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Cisco Content Journey Case Study at WOMMA Summit 2013

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What it takes to pilot and scale a content journey model and how Cisco applied it.

What it takes to pilot and scale a content journey model and how Cisco applied it.

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  • 1. Content: Are you taking the right journey? Presenter Name Title Company Heather Alter Cheryl Treleaven Jennifer Voisard Senior Manager Digital and Social @Cisco Executive Vice President @ComBlu Senior Consultant @ComBlu DATE #WOMMASummit
  • 2. Content Along the Decision Journey Today’s Agenda  What’s it take to pilot & scale a content journey  How Cisco applied it 2 #WOMMASummit
  • 3. Why Take a Content Journey Approach? Provides insights into the most in-demand, influential content at the right time and in the right context, appropriate to the screen Informs the content strategy and roadmap Supports content decisions on what to create and in what format Pilot first. • Gives you an opportunity to “test, learn and refine” • Becomes a model for other BUs • Facilitates alignment with multiple work streams 3 #WOMMASummit
  • 4. Content Journey Model Build out personas Content mapping Diagnosticsto-action plan Use case scenarios Take the journey Continuous Stakeholder Engagement 4 #WOMMASummit
  • 5. Situation Analysis Where we were Where we wanted to be What we wanted to accomplish How we get there 5 #WOMMASummit
  • 6. 1. Bring Your Targets to Life  Roles and interplay within the purchase process  Care-abouts, content needs, key go-to sources and Digital, Social and Mobile behaviors/preferences High-Level Technical Decision Maker (TDM) Partners Translates business need to technology specs, developing a consideration set and evaluating prospective solutions. CMO CFO LOB Catalyst for IT purchase, based on strategic business requirements CIO Reg CIO SVP/EVP VP, IT Business Decision Maker (BDM) CEO Kicks off the formal purchase decision process to fulfill business mission. Involved at a high level throughout the process and “owns” final approval VP (Functional) • Infrastructure • Operations • Architect Functional Technical Decision Maker (TDM) DIR, IT Technical Influencer (TI) MGRs • Data Center Functional Specialists 6 Influences consideration set, evaluates potential solutions and recommends preferred technologies and vendors Vets options in technical (peer) communities; helps with planning #WOMMASummit
  • 7. 2. Map Your Content  Align high-value content by journey point — owned, earned and third-party Pre-requirements • Search • Vendor.com • Social Requirements • Reports • Peer & expert opinion • Tech info • Reviews • Business news • Case studies Design Purchase • Business Case • Detailed product and service information VOC • Design and Implementation • Conversion assets (pricing, calculators) 7 Implementation • Support • Training • Configuration #WOMMASummit
  • 8. 3. Develop Use Cases  Create representative purchase scenarios to guide a content journey Scenario 1: Equipment Turnover/Cyclicality Scenario 2: New Paradigm/Shift Scenario 3: Corporate Mandate • Cisco customer has Data Center equipment hitting a “refresh” cycle • Evaluate/upgrade existing infrastructure • Position Data Center for future growth • CIO attends Gartner Data Center Conference to learn more about Virtualization • Short list on best Virtualization solutions • CEO mandates reduction in OPEX by X% in four years • Analyze current infrastructure and propose solutions to hit cost-cutting targets 8 #WOMMASummit
  • 9. 4. Take the Journey!  Letting the use case scenarios be your guide, follow the content path from awareness to purchase – both ON and OFF property.  Be the customer! Personas Content Map 9 Use Case Scenarios #WOMMASummit
  • 10. Awareness Consideration Preference TDM hands off his findings and direction to his TIs for detailed analysis. CIO needs information about unifying infrastructure and data center needs. She attends some conferences including the Gartner Data Center Conference and the session: The Virtualization Scenario: Convergence of Everything. Post-conference research with search and on go-to sites CIO passes info to the TDM wanting a short list of vendors. TI starts at go-to sites, social networks and community support pages and culls list based on reported negative/positive experiences. TDM wants to understand implications on overall infrastructure and who has been successful in previous deployments. Wants to understand implications that affect them since they ultimately have to implement. 10 Purchase TI provides TDM detailed product comparison matrix of top companies in rank order. TDM models options. Compares pricing and timeline with CIO.
  • 11. 5. Audit and Diagnose  Audit your content against key filters and decision points  Use as diagnostics tool for planning Findings Filters Content Evaluation Strengths and Gaps Decision Point CIO M Awareness • Relevance to persona • Type TDM TI Partner Consideration Preference • Maturity (date) • Accessibility • Visibility Purchase PostPurchase 11 #WOMMASummit
  • 12. Create Action Plan  Opportunities to improve the experience at the “middle of the funnel” Short-term Mid-term Long-term • Make preference content easier to find • Cull the volume to most in-demand content • Clean up issues with redirects, search and nav • Acquire/curate/promote more third-party content • Refresh links and/or content with analysts, reviewers, part ners • Increase visibility of VOC • Activate more advocates as voice in the cloud • Create new content to fill remaining gaps Collaborate with aligned workstreams Search User experience Product teams Social & Community PR Analyst relations 12 Community Advocacy Product teams #WOMMASummit
  • 13. 6. Continuous Socialization  Multiple stakeholders and key inputs into content strategy and execution  Socializing along the way is key to ongoing relevance and application MarCom Digital Product Verticals Community Reviews Mobile Social Partners Sales Global Advocates VOC Tech & news sites Search UX Analyst Rel. Search Engine Public Rel. Analysts Content 13 #WOMMASummit
  • 14. Key Takeaways/Review A journey-led approach helps you provide a better, more relevant content experience for those you most want to reach and engage Keep your customers first! Know your audience, their content needs and how they move through the decision journey Be empathetic; assess your current content experience by persona and by decision point Look beyond the “four walls” and go off-property—your target sure is Be brutally honest about what works, what doesn’t and what we need to do to improve Make a plan and work the plan to make it happen Refine and scale 14 #WOMMASummit
  • 15. Questions? Heather Alter Cheryl Treleaven Jennifer Voisard Senior Manager Digital and Social @Cisco Executive Vice President @ComBlu Senior Consultant @ComBlu Learn more and download our ebooks at ComBlu.com! 15 #WOMMASummit