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Legalize it!
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Legalize it!


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Business

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  • 1. Legalize it! By: Chris Sanchez
  • 2. Cannabis • Groups of flowering plants that includes Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. • Strands indica and sativa are used to get “high” • THC is the psychoactive compound in cannabis • Male plant is used in hemp
  • 3. Hemp • Used as paper (Declaration of independence and Constitution) • Could even pay your taxes in hemp • Biodegradable plastics • Clothing • Gasoline • Construction
  • 4. Conspiracy
  • 5. Conspirators • Harry J. Anslinger was the nephew-in-law to Andrew Mellon • Andrew Mellon (U.S. Secretary of Treasury) large investments in Gulf Oil • Du Pont Family made breakthroughs in oil refining and paper treatment • William Randolph Hearst owned a major newspaper corporation
  • 6. Weed is bad…mmmkay • Dr. Robert Hearst of Tulane University conducted his famous scientific research in 1974 • He concluded cannabis caused brain damage • Used monkeys and even suffocated them during his tests
  • 7. On the contrary! • Cannabis has recently been found to reduce the size of tumor in lab rats • Cancer patients have found pain and nausea relief • Has helped people with anorexia and PTSD • Dr. Sanjay Gupta apologized for overlooking the legitimacy of medicinal marijuana
  • 8. The side effects • Lowest addiction rate of the controlled substances • Not a single documented death attributed to cannabis overdose • Schedule 1 drug according to the DEA
  • 9. Money Talks • In an article written in Bloomberg BusinessWeek, the possible tax revenue yielded per year could amount to $40 billion to $100 billion • US spends about $50 billion on the War on Drugs
  • 10. Crime Reduction • Number of people arrested for marijuana law violation in 2012 was 749,825 • Highest incarceration rate in the world • 200,000+ have lost financial aid eligibility
  • 11. Proposition 19 • Is a Californian proposition to legalize cannabis • Will be treated much like alcohol laws • Must be 21 to possess • Penalties for driving under the influence • Providing to minors • Smoking in public or school grounds
  • 12. Final Thoughts • Cannabis has been given a bad rep • Recently more people are becoming aware of its beneficial properties • Has become popular and profound healing herb • If legalized we could see fewer incarcerations • Fewer drug related crimes • Increase of tax revenue • JUST SAY NOW! YES TO PROP 19!!!
  • 13. R.I.P. Paul Walker and Roger Rodas