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  • 3. *Turkey (Türkiye) has an important role in the world as it connects two continents, Asia and Europe. *It is surrounded by three big seas as Black Sea, Eagean Sea, Mediterranean Sea. *It has got a large population that is nearly 75 million people. *Firstly let's have a look at the important people of Turkey (Türkiye.)
  • 4. MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK * Mustafa Kemal Atatük is the founder of Turkish Republic. * A great commander and leader. * Died on the 10th of november in 1938 and every year we organise ceremonies for him and remember what he did for his country.
  • 5. FATİH SULTAN MEHMET *Fatih, the conqueror, is one of the important and greatest sultans of Ottoman Empire. *He conquered İstanbul (constantinople) in 1453. With this conquest he closed the middle age.
  • 6. GALATASARAY FC Galatasaray is the only türkish football team that won the UEFA cup.
  • 7. TARKAN Tarkan is a worldwide known Turkish singer who has many songs in english.
  • 8. MEHMET ÖZ Mehmet öz is one of the worldwide known and successful doctors.
  • 9. ORHAN PAMUK Orhan pamuk is the only turkish author who got the nobel prize. His works were translated into different languages.
  • 10. TURKEY (TÜRKİYE) HAS GOT SEVEN GEOGRAPHICAL REGIONS. Lets see the different parts of Turkey(Türkiye) now.
  • 11. THE BLACK SEA REGION The Black Sea Region is in the north of türkiye. People make their livings by fishing and growing tea.
  • 12. THE SOUTHEASTERN ANATOLIA REGION Surrounded by the big mountains, this region has some tourist attractions like Nemrut.
  • 13. THE EASTERN ANATOLIA REGION There are so many natural beauties in this region; van lake, waterfalls and valleys.
  • 14. THE CENTRAL ANATOLIA REGION Ankara, the capital of türkiye, is here. Also Atatürk's mauseloum is in ankara.
  • 15. THE EAGEAN REGION This region has so many places to see. Pamukkale is one of them. Because of The eagean sea this region hosts so many tourists.
  • 16. THE MEDITERRANEAN REGION The capital of tourism, Antalya, is in this region. There are so many sport activities to do every season like parachuting, skiing, yachting etc.
  • 17. THE MARMARA REGION The most crowded region. There are two straits, İstanbul strait and Çanakkale strait.
  • 18. İSTANBUL
  • 19. İstanbul is the city that connects asia and europe in Türkiye. İstanbul is the most crowded city of Türkiye because so many people migrate to this city with different reasons. This city has a gorgeous scenery surrounded by marmara sea. İt has a great history and so many historical places to visit. Let s have a look at some of them.
  • 20. THE BOSPHORUS BRIDGE İstanbul has got two bridges that connect two continents and the bosphorus is one of them.
  • 21. THE BLUE MOSQUE One of the most famous monuments of Turkish and Islamic art, the mosque is visited by all who come to Istanbul and gains their admiration.
  • 22. THE MAIDEN’S TOWER Istanbul's city pictures almost always include the maidens tower. According to a Turkish legend a princess was locked up in the tower by her father because of a prophecy. The prophecy alerted him saying that his daughter would die by the bite of a snake.
  • 23. The father wanted to protect the princess and put her in the Maiden's tower. Unfortunately at the end of the story, the princess dies by the snake that was brought to the islet in a basket of grapes. Until today the tower is used as a lighthouse, semaphore station, quarantine, customs control area, and home for retired naval officers. The building that you can see today dates back to 18th century.
  • 24. GALATA TOWER The tower was erected to observe the port and the city, and after being used for various purposes over the centuries, it has now reassumed its original function of watch tower - this time to enjoy the view.
  • 25. the Galata Tower has the best view of the Golden Horn, Old Istanbul, the entrance to the Bosphorus and the Asian shore.
  • 26. İSTİKLAL AVENUE İstiklal Street is in Beyoğlu. Beyoğlu is one of the oldest districts of İstanbul. It is between the tunnel and theTaksim square. İstiklal Street is one of the most famous streets in Turkey. It is always crowded. The tourists always visit and there are a lot of places of entertainment.
  • 27. THE GRAND BAZAAR The Grand Bazaar was built in 1464 by order of Mehmed II and has served the needs of the city ever since. Today it is one of the biggest covered markets in the entire world.
  • 28. Along its historical places, istanbul has got many office towers and skyscrapers.
  • 29. TULIP FESTIVAL Every April since 2006, the city government in Istanbul has planted millions of tulips in Istanbul's parks, avenues, traffic roundabouts and...really anywhere there is open ground. In 2013, the total was 13 million! The result is a glorious spring flower festival with brilliant splashes of color everywhere you look.
  • 30. ZEYTİNBURNU Generally people here make their livings by textile industry. The botanic garden and 1453 conquest museum are important places to visit.
  • 32.  Our school is very big and it has three blocks  We have morning and afternoon groups There are more than 70 teachers and nearly two thousand students in our school. Also; We have teachers’ room Music room Conference hall Labratories Library Computer room and etc.
  • 35. LIBRARY
  • 36. MUSIC ROOM