. 4. mDesign StudioThe Benefits of mDesign StudioCommonTime mDesign Studio provides a wealth of tangible benefits for organizations and their workforces.• Simple design environment - easy to use, mDesign Studio allows drag and drop creation of mobile applications, providing a simpler learning curve and faster, more efficient application development and modification.• Multiple applications across multiple platforms - mDesign Studio provides a truly cross platform approach- design one, deploy to many.• Design from templates - CommonTime’s 15 years experience in mobile application development instilled in the provided templates• Back-end integration - applications designed using mDesign Studio fully integrate with back-end systems, providing streamlined, seamless data transfer.• Future proof investment - mDesign Studio creates applications that work across multiple platforms and device types. As new devices are released, our compatibility grows, providing the solution for all your mobile working needs.• Reduce costs - the cost of mobilizing applications with mDesign Studio is 20-30% compared to traditional development approachesCommonTime MEAP CommonTime Mobile Enterprise Application PlatformCommonTime mDesign Studio is a key mSuite mSupport mDesign Studiocomponent of the CommonTime MEAP(Mobile Enterprise Application Platform) Complete Mobile Device Real-time over- Rapid Application Design &Solution. Management Solution the-air support Development EnvironmentThe CommonTime MEAP provides full assistance and Interrogation & Inspections File Retrieval Data Capture annotations Field Service Retail & POS and Device Automation Distribution Mobile VPN Encryption On-screen Security & SalesForcedevice management, real time over the Policies & Calendar Survey & Software Settings Emailair support, the highest levels of security,and mobile application design anddevelopment.For more information about the mSuite Client mSupport mDesign ClientCommonTime MEAP, or any of itscomponents, please visit Mobile Device Client Mobile Management Software Execution EnvironmentFor more Information About CommonTimeTo find out more about CommonTime mDesign Studio or the We are experts at mobilizing workforces,CommonTime MEAP, please visit our website with experience in developing andcontact or call us on: deploying line of business applicationsCommonTime Ltd. for mobile devices. Our customersUK: +44 (0) 1332 542 028 range from local businesses to large multinationals, across the public andUSA: CommonTime Inc. private sectors.Tel: 866 706 0609 (toll-free) 4