CDI Solutions for Government Networks


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CDI has been addressing the needs of government security for over a decade. Our legacy products are FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2 validated. All our newer PA100 series products are FIPS 140-2 validated to level 3 for most parts of the security policy. The PA100 series are also FISMA compliant which is also mandated for government network installations. Our products are installed in virtually every major Federal Network and have been recognized as the de facto leader in government level secure out of band management.

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CDI Solutions for Government Networks

  1. 1. Government Solutions Communication Devices
  2. 2. Government Solutions• Communication Devices has been providing Secure Out of Band Management solutions to the government for over a decade• The company has been awarded multiple FIPS 140-1 and FIPS 140-2 validations• Our organization has participated on NIST’s X9F3 committee, assisting in writing and overseeing security standards• CDI has taken the steps to submit product, source code, security policy, and reputation, to NIST for complete validation of the product’s security credentials• Our products are installed in every major U.S. Federal agency at the backbone level
  3. 3. Government Solutions • CDI has been in business for over 35 years focusing solely on Secure Out of Band Management for the past 15 years • CDI has been a pioneer in gaining government certifications for Secure Out of Band Management products • CDI is the only vendor to offer RSA SecurID Authentication built inside our device. We can authenticate an RSA SecurID token without a network connection!
  4. 4. Government Solutions• FISMA – Federal Information Security Management Act• Mandated by congressional House Resolution H. R. 2458-48• "FISMA" is the primary set of regulations regarding the implementation of various information security measures on IT systems used by the US Federal Government. FISMA classifies all Federal IT systems into 3 categories of severity based on importance: Low, Medium, and High. IT administrators must then deploy a range of IT security controls for each system based on which category a system is placed. The document that lays out the classification levels and means is FIPS 199 and NIST special publication 800- 53r3 contains the security controls for each security classification.• CDI products are approved on FISMA-high networks
  5. 5. Government Solutions The need for Secure Out of Band Management is no greater than on Federal networks Federal networks are geographically distributed Federal networks require maximum uptime Federal networks require maximum security CDI products are specifically engineered to satisfy all of these requirements
  6. 6. Government Solutions all our products are designed, assembled and tested in the USA. The bulk of our electronic components can only be sourced offshore.
  7. 7. Government Solutions• CDI has partnered with the largest Federal network providers to offer Secure Out of Band Management directly through the vendor• Utilize CDI’s years of experience with vendor management to maximize transaction efficiency• CDI has solutions for agencies that build and maintain their own infrastructure, as well as vetted partner resources
  8. 8. Government Solutions• Some of our notable clients
  9. 9. Thank You! For more info: