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Baby jogger city select double stroller 5

  1. 1. Baby Jogger City Select Double StrollerTop 10 Baby Stroller Safety TipsBaby strollers are an essential part of family life. They help us parents get on with what we need todo when our children cant keep up with us. They give our children as safe place to retreat to whenthe world gets a little too big for them. For the most part baby strollers are very safe. However aswith any tool there are always risks and dangers. This article will give you 10 basic safety tips forusing your baby stroller to make sure that it is as safe as possible for you and your children to use.Basic Baby stroller Safety1) Be sure the stroller youre using is the right size for your child. Much like with a car seat, differentsized kids need different sized strollers. This is not only for their comfort, but also for their safety. Inthe wrong size of stroller padding doesnt rest where it should on the childs body, hands can reachthings they shouldnt, and weight isnt distributed properly which can make a stroller unbalanced.2) Properly strap your child in at all times. If you start off using the belts right from the start and stickwith it, youll get no complaints from your kids. Just be sure that they are secure enough, but not tootight. The straps arent only to keep the child from climbing out of the stroller, they also keep themfrom falling out if it tips severely, or hits a big rut.3) If you are using a combo unit (car seat and stroller together), always double check to be sure thatthe car seat latches in properly.Baby stroller maintenance4) Always make sure the brake is in good working order. Regularly check all cables and pads, orlatches to be sure they are working well and are free of any obstructions or dirt.
  2. 2. Baby Jogger City Select Double Stroller5) Be sure to check the wheels for problems and make sure that they are in good condition. Thisdoesnt take much. Just be sure they are all working well, arent wobbling too much and arentwearing out.6) OK, this may sound obvious, but always be sure all wheels are on tight. Some models of strollers -especially jogging baby strollers - have removable wheels. You need to be sure they are alwayssecure before heading out. I once saw a woman tip her jogging stroller back to go over a curb andwatched the front wheel take off down the hill after it fell off.General Use7) Most newer strollers come with many storage areas. Some of the largest are usually at the back.Be sure you do not overload these. It is really easy for an overloaded stroller to tip over backwardsand toss your baby out!8) Dont load heavy items on top of your child while they are in the stroller.9) The same goes for hot drinks and such. Never leave hot drinks above your child on the stroller.The last thing your child needs is a 1/2 litre of screaming hot mocha java in the face!10) Finally, never, ever, leave your child unattended in a stroller. This doesnt mean you have to beno more than a foot away at all times. Just be sure that either you, or another responsible adult (notchild) is within easy reach at all times.
  3. 3. Baby Jogger City Select Double StrollerKeep these tips in mind as you go about your daily business and use your stroller. It will keep yourchildren safer and give you more peace of mind.What To Look For In Jogging StrollersJogging strollers have gained popularity in recent years thanks to improvements in their design.Now, customers can really use these strollers for jogging and more traditional stroller purposes.However, this does not really tell you about what you should be looking for in jogging strollers tofind the best ones for you. Here, we take a look at this issue by providing a list of tips you can use tofind the best ones.One important area that you should concerned about is the handle height of the stroller. This isimportant because if the handle is not the right height to your body or cant be adjusted to thatlevel, it will create problems for you. The reason is that it will negatively impact your running motionwhich will hurt your jogging form and also reduce the enjoyment you can get out of the run.Therefore, you should be looking for options that will accommodate your height. One way to do thisaside from looking at the specs offered by the manufacturer is to read reviews. You should take noteto see if others are having issues with the height or whether it is not mentioned and thus not likelyto be an issue. By simply looking at a number of reviews, you can begin to see which strollers mayhave a problem in this area.A second thing that you need to be concerned about is what you will need in terms of storage space.The different jogging strollers can vary quite a bit in what storage space they offer. One reason forthis is how wide the back wheels are. The more width between the wheels, the more storage space
  4. 4. Baby Jogger City Select Double Strollerthat is created. Therefore, you may have to make a decision on how wide you want the stroller byconsidering how much storage space that you will need. Regardless, most people find that there isenough adequate storage space to hold many of the basic items one would need.A third thing that you will want to key on is the little extra items like the canopy. What you want tocheck on is to make sure the canopy will be effective for your baby. The reason is that many strollerswill only offer a canopy that is attached to the back of the stroller. This is limiting because it cannotfollow the path of the sun. What you should be looking for is options that will allow you to adjust thecanopy so that it can follow the path of the sun. The result will be that you can more easily keep thesun out of the eyes of your baby. This can help translate in you being able to enjoy your run or jogmore.By keeping all these different things in mind, you should be in much better shape to find the qualityjogging strollers. This can help you get just the right one for you and allow you to be much morehappy with your purchase.