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Home maintainence list

  1. 1. Home Maintenance Checklist Starter Guide Spring Fall Monthly Anually Always be aware and continually try to observe these items when in view, not just when indicated but during normal day to day activities. Add your own items to this list as well! Attics Check that attic venting is not blocked and bath vents are venting to exterior X Check the insulation especially above any shadowed areas on ceilings X Check for any damp insulation "look for any stained arears from water" X X Check the rafters or trusses for evidence of decaye or staining X X Check the attic sheathing for stains, mildew or decaye Exterior Spring Fall Monthly Anually Check the grade soil along the home so water drains away X Check condition of gutters and downspouts for proper drainage X X Clean gutters, extensions and widow wells X X Check the siding for possible water entry points and caulk or repair X X Check for any damaged siding or trim X X Check for any electrical hazards or repairs needed to outlets & lighting X Check main electrical service entrance that it is secure and safe X X Roof Check roof for hail or other damage or repair needs X X Check roofing vent screens X Check & Clean chimneys if using wood X X
  2. 2. Basement Spring Fall Monthly Anually Check for any evidence of leaking and correct as needed X Check for any new cracks and correct as needed X Check beams and posts for cracking or settling and correct as needed X Check and maintain basement stairs and rails for integrity X Electrical Spring Fall Monthly Anually Check main panel that cover is in place and there are no open knockouts X Label any unmarked breakers or fuses X Make sure panel is accessible and not blocked for access X Watch for evidence of rust on or in panel and take corrective measures X Have inside panel breaker connections checked for tightness X Check for any worn or frayed electrical wires X Have any loose cables attached and open junction boxes covered X Check all GFI's and if installed Arc protectors for function X Have any defective outlets or switches replaced X Check all lamp & drop chords for fraying and replace where needed X Check wiring at well and pump equipment that it is protected X Plumbing Spring Fall Monthly Anually Repair any plumbing leaks in hoses or pipes X Repair any leaking faucets or hose bibs X Drain any exterior water pipes that are at risk of freezing X Check for adequate Softner salt X Refill any unused drain traps to prevent sewer gas entry X If a well applys then check pressure tank for adequate amount of air X Check that the well cap is tightly sealed to prevent insect entry X Check that floor drains function ok and are not clogged X Clean and check dryer venting X X
  3. 3. Heating & Air Conditioning Spring Fall Monthly Anually Check furnace filter X X Check that furnace flues are in good condition and attatched X Have heating system serviced X Check that air conditioning is working properly "15 to 20 degree temp drop" X Clean away any vegetation from air conditioner X Clean and check any wood stoves or fireplaces X For more information go to porterwisconsin.com/website-links/