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I am sure you enjoyed reading the information about 27 stars in the zodiac which was referred in the last month article. The mentioning of star gives the full explanation that the family of sun in the space has to find the location in the space of galaxy. To specify the existing spot in the space while the earth is on travel around the sun, the identifying boundaries are needed.

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Vedic Astrology By Commander Selvam

  1. 1. Vedic Astrology By Commander SelvamI am sure you enjoyed reading the information about 27 stars in the zodiac which was referred inthe last month article. The mentioning of star gives the full explanation that the family of sun inthe space has to find the location in the space of galaxy. To specify the existing spot in the spacewhile the earth is on travel around the sun, the identifying boundaries are needed. So there exists astar group several million miles away. These star groups are 360° around the earth. With thelocations of the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn, one can find as a snap shotin connection to the birth time of a child or to a specific time. So, in the circle of 360°, theidentifying places are fixed with zodiac signs of 12 houses which are starting from Aries(Mesha),Taurus(Rishba), Gemini(Miduna), Cancer(Kadaga), Leo(Simam), Virgo(Kanya), Libra(Tulam),Scorpio(Virchiga), Saggitarius(Dhanur), Capricorn(Magara), Aqua(Kumba), Pisces(Meena).For a view of resemblance, each sign is pictured like Goat, Bull etc. For these 12 signs, 27 stars arenotified as identification to the houses. Each star is scanned to four parts as 1, 2, 3 and 4 parts foraccuracy of area.For example Sign, Aries (Mesha), there are 2 full stars (Ashwin & Bharani) and one ¼ star (Maga).1. Ashwin (Full Star)2. Bharani (Full Star) and one forth of Krithika belonged to Mesha.The 27 stars are divided to get accommodation in to 12 houses. So every house can be split up toallot two and a quarter of a star in one house, i.e. sign.
  2. 2. The exact meaning to the star, here meant is a street of 13.33° (degree) in a circle, which will behaving a group of stars to make a RESEMBLANCE like Horse head. This is the first star group of thesign ’ARIES’.Ashwin in Aries occupy 13.33°. Like wise, all the 27 stars are being sub divided to each house tohave the accommodations in the 12 Signs. The calculations show one sign to be shared by two anda quarter star-area in a House. Like wise, 2¼x12=27. The stars are named as below:ASHWIN (1) MAGA (10) MOOLA (19) GROUP 1BHARANI (2) PURNAPHALGUNI(POORAM) (11) PURVASHADA(POORADA) (20) GROUP 2KRITIKA (3) UTTIRAPHALGUNI(UTTRAM) (12) UTTRASHADA(UTTIRADA) (21)GROUP 3ROHINI (4) HASTHA (13) SHRAVANA(TIRUWOONAM) (22)GROUP 4MRUGASHEERA (5) CHITRA (14) DHANISHTA(AVITTAM) (23) GROUP 5ARUDRA(TIRUVADIRAI) (6) SWATI (15) SHADHAPISHA(SADAYA) (24) GROUP 6PUNAR VASU (7) VISAWA (16) PURWABADRA(POORATTATHI) (25)GROUP 7PUSHYA (8) ANURADHA(ANUSHA) (17) UTTIRABADRA(UTTIRATTATTHI) (26)GROUP 8AYILYA (9) JEYSTA(KETTAI) (18) REVATHI (27) GROUP 9These 27 stars are of 9 groups. The 1stgroup ASHWIN-MAGA-MOOLA belonged to KEDU; 2ndgroupfor VENUS, 3rdgroup for SUN, 4thgroup for MOON, 5thgroup for MARS, 6thgroup for RAGU, 7thgroupfor JUPITER, 8thgroupfor SATURN and 9thgroupfor MERCURY.SUN, MOON, MARS, MERCURY, JUPITER, VENUS and SATURN are known to every body. Whatabout RAGU and KEDU? This is to be known clearly. Earth has got the Moon which circles aroundthe earth. The orbital route and the inclination of Moon with its axis rotate to the occurrences ofEclipses. These elliptical occurrences are connecting to the world and on such day of Eclipse, theappearance of Sun or Moon disappears to certain hours that are also merited in Astrology topredict the events in one’s life.The day of Eclipse proves that the shadow of earth on an exact day falls on Moon and will mashrays of Sun. Alternatively, in other day, the shadow of Moon falls on Earth. This is the status of theoccurrence of eclipse. So Ragu and Kedu are the Nodes of Moon and create shadow. They are notplanets but DEEMED as shadow planets.Astrology is terming to give life of a person as 120 years. In olden age they lived such life. Recenttimes, age is different. Even at the age of 60, the man is considered very old. For all the 9 planets i.e(7 from Sun to Saturn and 2 of Ragu and Kedu) the time of their REGIME, in a man’s life is decidedaccording to the position and place in which the Moon was in TRANSIT. That means the star in
  3. 3. which transit occurred comes to an account. This star will be certainly in one group. In the ninegroups, the specific group in which the birth took place is taken for account as the first and thebeginning period of the planet to which the star is belonging.For example say star ‘Kritika’, in the tabulation chart it is annexed in Sun’s group, so, we call it asSun’s Dasa, in which the birth has taken place.In the same order, as indicated above the other planets like Moon, Mars etc will come in a cyclicorder. The order is Kedu Dasa will be in ruling for a 7 years; Venus for 20 years, Sun for 6 Years,Moon for 10 years, Mars for 7 years, Ragu for 18 years, Jupiter for 16 years, Saturn for 19 years,Mercury(Buddha) 17 years and thus the total years of 120. When the age is increasing the order ofother ruling planets would come to act after completion of one Dasa.The escorting Dasa’s are always according to the birth time and the occupation of Moon in thatparticular star. That can be adapted in order as mentioned above. This fundamental knowledge isessential to be known. Otherwise the prediction as per birth chart of Astrology can not beunderstood.BIRTH CHARTIt is 12 Signs, and 27 Stars, and the ruling period of 9 planets are being imprinted in the mind filenow. Next thing, we have to chart out the positions of planets and box it in 12 signs. The books“panchanga” as per the Ephimeries, the government observations are, sold in book shop. It isnecessary one should keep the book for one year. The books are released once in a year. For theneedy date, one can check up the planets and its position and box it as below. Now the Lagna(Ascendant) is also to be known. On a particular day, the sun rise time of that place and the sign inwhich the sun is visible to be noted. Actual time of sun rise, the day starts and links to the particulartime of birth or proposed program. In the eastern horizon the signs will be ascending and thatparticular sign is called is be Ascendant/Lagna. By this time sun could have passed the either ¼ dayor ½ or 3/4 days counting from sun rise.OCCUPATION IN PARTICULAR STARSUN IN PUSHYA (POOSAM)MOON IN SHATHAPISHA (SADAYA)MARS IN KRITIKAMARS IN PUNARVASUJUP IN ANURADHAVEN IN MAGASATURN IN MAGARAGU IN SHATHAPISHA (SADAYA)KEDU IN MAGAPISCES ARIES TAURUS MIDUNA
  4. 4. Like wise, the chart is prepared. From the position of Moon, the MOON SIGN is derived. In IndianAstrology the preference is given to Moon Sign. In news paper, the predictions or signs to befollowed are by the Lunar-basic. In Europe, particularly in London, they prefer sun sign. Accordingto them, it is “Cancer” on 1.8.2007. The Sun will be there for one full month. There will be only onesign for whole one month, which is Cancer. But the Moon will move for other sign with in 2¼ daysas it circles the earth and make one full round with in 28 days. Indian astrology prefers only Moon’sposition. The habit of people who live closer from equator will like the coolness more, where as thepeople who dwell far away to equator prefer only warmness. That is why it’s said “warm welcome”.Warm relates to heat. Likewise, the necessity permitted the usage of LUNAR accommodation to begood for hot country like India, Africa. We will continue further in the next issue.For more information visit here, http://www.commanderselvam.orgMARSSUNVENUSSATURNKEDUJUPMOONRAGU ON 1.8.07WEDNESDAYSTAR:SHATHAPISHA(BADAYA)CANCERLEOVIRGOLIBRASCORPIOSAGGITARIUSCAPRICORNAQUA