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Dinamización Urbano-Comercial de Rialto-Venecia
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Dinamización Urbano-Comercial de Rialto-Venecia


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  • 1. Mesa Redonda: Experiencias sobre revitalización de Áreas Comerciales Urbanas Dinamización Urbana-Comercial de Rialto Venecia Dña. Roberta Capuis Responsable de Asuntos Generales y Actividad Productiva Ayuntamiento de Venecia (Italia)
  • 2. An experiment of urban regeneration Un experimento de regeneración urbana Economic development and productive activities Directorate - Venice City Council Directora del Dpto. económico y actividades productivas – Ayuntamiento de Venecia Roberta Capuis
  • 3. • Rialto: a thousand-year market - Rialto: un mercado de mil años • Rialto today: threats and opportunities - Rialto hoy: amenazas y oportunidades • The project: actions undertaken - El proyecto: acciones emprendidas • The evaluations and the way forward - Las evaluciones y el camino a seguir
  • 4. Vittore Carpaccio, Il miracolo della Croce, 1494 Rialto bridge, Arch. Antonio da Ponte, 1591 A bridge for commerce Un puente para el comercio • 6th century a.c. refugees from the mainland founded Civitas Rivoalti • 810 the Doge fled from Metamauco to Rivo Alto • 10th century the big market of Rivoaltus moved to the island - pontoon bridge • 1250 - new wooden bridge with small shops • 1588 – 1591 stone bridge, still existing nowadays • 1854 building of the Accademia bridge
  • 5. Canaletto, la chiesa di S. Giacomo a Rialto, 18th Century The commercial core of the city La base comercial de la ciudad • oldest church founded on 25th March 421 a.c • the ancient 14th-century market • import, export and sale of precious goods • international trade, offices, banks, workshops Campo San Giacometo today
  • 6. The market and the lagoon El mercado y la laguna
  • 7. The market area El área del mercado Erbaria Pescaria Naranzaria Casaria Campo delle Beccarie C.po S. Giacomo New pontoon C.po Bella Vienna
  • 8. The market today El mercado hoy día Fish market Fruit and vegetable market
  • 9. An epic or a folkloristic place? ¿Un lugar épico o folcrórico? The hunchback of Rialto The touristic market 20 million of tourist per year
  • 10. A place for residents Un lugar para los residentes Less than 60.000 residents left Menos de 60.000 residentes se fueron
  • 11. Typical economical activities in Venice Actividades económicas típicas en Venecia
  • 12. Commerce and handicraft Comercio y artesanía Commerce = 130 Sector: 22 food - 101 non food - 7 mixed Handicraft = 28 Source Chamber of commerce November 2009, data processing COSES
  • 13. How the city tries to react to the commercial desertification Como la ciudad intenta reaccionar ante la desertificación comercial The Ministry for the economic development finances a program to support the entrepreneur activity in deprived areas of the territory. The historical centre of Venice and some areas of the mainland are considered at risk of commercial desertification (D.M. 267/2004). The economical support given from 1999 up to now is: • Support to commercial and handicraft 3 Millions € • Activities of economical animation 236.000 € New rules in the urban plan to forbid new commercial activities in non traditional sectors
  • 14. The project: a programme of events Un programa de eventos Planning Historical re enactment Activities for children Jazz concerts
  • 15. branding offline and online communication, blog, guide, thematic channels and social networks geotagging The project: the website communications
  • 16. Evaluations Evaluaciones Market places as livable spaces where to promote and reinvent the quality of goods Animations When? Where? For whom? Past and future Remind and innovate
  • 17. The way forward El camino a seguir Thank you for your attention Out doors Open doors