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Comenius Turskish Travel

  1. 1. TABLE OF CONTENTMARKETING DATA………………………………………………………..PAGE 3 THE ANALYSIS OF THE SURVEY…………………………..…..PAGE 3 THE ANALYSIS OF THE MARKET……………………………..PAGE 8FINANCIAL DATA…………………………………………………..……..PAGE 11SALES AND DISTRIBUTION……………………….……………………..PAGE 12ADVERTISEMENT PLAN…………………………………………………..PAGE 14 2
  2. 2. MARKETING DATAANALISYS OF THE SURVEYNumber of people surveyed: 10Question no. 1If you could choose a country to spend unforgettable, exotic Mediterranean holidays would it be: a)Spain b) Turkey c) Italy d) GreeceTo this question 7 out of 10 people answerd ‘Spain’, 2 decided to choose ‘Turkey’ and only one‘Greece’.Question no. 2Have you ever been in Turkey?Yes NoIf your answer is ‘no’ go to the question 45 out of 10 people have been to Turkey.Question no. 3How many times?1 2 3 4 5 or more3 out of 5 people have been to Turkey more than once, two or three times. The rest visited thiscountry only once.Question no. 4Would you recommend Turkey as a country worth visiting?Yes NoEverybody who has been to Turkey recommends it.Question no.5 3
  3. 3. Rate on the scale from 1 to 5 which element of turkish culture or beauty of nature interests you,where 1 is total lack of interest and 5 is enormous curiosity.123451234512345 4
  4. 4. 1234512345The first picture was rated with a ‘5’ by most of the group (8 people). The rest (2 people) rated it witha ‘4’.The second picture has much lower ratings. Nearly everybody rated is with 3 (6 people) and 4 gave ita ‘2’ mark.Everybody found the third picture not to be interesting. Four people gave it a ‘3’, other three rated itwith a ‘2’ and the rest gave it a miserable ‘1’.The fourth picture notes were very different. Some (2 people) rated it as ‘5’, other five of them gaveit a ‘3’ and the rest of them (3 people) gave it ‘1’.The last picture notes were in the range from 3 to 5. Five people rated it with a ‘5’ mark, three with a‘4’ and two with ‘3’. 5
  5. 5. Question no. 6What would you like to do when visiting Turkey?a) relax on the beach b) sightseeing c) travel around the country d) go on theme tripsEverybody wants to ‘relax on a beach’. Five of them want to go for ‘sightseeing’ and ‘traveling aroundthe country’.Question no. 7Which part of Turkey would you like to visit?a) metropolises (Ankara, Istanbul) b) seaside resorts c) countryside d) mountainsEverybody chose ‘Ankara’, 10 out of 10. Four people also chose ‘seaside resorts’.Question no. 8In which season would you like to visit Turkey?a) summer holidays b) winter holidays c) autumn d) springEverybody agreed that ‘summer holidays’ and just three of the participants marked ‘spring’ besidessummer.Question no. 9Which mean of transport will be the most suitable and comfortable for you?a) plane b) car c) bus d) trainTen out of ten would take a plane.Question no. 10Which type of accommodation would you like to be offered?a) all-inclusive hotel b) hostel c) host family d) camping placeNine people want to go to Turkey to an all-inclusive hotel. Only one person is down for a host family.Question no. 11 6
  6. 6. How long would you like to stay in Turkey?a) less than a week b) a week c) 2 weeks d) more than 2 weeksAccording to the results a single stay should last from one to two weeks. The answers were equallydivided, five said ‘a week’ and the other five said ‘2 weeks’.Question no. 12Would you prefer to go there:a) by yourself b) with your family c) with a group of friends d) with your boyfriend/ girlfriendEverybody wants to go there with their friends. Ten out of ten chose such option. Two people wouldalso like to go with a boyfriend or a girlfriend. 7
  7. 7. ANALYSIS OF THE MARKETThe research of competitive companies allows TURKISH TRAVEL AGENCY to recognize the market andhelps in making up the best offer directed to young people who just are about to get in the age ofmaturity. After some months they would like to travel with their friends, visit foreign country andcheck the accuracy of all opinions they have heard before about Turkey, Turkish mentality and theirtraditions.During analyzing the data of concurrent companies, it was established that each of the offer testedincludes price of flights, taxes, the transfer from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport and thebasic insurance. Every offer was checked for one person for one week period of time.TUI TRAVEL AGENCYThe offer given by TUI travel agency is typical proposition for people want to just rest but notnecessary sightseeing. Offer is wide in its standard and price division. In their 140 offers to Turkey,the cheapest hotel reserved in a standard of *** + with all inclusive alimentation costs 1410zł. Themost expensive hotel costs 7519zł however it is hotel of ****** standard with all inclusivealimentation, private golf pitch and spa. None of those two offers does not considerate neitheroptional excursion nor the touring trip around Turkey.The price includes the basic insurance.ITAKA TRAVEL AGENCYItaka company does not have hotels lower than of ****+ standard. The cheapest hotel costs 2765złwith all inclusive alimentation. The most expensive costs 5240zł with a ***** standard and with ultraall inclusive. There is no data about the optional excursions, thus it can be supposed they notinvolved them in the price or they do not offer them at all. There is also no information about touringtrips with sightseeing the most important places in Turkey. There is possibility to buy an extrainsurance.GTI TRAVELThe GTI travel company in Poland offers a lot of hotels in Turkey where the cheapest and with theweakest standard is *** with all inclusive where the price is 1343zł. The most expensive costs 4798złwith all inclusive alimentation. They also do not give any data about optional excursions or touringtrips. 8
  8. 8. ALFASTAR TRAVEL AGENCYThe company has 86 offers to Turkey. The cheapest one is in *** standard with HB alimentation(breakfast and dinner) for the price of 1799zł. The most expensive hotel costs 6213zł with ultra allinclusive alimentation. If it comes about the insurance, the ALFASTAR company offers the basicproposition, which however not embraced the Asian part of Turkey. The solution is to take thepacket B which costs extra 64zł. That travel agency offers extra payed optional excurions whichdiversity and amount is depend on the hotel’s setting, so do the price. For example, to 50eur for thetrip to Pamukale. Sightseeing the Rodos island costs 60E, Cappadocia- 115eur but for two daysexpedition.Moreover, ALFASTAR agency offers touring trips as well, which are marked as ***, **** and *****standard level. Each of the trip has the same program and places visited, but the prices are differentfrom the 1999zł to 3449zł. The price includes airline tickets, transfer airport-hotel-airport, airporttaxes, air-conditioned shuttle bus or mini bus (depending on number of people), Polish-speaking pilotcare, insurance, accommodation in buildings 3 * HB (breakfast and dinner, non-alcoholic beveragesfor an additional fee), VAT, a charge through the Strait of Dardanelles ferry.Price does not include dinners, tickets to the visiting monuments and local guides - about 145eur forperson and 40eur per child, the visa fee (payable at the airport upon arrival in Turkey), optionalexcursions and their own expenses.Below there is the diagram which shows the ratio of the cheapest and the most expensive prices inanalyzed companies. The difference is huge, even about 6000zł in the case of TUI company, what isobviously beneficial as the diversity of the offer. On the other hand, it has to be considered that offerof those companies was directed to everyone, an in case when TURKISH TRAVEL COMPANY dedicatestheir offer to young people, offers should be lower priced. 9
  9. 9. CONCLUSIONThe market is rather poor in any types of trips of non-relaxation profile. Agencies which direct theiroffer to everyone, including families and retirees, does not have the satisfying offer for young peoplewho want to discover the particular country. The prices are frequently too huge for an averageeighteen-year-old. Humdrum offers in which it is not included any optional expedition or variety ofspending time. Only the ALFASTAR company is an appropriate example to give the TURKISH TRAVELAGENCY great dose of inspirations, but also by intrinsic and detailed information we as a company onthe start are able to learn on the others’ mistakes. The research of the concurrency shows that youngpeople are often not taken into consideration while planning new offers. TURKISH TRAVEL AGENCYfound out that data as beneficial gap, which should be filled thanks to TURKISH TRAVEL AGENCY. Asother companies, TURKISH TRAVEL AGENCY should include in the price: flights, airport taxes,transports, accommodation, alimentation and insurance covering also Asia. It would beadvantageous to make up an interesting and extensive list of optional trips or to propose half-restingand half-sightseeing offer. 10
  10. 10. FINANCIAL DATA 11
  11. 11. SALES AND DISTRIBUTIONType of distribution our company is going to focus on is called an exclusive distribution.This sort of distribution occurs when sale is presented on a certain teritory, runed by an only salerand a producer rielies on a very few intermediares. In our case the place where our products - travelsto Turkey could be bought is only Lublin (city centre) and our official website Wealso cooperate with one mediator only who is a manager of international portal,selling travels.However, our distribution partially concerns also a selective type of distribution. It is because theamount of people who can buy our products is limitted- for example only 40 people are able to go toa certain journey to Istanbul, in a certain time.There are some problems which could be faced by a distribution:1. Spatial distance- it occurs because of the fact that the place of production is not the same as theplace of consumption. To provide a buyer the ability to buy a product in a convinient place for him, aproducer have to use some means of transport to cover the distance and offer the product in a placewhere the client wants to buy it. It does not really concerns our company because we do not producematerial things which have to be transported to the place where they can be bought. We prepare ourtravels in the office and we also sell them here. Neverthless, we also offer them to be bought onlineon two of the websites so we have to some kind of send all the information there- to our website andmediatory one. However, it is not a problem at all and it takes very little time thanks to emails andfast file sending ways.2. Time distance – it occurs because the time of buying the product (travels to Turkey) is not thesame as the time of its consuming. In our case the travels will be bought some months or weeksbefore the actual time of the journey. However, we as the organisators will have to provide andarrange everything before. It concerns transport to Turkey (reservation of tickets) and in Turkey(providing autocars) or for example accomodation. The problem which is visible here is that to dothis we will need money. It would be taken from advances already paid by our customers whodecided to buy a travel or the budget of the company.As said before our product, that is travels to Turkey, will be sold in the office designed specifically forthis target. The preferred option would be setting such an office in the centre of the city to ensure itslocalization will not cause any problems for customers. Such a location will cost our company more, 12
  12. 12. however we calculated that it would be more affordable to have an agency in an accessibe place. Toensure the clients to be well-informed about TT travel agency we will use some kinds ofadverisement presented in the advertisement plan which is already done.The second sale method will be the web page with whole travel offer described and with detail pricesmentioned. The main advantages of such a sale manner is a comfort of the client, saved time of both,the customer and TT manager and the ease of conducting businesses. What is more, thanks to theweb page the company will be able to find a wide range of interested customers from every part ofthe country, not only from Lublin and its neighbourhood.We also have a contract with the manager of an international Internet portal sothat our travels are prestented and available to be bought on their website. It one of the mostpopular means of booking journeys in the world and a huge online collection of travels. Thanks tothis fact, our products will be more available, also for international customers. 13
  13. 13. ADVERTISING PLANOur company as a new, not known and without any reputation is forced to prepare and conduct agood advertisement. Nevertheless, our budget is not very big, therefore it all has to be well plannedand considered because entering the huge travel market is not an easy task.First type of advertisement of our company will be a printed one. We will make leaflets designed byour creative manager and leave them in the popular places in Lublin such as bars, post offices etc.We will also distribute them on the streets during weekends (the biggest amount of people in town)and directly to letter boxes in chosen housing estates. We resigned of putting flyers under windshieldwipers because it makes people annoyed and we want our company be associated with positivefeelings.There are a lot of online ways of advertisement. We believe that this is a very effective area toadvertise our services because it is possible to influence people by different factors such aspresenting attractive photos, music and catchy slogans. Researchers conducted by in2012 showed that an average global Internet user spends 16 hours per month online and thisphenomenon is gradually growing. That shows that Internet is a very good way of advertisementbecause it reaches a huge amount of people. What is more it is not expensive. Therefore, ourcompany will make advertisement in a sort of an online poster, presenting photos of Turkey and ashort writings about offers and prices located on the top of the page- see photo below. It will bepresent on popular news webpages such as but mainly those connected with Turkeyand travelling so that it reaches a certain type of users. If a customer is interested in our offer he orshe will be able to click on the advertisement and will be automatically redirected to our officialwebsite. This advertisement will not be the one that its moving and it is showed in the middle of thepage because we reckon that it is quite onerous, importunate and not fully fair. 14
  14. 14. Example location of our online advertisement.Another step in the Internet which has to be made will be creating a facebook page of our travelagency where all the offers and news will be published. Nowadays, this portal is one of the best waysof advertising products because it directly reaches to the followers (people who liked our page) whospent a lot of time there. It is mainly young people but not only. After collecting a certain amount of“likes” (I assume after half a year after establishing our company we will have about 2000) it will bedriven by itself though likes added by customers. This process works as a “domino effect” becausewhen a person likes something on facebook all of their friends see this, and then like it etc. It is a veryeffective way of advertisement and what is more it is absolutely free.We will not make a TV advertisement because it is very expensive and time-consuming to produce itand then broadcast. We are yet too small company to afford such an enterprise even though is oneof the most efficient ways to advertise a product or service.We also resigned of booking a billboard because of its price and not such a big range of influence. 15