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Apresenta sara

  1. 1. Gastronomy is heritage, culture and tradition. Itspreservation means maintaining the mostancient traditions that mark the identity of apeople and gives them the difference and genuineness.
  2. 2.  Bacalhau à Minhota -2 steaks soaked cod -2 spoons (soup) of butter -2 bay leaves -pepper -1 kg potato -1 Onion -salt -2 cloves of garlic -1 dl milk -1 dl oil -1 tablespoon (tsp) paprika -1 sprig of parsley -1 spoon (soup) of grated bread In a pan, put about 2 liters of water. Add the bay leaves and bring to heat until boiling. Put on cod and mute for about 25 minutes. However, boil the potatoes with the skin in salted water for 30 minutes. Also Boil the milk with the butter and paprika. Drain the potatoes, remove the skin and reduce the puree. Add the milk has boiled, and season with salt and pepper.
  3. 3. Caldo Verde à Minhota Bring to boil again and 10 minutes before-600 g potatoes -1 Onion serving with the broth to a boil in cachão,-4 slices of -2 cloves of garlic add the kale well drained.chorizo ​sausage or -1.5 dl of olive oil Bake uncovered until the container withmeat -Sal q.s. cabbage fail to know the raw.-200 g of kale -2 slices of cornbread Rectify the seasoning and add thegalega cut into remaining olive oil.green broth Place a slice of chorizo ​sausage or meat on each plate and drizzle with the broth-Peel the potatoes, onion and garlic and green.bake in 1.5 liters of water seasoned with Finally cut the slices of bread in half andsalt and half the amount of olive oil. distribute by the people.Meanwhile wash the cabbage and cutinto very thin broth-green.When the potatoes are cooked, reducethe puree along with the onion andgarlic.
  4. 4. Queijadinhas It takes the sugar on the stove with a little water (enough to melt the sugar), cinnamon stick de Abóbora and orange peel. Allow to boil until pearl point (108 º C).For the sweet pumpkin: Mix in the pumpkin and continue to let-pumpkin For Queijadinhas: it boil until it is translucent and the-sugar -2 cups pumpkin syrup again present in pearl point. It-1 cinnamon stick sweet keeps candy in jars covered with-orange peel -10 egg yolks cellophane like any other candy. -candied cherries Wanting, add sugar chopped nuts or almonds, while joins pumpkin. -butter It begins by preparing the sweet, To prepare Queijadinhas, add the yolks to the sweet pumpkin, mixing joining or not, walnuts or almonds. well and then distributing the Peel the pumpkin, draw up the prepared in cups for cupcakes very filaments and the seeds and cut the well greased with butter. Washed to squares. Measure the pumpkin with bake in a moderately hot oven. a cup of tea, and for each cup of Desenformam up and they get pumpkin takes up half a cup of in boxes of paper beaded, sugar. gracing each Queijadinha with half a cherry.
  5. 5.  Rabanadas-1.2 L of milk-8 slices of bread-6 Eggs-6 tablespoons of sugar-Peel ½ lemon-2 cinnamon sticks-Oil, sugar and cinnamonq.s. Ferva o leite com o açúcar, casca de limão e canela. Deixe esfriar. Bata os ovos com um garfo. Mergulhe as fatias de pão no leite e em seguida os ovos batidos. Aqueça o óleo e frite bem as fatias de pão dos dois lados. Escorra-os em papel toalha e enrole-os em uma mistura de açúcar e canela.
  6. 6.  Caldo de Castanhas -1 kg of chestnuts; -2 onions; -1.5 liter of water; -1.5 dl of olive oil Peel the chestnuts and put them to bake. Once cooked, half of them pass through the sieve and add them to the boiling water. Peel the onions, cut them into pieces and saute them in olive oil. Add this to the stew broth and remaining whole chestnuts still ace. Serve with pieces of toasted bread.
  7. 7.  Sopa da Beira-6 leaves of kale furrowed (Galicianregion);-1 bunch turnip greens;-1 slice of ham or a ham bone withmeat attached; When the ham is cooked, remove-2 tablespoons olive oil; the bones, esfia up meat and join-125 g of maize flour; the vegetables and olive oil.-salt; Apart breaks up the cornmeal in a-pepper little cold water, which joins the broth when the vegetables are almost cooked.Cut the cauliflowers and the turnipby hand. Let the flour and bakingBoil the ham or the bone in thicken and correctingsufficient water for soup the salt.(approximately 2 liters). Wanting can join a little pepper.
  8. 8. Beira Litoral Pão Leve or Pão-de-ló Arroz de Sardinha Salada Mista de Mariscos
  9. 9.  Pão Leve or Pão-de-ló-18 eggs;-500g flour;-1 teaspoon of baking powder In a bowl beat the eggs with the sugar until the batter stand up. Joins premixed flour with baking powder and beat up the same way a bit more. Pour the mixture into pans previously smeared with oil and with the bottom lined with paper. It takes to bake in a hot oven, the cake should be moist.
  10. 10. Arroz de Sardinha -1 onion; -1 clove of garlic; When these are cooked -1 ripe tomato; withdraw and joins rice -oil or olive oil q.s. ; (for proportion of half -fresh sardines; water) water. When the rice -rice boil and before it is fully cooked, place them on top of sardines leaving toMake a stew with chopped perfect a bit more. Serveonion, garlic, chopped immediately.and peeled tomatoes andoil or olive oil. Afterthe sautéed onion addthe water and put thesardines to cook.
  11. 11. Salada Mista de Mariscos-limpets - q.s. ; -mussels - q.s. ;-Monkfish liver, etc.. - Q.s. ; -cockles - q.s. ;-fine olive oil - q.s. ; -penknives - q.s. ;-Vinegar - q.s. ; -shrimp - q.s. ;-Pepper - q.s. Wash well the shellfish and allowed it to soak for at least two hours, adding to the water a few drops of vinegar or lemon. Bake separately and withdraw the shells. Do not use salt. Bake also the liver. Cut into pieces the penknives, mix everything and serve seasoned of olive oil, vinegar, pepper, salt and chopped onion.
  12. 12. Batatas Bêbedas500g of ribs;800g purple potatoes;1 dl of red wine;1 clove of garlic;2 tablespoons butter;salt Cut the ribs into pieces, season with salt and let it stay like taking a little taste. Then fry the ribs in butter until well blonde. Bake the potatoes with skin, peel up and cut up into pieces. It has to boil a pan with wine and garlic clove. Join it the ribs (and the fat where you fried it). Let it cook a little, then add the potatoes. Allow to ascertain in low heat until the taste of the crude wine disappear.
  13. 13. Bolo de Canela-2 eggs;-2 cups of sugar-1 cup milk-1 cup olive oil-3 cups of flour-1 teaspoon of cinnamon-1 teaspoon of bakingBeat the eggs with the sugar.Mix in the olive oil and beat up.Mix in the milk and cinnamon and beat up.Sieve the flour with baking soda and mixquickly to the mixture.It takes to bake in a medium oven in a shapewith hole greased and floured.
  14. 14. Esquecidos-250g sugar;-250g flour;-4 eggsFor half an hour beat the eggs with the sugar.Then join the flour without crashing. Pour thebatter by spaced spoonfuls on greased bakingsheet and dusted. Let the tray fall on the tableto spread the dough and take the esquecidos tobake in a hot oven.
  15. 15. RibatejoScones com mel
  16. 16. Brôas com MelIngredients300g of flour 100g of butter 200g of brown sugar 2 eggs 2 spoons of syrup 2 spoons of honey 2 spoons of groundcinnamon Preparation 1 teaspoon of fennelseeds 1.Mix all the ingredients all together very 1 pinch of grated nutmeg well; 1 spoon of baking soda 2.Knead it very well; 3.Make some little forms (like in the picture) and take it to the oven for 20 minutes.
  17. 17. ExtremaduraBolo de amêndoade chocolate
  18. 18. Bolo de amêndoa Add the peeled, de chocolate ground almonds and the chocolate, Ingredients: then fold in the egg 600 grs of sugar ; whites beaten stiff 100 grs of flour ; and finally the 50 grs of powdered flour. chocolate ; Pour the mixture in a 0,5 kg of almonds ; buttered tin that has been 18 egg yolks ; sprinkled with flour. 18 egg whites Bake in the oven.Preparation:Beat the egg yolks and thesugar until the mixture thickens.
  19. 19. Alto AlentejoSopa de Massasde peixe
  20. 20. Sopa de Massas de Peixe 2 large tomatoes 1 bunch of parsley 3 cloves of garlic 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 bay leaf 800 g fish 80 g of pasta 1 sprig of mint ½ tablespoon of saltMake a stew with tomatoes, olive oil, parsley, garlic and bay leaf.Mix in a little water and put it up on the stove. When it starts boiling addthe fish to bake on that broth.Remove the fish when cooked, is added water and baked the pasta.Serve with fish and mint.
  21. 21. Baixo AlentejoLebre Frita
  22. 22. Lebre Frita1 hare;3 leeks;3 tablespoons of groundpepper;salt;100 g of lardWash the hare and put it to soak in cold water for a fewhours.After, trickles, cut it into small pieces and ,seasonwith salt, garlic cloves and ground pepper.Stir and allow to stand overnight.The next day fried upin lard over low heat, and the hare should be well past.Correcting the salt.Serve with chips and salad.
  23. 23. AlgarveSopa deConquilhasPerna de Borregono Tacho á Tavirense
  24. 24. Perna de Borrego no Tacho á Tavirense Ingredients: 2,5 dl of dry white wine ; 1,2 kg of leg of lamb ; 6 peppercorns ; 1 dl of olive oil ; 4 cloves ; 4 cloves of garlic ; 800 grs of potatoes ; 1 bunch of parsley ; 2 bay leaves ; 50 grs of butter ; paprika to taste ; 100 grs of lard ; kitchen salt to taste ; 1 dl of vinegar ; water .Clean the leg of lamb of all fat, skin and ink.Peel the garlic and crush it with kitchen salt and a little olive oil.Add the paprika and white wine and combine.Spread the product obtained that way over the leg of lamb.In an earthenware pot place the parsley, bay leaf, peppercorns,cloves, vinegar, the rest off the white wine, butter, lard and alittle water. Stir these ingredients carefully.Then place the leg of lamb in the pot and let it sleep in the mixturefor 3 to 4 hours. Cover the pot and put it in the oven to stew.Wash, peel and quarter the potatoes.When the lamb is almost ready, add the potatoes.Keep the pot covered until the potatoes are cooked.Correct the seasoning and sprinkle with chopped parsley.
  25. 25. AçoresArroz de Lapas
  26. 26. Arroz de Lapas Ingredients: -500 g of rice; -1 kg of limpets Girls; -salt; -1 large onion; -pepper; -2 cloves of garlic; -parsley; -1 dl olive oil; -1 tip of laurel -half teaspoon of paprika; (optional) Preparation: Wash the limpets and scald with boiling water. Reserves of the scald water, after strained. Bite the onion and garlic and "dive up» in oil. The onions should be translucid only. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and the bay leaves. Irrigation with the scald water which served to the limpets and must have twice the volume of the rice. The limpets, without the shells, are introduced into the rice when it is almost dry. Serve sprinkled with chopped parsley.
  27. 27. MadeiraCaldo (caldo decarne)
  28. 28. Caldo (caldo de carne)Ingredients: -2 tablespoons of-500 g of beef to baking butter;(with bone); -1 turnip;-1 onion; -salt;-1 tomato; -120 g of vermicelliCut up the onion and tomato slices ace and lead tovery gently braise the meat and butter. When allpresent well ascertained, join about 2 liters of water.Once the water starts boiling introduces the entireturnip and let it cook.Finally, joins the rice or vermicelli and allowed to bake.Before serving, the soup should rest a little bit. The meat can be unwoven and used as the soupgarnish, or be withdrawn and used for furtherpreparations. The turnip may or may not be removedfrom the broth.Some crush onion and tomatoes through a colanderbefore adding them to the water.
  29. 29. Gastronomy is heritage, culture and tradition. Its preservation meansmaintaining the most ancient traditions that mark the identity of a peopleand gives them the difference and genuineness.