DCC 9th Grade Course Planning Presentation 2014-2015


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DCC 9th Grade Course Planning Presentation for the 2014-2015 School Year

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DCC 9th Grade Course Planning Presentation 2014-2015

  1. 1. Home of the Thunder DISCOVERY CANYON CAMPUS 9th Grade Couse Planning 2014-15 Course Selection Counselors A – Go Mrs. Breeden Gr – Pa Ms. Severn Pe – Z Mr. Baxter College & Career Ms. Scates
  2. 2. What do I need to know? • Credits • Graduation requirements • Required Classes • Elective Classes • Honors & IB • How to sign up for classes
  3. 3. What are Credits? CREDIT One semester of one class = 1 credit One year long class = 2 credits F (fail) = No Credit  Credits to graduate high school? NO CREDIT 50
  4. 4. D20 Graduation Requirements 8 English credits 6 Math credits – Must include: 1 year of Algebra 1 and Geometry 6 Social Science credits – Must include: Civics (Sem.) & US History (Year) 6 Science credits 2 World Language credits (MYP requirement) 6 Core Elective credits – English, Math, Science, Humanities, World Language – Two credits will be filled by sophomore MYP WL 1 Health credit 3 P.E. credits (MYP requirement) 1 Fine Arts credit (MYP requirement ) 11 Elective credits 50 Total
  5. 5. IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) • MYP includes all 9th & 10th grade students • Students must take one subject from each of the six discipline groups: Discipline Groups: 1. Language A – English courses 2. Language B – French or Spanish - (or) 2nd Language A – American Sign Language 3. Mathematics 4. Humanities – Social Science courses 5. Sciences 6. Arts/Technology/PE
  6. 6. 9th Grade Required Classes 1 Freshman Literature & Composition (Honors) 2 French, Spanish or American Sign Language 3 Math – determined by current math teacher (Honors) 4 Civics & Law (Honors) 5 Earth Science (Honors Biology) 6 Health (Modified) Intro to Physical Education 7 Elective (Fine Art or Technology) Elective (Fine Art or Technology) 8 Elective, Study Hall or A.M./ P.M. Attendance Waiver) Elective, Study Hall or A.M./ P.M. Attendance Waiver) Economics (Honors) All students assigned a Thunder Time
  7. 7. Typical Schedule Purple Day Silver Day 7:45 – 9:15 Period 1 Language A Humanities 9:20 – 10:55 Period 2 Study Hall Math 11:00 – 12:30 Art 1 Period 3 Health(S1) / PE(S2) 1:15 – 2:45 Period 4 Language B Science There are two lunch periods called A & B lunch. Your lunch time will be determined by your 3rd period class.
  8. 8. MYP Arts Courses Visual Arts: Performing Arts: Fiber Art 1 Art & New Media Art 1 & 2 Ceramics 1 & 2 Computer Art 1 & 2 Digital Photo 1 & 2 Photography 1 & 2 Instrumental Music Concert Band String Orchestra Techniques & Guitar Vocal Music Music Theory Theatre 1 & 2 Tech Theatre 1
  9. 9. MYP Technology Courses Computer/Business: Computer Applications 1 & 2 Programming 1 & 2 Project Lead The Way: Honors Introduction to Engineering Design - (Honors application required)
  10. 10. Other Elective Courses It’s Your Business: An Introduction Forensics/Speech/Debate 1 Journalism Peer PE Elementary School Helpers Program Teacher Assistant Study Hall Attendance Waiver AM/PM
  11. 11. Courses Requiring an Application or Audition Application: – Air Force ROTC (AAHS) – Mr. Baxter • Due February 28th – Elementary School Helpers – Mrs. Tegano – Technical Theatre 1 – Mrs. Keating – Honors Intro to Engineering Design – Mrs. Tegano • Honors Application required Audition Choirs: – Eclipse (Jazz Choir) – Solstice (Women’s Advanced Ensemble) – Storm Singers (Show Choir)
  12. 12. Who should consider honors courses? • Students whose ability level requires significant acceleration of the standard curriculum. • Highly motivated learners • Students who can work at a high level of competence and accept a highly rigorous challenge.
  13. 13. Multiple Considerations • Students do NOT need to take all honors level classes offered. – Follow a strength or passion area. • If a student enrolled in an honors level class earns lower than a C for the first semester, he or she will be moved into a non-honors level section of that same course. • Students will be well prepared for Advanced Placement (AP) courses and the Diploma Programme (DP). • Students will receive weighted grades in Honors, AP, and DP classes.
  14. 14. How do I enroll in an Honors class? 1. Complete the Honors Program Expectation and Application form.** 2. Obtain a Teacher Recommendation for each subject area.** 3. Get signed Honors Program Expectation and Application form and Teacher Recommendation forms to Mrs. Huch Tegano, in Campus Services by March 3rd. 4. Applications (Intro to Engineering Design and Princ. of Biomedical Science!), are date stamped. You will not be able to select honors classes in IC. All Freshman will be placed in non-honors classes until their application is complete and approved. ** Available on the High School website.
  15. 15. How Many Honors Classes Should a Student Take? Consider: • • • • • • Ability Study Habits Work Ethic Interest in the subject Extra-curricular commitments Post-secondary Goals Please invite your parents to attend the Honors Program Information Session at our Incoming Freshman Parent Information Night (Feb. 20th)!
  16. 16. What is the IB Diploma Programme? • Two years of advanced college preparation classes (11th & 12th grade) • 6-7 honors/college level classes per semester • Teaches you how to apply what you have learned to other situations • May receive college credit • To prepare, you should: – Take 2-3 honors level classes as a freshmen – Take 3-4 honors level classes as a sophomore including English • If you have questions about what to take or want to know more, see Mrs. Flaherty
  17. 17. Consider Career Goals What you want to do with your life after high school may help determine what classes you take while you’re in high school.
  18. 18. Electives Classes Electives are classes you can select based on your areas of interest. ACTIVITY: Review Freshman Course Electives – pair up with someone and choose 4 electives that look interesting. All course descriptions can be found online at the DCC web site…click on “DCC High”. Pay attention to Prerequisites and Fees!
  19. 19. Review Request Form  Write name & date clearly  Add due date to top right – “March 1”  Review Elective Courses section  Review backside of form
  20. 20. How to request classes online through IC: 1. Window open between Feb. 21 – March 1 2. Login to IC and look for “Registration” on left tool bar 3. Enter 3-4 letters of course title and click on “Course Search”; using whole name is too limiting for search 4. Add both “A” and “B” course for year-long courses 5. Click on the desired course and then click on “Add as a Request” or “Add as an Alternate” 6. If can not find course try leaving blank and clicking on “Course Search”; all available courses will appear 7. See your counselor if still can not find desired course
  21. 21. What’s next: 1. Complete: – – Course Selection Form Honors or other applications 2. Review course requests with your parents 3. Enter course requests to I.C. between February 21st and March 1st 4. Turn Course Request Form into your Language Arts teacher by February 28th 5. Turn Honors applications to Mrs. HuchTegano by March 3rd