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Sweden Top Ten

  1. 1. The Top Ten attractions from Dalums school
  2. 2. Number 1
  3. 3. Welcome to a lot of tricks and plays on Skara Sommarland! Here you can finda lot of fun for the whole family!You can spend a wholeday here with your family! Here you can find a tivoli with many carousels, for those who isn ´t scared for high heights.
  4. 4. Here we have a big, fun waterland!Experience ”Space Bowl” and let yourself flush down in the gap. Fun for the daredevil!
  5. 5. Number 2
  6. 6. Liseberg – Scandinavias biggest Amusement Park• Liseberg is in Gothenburg about 100 km from Dalum•100 kilometers from Dalum• The park was founded 1923• Liseberg has a green rabbit as a symbol•Amusement park for children and adults•There are many different attractions, two of them isScandinavians biggest
  7. 7. •The park is open in the summer and at Christmas•This year 2012 the park opens at 28th of April•Famous artists appears•Dances•Lotteries•Restaurants•A very big Game house in three floors
  8. 8. Number 3
  9. 9. Universeum Universeum is in Gothenborg. Universeum is the biggest sience center in the north. On Universeum you can see the ocean deep, therainforest damp heat and the space infinity on the same day..
  10. 10. Universeum in Gothenburg
  11. 11. UniverseumUniverseum is a large aquarium that looks like a tunnel.There swim fishes and sharks around you in the tunnel.Universeum got a experience center.
  12. 12. Number 4
  13. 13. In Borås you can find a big zoo with a lot of animals. The main focus are to show you the animals from Africa and vild animals from the north of Europé. The zoo was founded in 1962.Coordinates:WGS 84 (lat, lon): N 57° 44.330′, E 12° 56.334′WGS 84 decimal (lat, lon): 57.73883, 12.93890RT90: 6405178, 1329304SWEREF99: 6401501, 377295
  14. 14. The zoo is open in hole summertime and sometimeswhen we are free from school. It costs 160 swedishcrown per children.
  15. 15. You are not allowed to feed the animals but there are one palcewhere you can spend time with some goats and rabbits. It is calledthe children zoo..
  16. 16. Number 5
  17. 17. Navet Borås You can do experiments an d challenges h ere. At Navet the r e ar e experiments tationsand exhibitio n models. You can learn aboutthe environm ent andthe nature.
  18. 18. Navet They got many math experiences . You can learn about how the car was invented. Navet is a sience center. If you will learn how things work you can see that on Navet in Borås.
  19. 19. This is a picture from Navet.You can try, push, feel ,do experiments, play games in Bagdad, go in to the heart, avoid the alarm and feed the dragon.
  20. 20. Number 6
  21. 21. Basta MillYou can make at trip to Basta Mill where you can see a water fall and have coffee.At Basta Mill you can buy coffee .and cakes.You can feed fishes and birds in the pond.You can find it in Blidsberg.
  22. 22. You can feed fishes and birds in the pond. The nice waterfallKids feeding the ducks You can buy coffe , ice cream and cakes
  23. 23. Number 7
  24. 24. • The canal goes from Mem to Sjötorp.• Gota Canal Gota Canalis the red line on the map . You can go by boat on Gota Canal.
  25. 25. Facts about Gota Canal long  19 0,5 km t y buil  The nal in G ota Ca 1832 ne of t O s mos Sw eden urist fam ous to tions. attrac
  26. 26. Number 8
  27. 27. Welcome to ”Nöre Jordkula”About 5 kilometers from Dalums schoolyou can find ”Nöre Jordkula”.Here youcan see and get understanding howsome people lived for a little more than acentury ago.
  28. 28. Here you can see how it looks inside the“Jord-kulan” today. You can write yourname in the guestbook and make a fire.
  29. 29. Number 9
  30. 30. Mösseberg in FalköpingThis is a big tower in thepark called Mösseberg.Mösseberg is situated inFalköping, a small town 30minutes from Dalum. If youwalk up in the tower you willsee the whole town. It isover 200 steps in the tower.
  31. 31. At Mösseberg you can play indifferent playgrounds andlook at Swedish animals.
  32. 32. Number 10
  33. 33. Here are the attractions 7. Göta Kanal 1. Skara10. The Sea house Summerland 5.Navet 3.Universeum Science center Science center DALUM Ulricehamn2.Liseberg 4.Borås zooAmusementpark 9. Mösseberg 6. Basta mill 8. The ”Nöre Jordkula”
  34. 34. Welcome to Dalumand Sweden!!Made by pupils and staff at Dalum´s schoolFeb. 2012