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collector Visiting Our Kurnool Municipal Corporation Office Building

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Collector Visiting Our KMC

  1. 1. TOSri C.Sudarshan Reddy, I.A.S., Collector & District Magistrate and Special Officer, Kurnool. Commissioner, Kurnool Municipal Corporation
  2. 2. Organization Chart COMMISSIONER Addl. Commissioner Dy. Commissioner Superintending Engineer City Planner MHO EOA Sr. Entomologist Asst. EOA UBSP Manager R.O. ACP Accountant M.E.-1 M.E.-2 S.S. Malaria S.Is T.Pr.O. Supdt. Supdt. & Malaria Sr / Jr. Assts. Mazdoors Dy.E.E.-2 Nos Dy.E.E.-2 Nos A&B circles S.Is TPS Supdt. Supdt. R.Is Supdt., S.S. Est. Clerks A.E.s A.E.s H.A. Typist (Ele-II & (Ele-I & W.S. TPBOsC.Os Civil-3Nos) & Civil-3Nos) Dispatch Clerk Tax Asst., Clerks P.H. Clerks Record Assistant Tech. P.H. Maistries APMDP Pension Section Tracer & Project, Chainmen Asst. Bill Collec. Rajeev Awas Office Subordinates Yojana & P.H.Workers & New Office Medical Officers, Supdt Class IV Building MNOs, FNOs, Attenders Proposal Employees Compounders & Ayahs of Municipal Work Work Engineering Corporation Inspectors, Inspectors, Assistants Dispensaries NPH Workers TAP (M.C.H. Centers, & Class IV Inspectors, Ayurvedic, Employees NPH Workers Allopatic, Unani & & Class IV Homeo Employees Dispensaries) Elementary & Secondary School Upper Primary School H.Ms H.Ms S.A and S.G.Ts S.As & Non-Teaching Language Pandits Staff
  3. 3. ABOUT MUNICIPAL CORPORATION OF KURNOOLINTRODUCTORY: Kurnool, also known as the gateway o Rayalaseema, once the capital oferstwhile Andhra State from 1953 to 1953 is situated at a latitude of 150.48’’ N andlongitude of 720 E on the banks of sacred river at an altitude of about 900 feet above sealevel. It is a city of great cultural heritage with its history dating back to the 11th Century.The historical monuments of national importance that are standing every today to thepost glory of the city. The city is encircled by temples, mosques, dargahs and holyshrines which present in a miniature the cultural diversity of the Nation. The city issituated at about 215 K.M from Secunderabad on the Secunderabad – Dornachalamsection of South Central Railway. It is not only the seat of administration of the District,but also of the region with several regional Government offices and other publicinstitutions being located here. It is also an important education center having a wellestablished Medical College as well as other education institutions.Climate: Kurnool City has a pleasant climate throughout the year except during themonth of April and May when the temperature reaches 450C to 460 C. The maximum andminimum mean temperatures are 450 C to 140 C respectively. The average rainfall isabout 70 cm per annum
  4. 4. Growth of the Town: The status enjoyed by Kurnool as the Capital of Andhra Stateenabled the development of the town in a planned manner during 1953-56. The three Official colonies A, B, C Camps which provide residentialaccommodation to Government officials were constructed during theperiod. The town gradually extended to the let side of the old thicklypopulated area. A large number of Christian Missionary Institutions arelocated in Kurnool The construction of Tungabhadra Industries, locationof Special Armed Police Head Quarters and establishment ofwarehousing facilities by the State Warehousing Corporation enabledthe expansion of the town. Kallur Gram Panchayat which is contiguouswith Kurnool city was merged in the Kurnool Municipal Corporation in2002. Thus, the area of the city increased to 49.73 The first census of 1881 recorded a population of 20,329 while thelast census of 2001 recorded a population of 3,42,628. The percentage ofgrowth rate during the decades from 1901 to 2001 was recorded at 821and the last decadal growth rage is 14.75. The population trend is asfollows.
  5. 5. Population as per CensusYear Population1901 25,3761911 26,0401921 27,9081931 35,3141941 45,2501951 60,2221961 1,00,8151971 1,36,7101981 2,06,3621991 2,33,7172001 3,42,9732011 4,60,330
  6. 6. As per 2011 Census Slum PopulationSlum Population : 1,54,365Number of Slums : 104 (notified Slums-57, Non-notified Slums – 47) The density of population is 15,581 per sq.kmwhile the density of slum population is 34,779 The sex ratio is 950 females as per 1000 males.
  7. 7. I. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION a) Year of Constitution : 1866. Upgraded as Municipal Corporation in 1994. .Kallur Gram Panchayat was merged in Kurnool Municipal Corporation in February 2002, vide G.O.Ms.No.58 M.A. Dt:08.02.2002. b) Area in Sq.Km : 49.73 Sq.Km Kurnool: 21.93; Kallur: 27.8 c) Distance to State Capital : 210 K.Ms. (By road) d) Average Annual Rain fall : 70 mm. e) Temperature : Winter- 140 C; Summer- 450
  8. 8. II CORPORATIONComposition of Corporation(2005-10)a) S.Cs : 8 (3W+5G)b) S.Ts : 1c) Women : 8 (G)d) B.Cs : 17 (6W+11G)e)Others : 16f) Total No. of Wards : 50 (Knl: 39; Klr: 11)B) Ex.Officio Corporators : M.P. (Lok Sabha), Kurnool M.L.A – Kurnool M.L.A – Panyam & M.L.C., Kurnool.C) Co-opted Members : 2 (Minorities) including women 3 (Experienced in Municipal Administration including 1 WomenD) Wards Committees : 5 (each ward committee consisting of 10 wards)
  9. 9. III POPULATION (AS PER 2011 CENSUS) MALE FEMALE TOTAL a) Population 215746 218060 433829 b) Density of Population per Sq. Km : 9256.58 c) No. of House Holds : 1,01,881 d) No. of Slums : 104(Notified: 57 Non-notified: 47) e) Slum Population :1,54,368 f) Density of Slum Population : 34,779 per Sq.Km g) Sex Ratio : 1:1 k) Population growth rate :14.75% (During the last decade)
  10. 10. 1.Total No.of Election Wards : 50 a) Kurnool Election Wards : 39 b) Kallur (Panyam) Election Wards : 112. No. of Revenue Wards : 87
  11. 11. FINANCIAL POSITION (a) Important Sources of Income (2011-2012) (i) Taxes House Tax (Assessments 70,909) :Rs.22,34,89,830 Water Tax :Rs. 5,61,50,400 (Domestic Connection-36792+Meter Connections – 1032) VLT (Assessments 469) :Rs. 1,12,13,593 Advertisement Tax :Rs. 41,28,652
  12. 12. (ii) Non-TaxesD&O Trade License fee : Rs. 82,77,108Birth & Death Certificate fee : Rs. 50,21,412Road Cutting Charges : Rs. 47,84,000Building Licence fee, DevelopmentCharges, Building Material & DebrisCharges, etc. (Town Planning) : Rs. 1,20,51,000B.P.S. & L.R.S. : Rs. 5,00,00,000Market fee : Rs. 2,11,000Shop Room Rents(401 Shops /18 Complexes) : Rs.1,92,12,300Entertainment Tax : Rs. 42,00,000Surcharge on Stamp Duty : Rs. 3,36,72,000Other Receipts : Rs. 2,02,95,000
  13. 13. EXPENDITURE:1. Wages of Workers (Outsourcing) : Rs.700.00 Lakhs (P.H. & Non-PH Workers)2. Fuel Charges for Vehicles : Rs.232.00 Lakhs3. C.C.Charges : Rs.600.00 Lakhs4. Hire Charges of Vehicles : Rs.300.00 Lakhs5. Maintenance of Water Supply : Rs.670.00 Lakhs6. Maintenance of Drains including : Rs.126.00 Lakhs Strom Water Drains7. Maintenance of Urinals, Public Toilets : Rs. 283.00 Lakhs Parks & Street LightsCAPITAL WORKS (including 40% earmarked for Slum Development)8. C.C.Roads : Rs. 150.00 Lakhs9. C.C.Drains : Rs. 190.00 Lakhs10.Metal Roads : Rs. 100.00 Lakhs
  14. 14. CIVIC AMENITIES PROVIDED (Length in K.Ms)D1. Roads C.C : 171.95 B.T. : 42.77 W.B.M. : 65.65 Gravel : 128.65 -------------------- Total : 408.05 --------------------2. Drains Pucca Drains : 208.707 Kutcha Drains : 282.939 R.R.Masonary Drain : 215.731 -------------------- Total : 707.377 --------------------
  15. 15. WATER SUPPLY Population of Kurnool City : 3,42,973 as per 2001 census 4,63,000 Present Population(Tentative figures of 2011 census) Requirement of Water Supply : 71.76 MLD Present supply : 67.00 MLD Normal Prorata Supply : 155 LPCD including 15 % losses Present Prorata Supply : 135 LPCD Source of Water Supply : 1.Tungabhadra River 2.K.C.Canal SS Tank Capacity : 155 MCFT or 4410 ML or 0.155 TMC MWL of SS Tank : 305.50 M Present Level in SS Tank : 305.20 M
  16. 16. Present Storage Capacity of S.S.Tank : 151.40 MCFT or 4287.76 MLOver Head Service Reservoirs : Kurnool : 19 Nos. (18.05 ML) E.L.S.R Kullur : 19 Nos. (8.53 ML) E.L.S.R Total Capacity : 26.58 MLSustainability of water in S.S.Tank : 30 days.Number of Hand Bore wells : Kurnool : 1006 Nos - 30 Nos dry Kullur : 385 Nos - 31 nos dry Total : 1391 Nos – 61 nos dryNo. of power Bore wells : 60 NosDrawl from power bores : 2 MLDNo. of Public Stand Posts : 1810 Nos.No. of Infiltration wells (Hundri & : 5 Nos Tungabhadra)Normal drawl from Infiltration wells : 3.00 MLDPresent drawl from Infiltration wells : 1.50 MLDDistribution net work : 285 KMNo. House Service Connections : 36792Water supply to un served areas : 8 Nos(Dept) + 6 Nos(Donated) = 0.624 MLD through tankers Hired Water Tankers – 3 nos = 0.096 MLDWater supply position : 2 to 3 Hours Daily for 85% area – Alternate days to 15% area – Details of areas Nandyal road west of bypass road.
  17. 17. STREET LIGHTING 1. S.V.Lamps : 2562 2. Flourscent Lamps : 14372 3.Highmast Lights : 303 ---------------- 17237 ---------------- 1. High Mass Poles : 95 2. Central Lighting poles : 250 ---------------- 345 ---------------- Street Lighting Charges per month : Rs. 20.00 to 22.00 lakhs HT Charges per month : Rs. 32.00 to 35.00 lakhs
  18. 18. X. PARKS AND PLAY GROUNDS 1. No. of Parks : 18 2. No. of Reading Rooms : 5 3. No. of Libraries : 1 4. No.of Buildings : 110
  19. 19. XI. EDUCATION 1. No. of Schools a) High Schools : 9 b) U.P.Schools : 5 c) Elementary Schools : 51 -------------- 65 -------------- d) Strength of Students : 10790 (High School, U.P. Schools & Elementary Schools) e) 10th Class Results (%) : Appeared Passed % 2009-10 601 315 52.41 2010-11 525 336 64.00 2011-12 575 374 65.04
  20. 20. 1. PUBLIC HEALTH1. Dispensaries a) Homoeo :1 b) Ayurvedic :1 c) Unani :1 d) Allopathic :1 e) Maternity Centres :1 f) Urban Health Centres :8 g) PHC :1 h) ICDS (Anganwadi Centers) : 125
  21. 21. 2. Others a) No. of Burial Grounds : 14 b) No. of Compost Yards :2 c) No. of Markets :8 (Rythu Bazar-3, Veg. Markets-3, Fish Market-1, Mutton Market-1) d) No. of Slaughter Houses :6 e) No. of Public Latrines : 90 (Each 16 seats)
  22. 22. 3. Sanitation a) No. of Sanitary Divisions : 12 b) No. of Sanitary Inspectors : 13 c) No. of Sanitary Supervisors :1 d) No. of Public Health Workers : 466 e) No. of Divisions Privatized : 5 Divisions (Partly privatized) f) No. of tractors use for removal of Garbage : Tractors- 12 (own) Tippers- 6 (own) Dumper placers- 5(own) Autos- 6 (own) JCB- 1 (own) Dozer- 1 (own) Gulfer- 1 (own) Private tractors- 23
  23. 23. g) Garbage Produced per day : 295 M.Tonesh) No. of Dumping Yards with name of : 1. Gargeyapuram (43.37 Acers) location 2. Nuthenapalle (18.00 Acers)i) Wages of Outsourcing Workers : Rs.500.00 Lakhs per Annumj) Public Health Maintenance : Rs.225.00 Lakhs per Annum (Fuel + Conservancy Articles+ Livaries)k) Salaries of Public Health Staff (010) : Rs.1100.00 Lakhs per Annuml) Cost of lifting and transportation of : Rs.380.00 Lakhs One M.T. of garbage including all Sanitation work under privatizationm) No.of Wards Covered under : 38 Door to Door Collection of Garbagen) Garbage lifted per day : 215 – 230 MTs
  24. 24. ACTON PLAN OF THE URBAN MALARIA SCHEME The Kurnool Municipal Corporation is also implementing Urban Malaria Scheme since 25 years.1 No. Senior Entomologist, 2 Nos -Malaria Sanitary Inspectors and 22 Nos of MalariaMazdoors and 25 Nos of DWCUA Group members are working under Malaria Programme in thiscorporation to prevent Mosquito menace fogging work through on big machine and 3 hand machines isbeing done every day in the city under anti mosquito measures by the Malaria Staff. Anti Larva Operation for control of Mosquitoes. Malathiyan fogging work is being done regularly in the city through 4 small portable handmachines for anti mosquito measures. Baytex and abate are being sprayed regularly in all the drains. Sawdust is soaked in oil balls are made and dropped in the stagnated water bodies, pools andstagnated water points. Gombusiya fishes are dropped in the water points, pools, drains and stagnated water points. The Kurnool Municipal Corporation, Kurnool has instructed to the Pig rears to keep allthe pigs 5 K.Ms away from the city limits. This Corporation has proposed for providing 5 acres ofland in the Jaganath Gattu.
  25. 25. SOCIAL SECURITY PENSIONCategory of Pension Total No.of Pensions OAP Pensions : 9362 Widow Pensions : 6394 Disable Pensions : 2451 Weaver Pensions : 32 Abhayahastam Pensions : 242 Toddy Toppers : 9 Total Pensions : 18490
  26. 26. MEPMA ACTIVITIESSHG GROUPS FORMATION:Total No. of SHGs formed during 2011-12 : 5339 GroupsTotal No. of SHGs formed during 2012-13 : 352 Groups Total No. of SHG formed : 5356 GroupsBANK LINKAGES:Total No. of SHG Groups : 5356 GroupsAmount involved of Bank Linkages : Rs. 12415.38 CroresPAVALA VADDI:No. of Groups covered under Pavalavaddi : 4271 GroupsAmount issued under Pavalavaddi : Rs.387.97 Lakhs
  27. 27. Developmental ActivitiesACDP: 11 works have been sanctioned under ACDP Programme with estimate cost of Rs.42.50 Lakhs for 10 No’s of water purification plants in Kurnool Municipal Corporation and one number compound wall at Burial Ground, Kothapeta.MPLADS: Three works has been sanction with estimate cost of Rs.9.95 Lakhs under MPLADS .Drought: An amount of Rs.5.00 Lakhs has been released for engaging of Water Tankers for transportation of water to unserved areas in summer.
  28. 28. 13th Finance Commission2010-11 An amount of Rs. 250.19 has been sanctioned and released an amount of Rs. 247.13 Lakhs under 13th Finance Commission for the year 2010-11 all the 37 works are completed.2011-12 An amount of Rs. 389.34 Lakhs has been sanctioned and released an amount of Rs. 156.64 lakhs under 13th Finance Commission for the year 2011-12 and all the 21 works are under progress.2012-13 An amount of Rs. 540.10 Lakhs has been allocated under 13th Finance Commission for the year 2012- 13 and all the 37 works are under progress.
  29. 29. IHSDP: An amount of Rs.744.69 Lakhs has been released for Providing Infrastructure facilities and Basic Amenities in 27 Slumsout of estimated cost of Rs. 1976.42 Lakhs. The work isexecuted by the Executive Engineer, Public HealthDepartment, Kurnool.UIDSSMT: An amount of Rs. 2729.02 Lakhs has been released under UIDSSMT Scheme for providing Water SupplyImprovement Scheme in Kurnool Municipal Corporation out ofestimated cost of Rs. 3666.00 Lakhs. Thework is executed bythe Executive Engineer, Public Health Department, Kurnool.Flood Grants: An amount of Rs.4704.50 Lakhs has been released under Flood Grants for Flood Rescue Operation, Re-habilitation, Restoration of damaged Roads and Drains,Providing Water Supply facilities, Street LightingFacilities, etc. consisting 262 works are taken up and allworks are nearing completed stage.
  30. 30. INNOVATIVE STEPS TAKEN FOR EFFECTIVE ADMINISTRATIONDURING YEAR 2012-13Prajadarbar has been introduced by the Hon’ble Collector and DistrictMagistrate, Kurnool on 10.1.2011 with a direction to conduct on everyMonday from 9.00 AM to 10.00 AM to receive application/ Grievances forredressal. The same is being implemented.This Corporation has taken up Road Widening in a phased manner in allthe important roads in the city dully removing the encroachments and onpayment of structure value as compensation in respect of privateproperties. Presently the work of Road Widening at Buhavarapu Peta(Hundry Bridge towards General Hospital) @ Rs.5.00 Crores is inprogress(amount from Town Planning Development Fund)This Corporation is making efforts for implementing the Biometric systemin all sanitary divisions for 100% of attendance and improvement ofsanitary work.This corporation has proposed for vehicle tracking system to all thevehicles for effective use of vehicles.
  31. 31. This Corporation has proposed to develop all the Junctions dulyproviding the Road dividers with Center LightingFootover bridges taken up in essential places on BOT basisThis Corporation is developing the Circles and Road medians withgreeneryRemodeling of Public Toilets in entire town and 27 proposed newpublic toilets are under construction. So far 10 Modern CommunityToilets completed and functioning . Remaining 17 are under activeprogress.New office building is proposed for construction. Proposals alreadysubmitted to the Government for sanction of Rs. 9.00 Crores.
  32. 32. SANCTIONED SCHEMS FOR THE YEARS 2010-11 TO 2014-15Rajiv Awas Yojana: Proposals has been prepared and submitted to the Government. 1.Proposals with an estimate amount Rs.89049.17 Lakhs have been submitted for 5 Years for development of Slum ree City. 2.Proposals with an estimate amount of Rs.8495.65 Lakhs have been submitted for 1st Year for development of 21 slums like Construction of Housing, Environmental Infrastructure, Social Infrastructure and Linkage Infrastructure. 3.Draft pilot detailed project report contemplating development in 5 slums (Weaker section colony +Joharapuram 4 slums) is under final preparation by M/s. SRANS Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. 4.Process for notification of 14 non-notified slums is in progress.
  33. 33. APMDP: The DPR on Comprehensive water Supply scheme for Kurnool, underAPMDP was entrusted to consultancy M/s.Poyry Environment, Kolkata. The datacollection on the existing facilities was completed by the consultants. Draft final report was submitted by the consultant on 28.05.2012 forRs.210.36 crores for 2026 (midterm) and for Rs.20.68 crores for the 2041 (longterm) requirement. The review on the DFR was conducted by APMDP on30.05.2012 and the observation of the committee were communicated to theconsultant for carrying out the modification and to furnish the final report. The DPR submitted for contemplating SS tank, pumping main to SST, filtrationplants, ELSR (15) Nos C.W. mains and distribution network to meet the demand of8,06,000 population expected in 2041. An additional land of 126 Acr required/LAprocess to be takenup for building SS Tank for 2041 requirement.
  34. 34. Low Cost Sanitationi) Total No. of House Holds : 40,715ii) No. of Households having : 3,112 Pucca Latrinesiii) No. of Households without : 7,603 Latrinesiv) No. of Houses provided with : 6,466 I.L.C.S. Latrines so farv) No. of Houses yet to be provided : 1,137 with I.L.C.S. Latrines
  35. 35. Trade and Commerce: The most important commodity manufactured and exportedis groundnut oil while the most important commodity imported ispulses. Kurnool city is a trading centre for agricultural productslike groundnut, cotton, corn, etc.Achievements during the preceding year: In a record time of one year the Corporation provided 1359No.of water tap connections and 15000 meters length of C.C. roadsunder NSDP. A number of 76 units are grounded under the CMEYprogramme. The SJSRY enable construction of 16 drains of a totallength of 35,000 meters costing Rs.57.00 lakhs. Education beinganother priority sector, 3 school buildings was constructed at anestimated cost of Rs.2.00 Lakhs. The beautified parks, oncewithout a human element, have now become places of recreation.In regard to Clean & Green, 8237 trees were planted all over thecity out of which 2000 were provided with tree guards.
  36. 36. The Tasks Ahead: The important tasks immediately ahead of us are1. Augmentation of drinking water supply, extension of distribution lines of unserved areas and replacement of decrepit pipelines.2. A slum networking to improve civic amenities in all urban slums.3. Providing traffic dividers with central lighting on all thoroughfares for efficient traffic management.4. New shopping complexes to meet the requirements of ever increasing trade and commerce as well as providing petty shops to small traders to remove hawkers and encroachers of road margins5. Protection of environment by vigorously implementing Clean and Green Programme. Frantic efforts are in full swing to provide housing for the weaker sections under Rajiv Awas Yojana and to improve civic amenities under the Andhra Pradesh Municipal Development Project (APMDP)
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