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  • 1. Education in Czech RepublicPreschool and primary school
  • 2. History• Czech education system hashistory which is based on longtradition• Currently, there are all types ofeducation –preschool,elementary, secondary,university, postgraduate andongoing education.• This presentation shows yousystem of preschool andelementary school.
  • 3. Preschool education• Children may enter this first level of educationbefore compulsory school attendance• Pre-school education is provided by nurseryschools and kindergartens for children aged threeto six• In cooperation with parents and educators, kidslearn how to think logically and discuss, trainingtheir memories, exercising their imaginations andalso provide social contact among children
  • 4. Elementary education• Most children attend state schools• Girls and boys are taught together, studentsdo not wear uniforms• Education at state schools up to nineteen isfree of charge, but students at secondaryschools must pay for their books• At the age of 11 or 13 some pupils can enterto a grammar school after they passed anentrance examination.• Compulsory school attendance takes nineyears, usually from the age of 6 till the age of15
  • 5. Types• Elementary school (state or private)• Grammar school• Conservatory• Special school• Special and assisted schools are intended for children withmental and physical disabilities.• In recent years, the system of home education has alsobeen experimentally tested.
  • 6. Course• The school year starts on 1st September andends on 30th June of the following year• The school year is divided into two terms• Classes usually begin between eight andeight-fifteen• There are usually six lessons followed by alunch break• Breaks between lessons lasts from five totwenty minutes
  • 7. Classification• Scale of grades from 1 (the best) to 5(the worst)• If a pupil gets 5 as the mark of all year,he/she have to be re-examined in therespective subject at the end ofsummer holidays (usually in August). Ifhe/she passes the retake exam, he/shecan enter the next level class inSeptember. If he/she fails, he/shemust re-do the last class again.
  • 8. Sources:••• www.michalslavik.estranky.czCreated by: Kateřina Mošťková and Klára Ondrášková