International SAP Conference for Travel and Transportation 2014


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In today’s ever-evolving and highly competitive marketplace, to be successful you need to rapidly respond to your customer’s ever increasing demands, constantly re-invent your product and service offerings, and also adhere to regulatory changes, address operational challenges and meet sustainability demands.

At this event, you will learn first-hand how SAP can support the specific business requirements of Logistic Service Providers, Freight Forwarders, Liner Shipping Companies, Railways, Airlines, Passenger Transportation Companies, etc. You will hear how the solutions from SAP are enabling their customer’s businesses to gain competitive advantage by increasing operational efficiency, whilst reducing operating costs. Over the two day event you will also have plenty of opportunity to find out how you can manage core operations, connect to your customers and gain visibility across the enterprise, all from a single business process platform.

Packed with opportunities to gain access to current thinking from the industry, the latest best practices, SAP solution updates and roadmaps, and new innovative approaches to business and technology issues, we have structured the event to give you an interactive and focused format, and a truly thought-provoking agenda. The agenda offers a mix of keynote presentations and break out tracks taking you through a number of “information forums” on the hottest topics in the industry today. With a mix of best practice customer case studies, facilitated interactive discussions, “deep dive” expert presentations, live demonstrations, as well as plenty of opportunity for you to network with your fellow participants, this is a unique opportunity to learn from the experts.

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International SAP Conference for Travel and Transportation 2014

  1. 1. International SAP® Conference for Travel and Transportation 2014 April 2–3, 2014 Rhein-Neckar-Arena, Sinsheim Germany
  2. 2. WELCOME We look forward to an informative and exciting International SAP® Conference for Travel and Transportation where you will expand your knowledge on how technology solutions can be used to better serve your customers. The theme for 2014 is “customer-centric innovation”. We will tackle, head-on, the challenges faced by travel and transportation service providers, identifying opportunities and offering insights into strategies and tactics that can be adopted to succeed in creating a customer-centric sustainable service-business model. Over the course of the event, we will show, through best practice case studies and expert presentations, how SAP solutions specifically fit your industry and can be leveraged for your future success. You will gain access to the very latest information on managing demand, running service operations, managing assets, marketing profitable services that customers want, driving sales organizations to sell what customers will buy, and most importantly, interacting with your customers to drive loyalty and ensure their expectations are met. This, of course, will include discussion of products to run your entire service business, with particular focus on innovative platforms in cloud, mobile, and in-memory technologies. So, please come ready to take part in the interactive discussions and demo sessions to increase your exposure to all the information relevant to you and your organization. Continue the conversation in the exhibition area to make useful contacts and take valuable advice back to your working environment. The central goal is to give you maximum opportunity to meet with and learn from influential decision makers, technical experts, industry thought leaders, and SAP customers that will result in lasting connections to ensure follow through after the event closes. We are delighted to offer you this compelling agenda and interactive format, and we look forward to meeting you in April! Till Dengel Head of Industry Business Solutions for Travel and Transportation, SAP
  3. 3. AGENDA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 2014 8:00 am Registration, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking 9:00 am Chairman’s Opening Remarks Till Dengel, Head of Industry Business Solutions for Travel and Transportation, SAP 9:15 am Training the Football Stars of the Future Through Advanced Technology, Big Data, and Youth Development • An innovative approach to youth development at Hoffenheim Youth Academy • Using modern technological advances to understand player strengths and weaknesses • How the SAP HANA® platform is powering the youth development scheme Bernhard Peters, Director for Sports and Youth Development, 1899 TSG Hoffenheim 9:45 am Managing Change in a Changing World • How the world has become more volatile • The need for business to be able to deal with change • Getting an organization fit for transformation; the example of DHL Freight Kim MacGillavry, Vice President Transformation, DHL Freight 10:15 am Refreshments, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking A Strategies for the Front Office C Passenger Travel and Leisure A1 Operational Execution for Multimodal Freight Forwarding B1 Yard Management Functionality from SAP C1 Enabling a Great Passenger Experience: Social Awareness and the Full Customer Journey Introduction: Ever-Increasing Customer Demands Daniel Berginz, SAP 10:45 am B Transportation Excellence for Carriers Introduction to Yard Management: Functional Overview, Actual Status and Development Outlook Frank Wernze, SAP Streamlining Freight Processes with SAP Solutions at Norbert Dentressangle Paul Momege and Nassim Teffah, Norbert Dentressangle Overseas Demo: Following an Ocean Freight LCL Shipment from Customer Order Entry to Departure Daniel Berginz, SAP Discussion What other challenges do our forwarding customers have and how does SAP address them? What is the outlook for the next releases? 12:15 pm Aurizon’s Yard Management with SAP Software Shaun Johnson, Aurizon Demo: Yard Management Functionality from SAP – Taking a Closer Look Frank Wernze, SAP Discussion Should yard management be a stand-alone or an integrated solution? How does the SAP solution compare with legacy or best-of-breed solutions? How important is a graphical view on yard management? Introduction: Enhancing the Experience of Your Passengers Anke Junker, SAP Demo: Join the Crew to Create a New Passenger Experience: From Briefing of Crew to Personalized Sales and Service Offerings for Passengers Roland Müller, SAP Enhancing Passenger Experience in Practice – The Story of a Major Transportation Company Presenter TBC Discussion How is your company challenged by new trends related to customer experience? Lunch, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking For comprehensive details relating to this event, please visit for agenda details visit
  4. 4. AGENDA WEDNESDAY, APRIL 2, 2014 A Strategies for the Front Office 1:30 pm B Transportation Excellence for Carriers A2 Implementing LSP Processes Based on Industry Templates B2 Strategic Freight Management C2 Airline Day of Operations: for Logistics Service Providers Optimizing the Handling of (LSPs) Disruptions Introduction: Essential Components of the Logistics and Carrier Solution from SAP Bernd Lauterbach, SAP Introduction: What Strategic Freight Management (SFM) Is and Exactly What Areas It Addresses Daniel Berginz, SAP Building blocks of logistics processes for forwarders and carriers Strategic Freight Management – Bernd Lauterbach, SAP, A Product Overview Olaf Hajeck, IBM Daniel Berginz, Franz Hero and Elinor Castell, SAP Detailed Insight • Industry templates for logistics Demo: service providers From Purchasing to Auto-Costing • Implementation and rollout proof Carrier Bookings cess using industry templates Daniel Berginz, SAP Bernd Lauterbach, SAP, Olaf Hajeck, IBM Discussion How would SAP innovations in Discussion SFM transform your environment, Implementing industry templates and how does SAP plan to enhance – how do you make logistics the solution in the future? implementations efficient? C Passenger Travel and Leisure Airline Day of Operations – The Challenge and the Way Forward Eva-Maria Roe, SAP Demo: Optimized Crew Recovery: Looking over the Shoulder of a Crew Controller Claude Philippe Medard, SAP Panel Discussion Challenges of Disruptions in the Airline Industry Panelists: Phil Te Hau, SAP, Nidhi Sawhney, SAP Representatives of airlines, TBC 3:00 pm Refreshments, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking 3:15 pm SAP and Partner Demos Demos will be running on specific topics, showcasing various processes and enhancements. These will run for 20 minutes each, including question time, further details at 4:45 pm Refreshments, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking A Strategies for the Front Office 5:00 pm B Transportation Excellence for Carriers C Passenger Travel and Leisure A3 Order-to-Cash Operations in Trucking, Logistics Operations, and Global Forwarding B3 Touch the Heart of the Railroads – SAP TM 9.1 Introduction: Order to Cash with SAP Transportation Management (SAP TM) 9.1 Application – The New Release for Rail Hanna Gradzka, SAP C3 Enabling Smart Ticketing for Passenger Transportation Companies Why SAP TM for Aurizon – Reasons for This Choice Shaun Johnson, Aurizon Smart Ticketing, Use Cases, and Validation – Experiences of a European Rail Operator Presenter TBC A Real Enterprise Transformation – Innovating Order-to-Cash Operations in Logistics Enterprises Bernd Mosbrucker, Novigo Experience in Production with SAP TM – Customer Examples in Trucking, Logistics Operations, and Global Forwarding (with Demo) Bernd Mosbrucker, Novigo Customer Presenter TBC Enabling Smart Ticketing: Requirements, Trends, Solution Portfolio Eberhard Kurz, Senta Belay, both SAP How SAP TM 9.1 Fits Rail-Specific Processes: Most important Demo: Processes, Integration, Road Map Enabling Smart Ticketing - How SAP Hanna Gradzka, SAP Covers the Ticketing Needs of Public Transit and Passenger Transport Discussion Discussion Companies Innovation in trucking: How do you Why SAP TM for Rail? Senta Belay, SAP link vision, requirements, and Do our customers trust SAP to benefits, and define business take responsibility for their core Discussion readiness in operations? business? Standard software What are the challenges and solution for O2C against rail legacy opportunities in achieving a modern systems. smart ticketing platform? Guests: Shaun Johnson, Aurizon Topics include smart media, trends, and Jim Harris, Canadian Pacific payments, card-centric vs. Railroad back-office-centric, CRM and customer management, ticketing and revenue management, yield management in passenger transit. 6:30 pm Cocktails in the Exhibition 7:30 pm Evening Event
  5. 5. AGENDA THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 2014 9:00 am Welcome Back Bob Leeds, Industry Marketing Director, Travel Transportation, SAP 9:05 am STM Merci: Not your father’s loyalty program • Co-innovation program that STM and SAP engaged in to change consumer experience • STM’s breakthrough consumer service based on a context-aware mobile application • Results and the power of one-to-one marketing Pierre Bourbonniere, Chief Marketing Officer, Société de Transport de Montréal (STM) Herve Pluche, Vice President, SAP Precision Marketing, SAP 9:30 am Panel Discussion Lessons and Ideas for Weaving Social Media into Your Core Business Initiatives Discover the business initiatives for which the panelists are leveraging social media to plan, analyze, and execute their campaigns. Learn how their social media activities are being integrated into business initiatives like customer service, marketing brand building, lead generation, and partner collaboration. Find out how tools will be used to protect brand sentiment, find leads, and shape conversation tactics. Explore where social media blends with platform technologies like mobile. Moderator: Bob Leeds, Industry Marketing Director, Travel Transportation, SAP 10:15 am Refreshments, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking A Strategies for the Front Office 10:45 am B Transportation Excellence for Carriers C Passenger Travel and Leisure A4 Productizing Transportation Services B4 Crossing Oceans with SAP C4 Maintenance Planning with SAP HANA Introduction: Overview of Logistics Services Structuring and Productizing of the Logistics Sales Portfolio Bernd Lauterbach, SAP Detailed Insight • Linking sales, pricing, and operational guidance • Using SAP TM as product and service catalog for logistics services Bernd Lauterbach, SAP Demo: Product Modeling and Pricing in SAP TM Bernd Lauterbach, SAP Introduction: Enabling Business Transformation in the Liner Shipping Industry Reiner Jabbar, SAP Delivering the Goods: Insights from Implementation at Leading Shipping Line Clients Steven Allen, IBM Demo: Quotation-to-Cash Process for Liner Shipping Reiner Jabbar, SAP Discussion Going forward, what are the differentiators in this challenging industry, and how can IT enable them? Discussion Productizing transportation services – what are the stepping stones and success factors? 12:15 pm Lunch, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking Success Factors for an Efficient Maintenance Planning Process with Optimized Spare Parts Management Franz Uhr, SAP Implementing SAP HANA for Spare Parts Management – A Customer Story Presenter TBC Demo: Spare-Parts-Focused Maintenance Processes: Spare Parts Stock Simulator and More Franz Uhr, SAP Discussion How do you improve maintenance planning and optimize spare parts?
  6. 6. AGENDA THURSDAY, APRIL 3, 2014 A Strategies for the Front Office 1:15 pm B Transportation Excellence for Carriers A5 Increasing Operational Efficiency with SAP HANA B5 How to Grow and Deliver SuC5 Meet selected Customers in perior Customer Service Through the Lounge Area Operational Excellence During this session you will have Introduction: Why Operational the chance to meet specially Excellence Matters selected customers to get access Christian Schmaus, Westernacher to the latest approaches, tips and advice. Gain valuable insights and Global Operational Excellence in enjoy personal time with these Contract Logistics experts. Presenter TBC Key Success Criteria for Increasing Operational Efficiency – You Have to Measure What You Want to Improve Franz Uhr, SAP Boosting Efficiency at Russian Railways with SAP HANA Vadim Moskalenko, Russian Railways (RZD) Video: Russian Railways Proof of Concept with SAP HANA C Passenger Travel and Leisure Demo: • Transportation Services and Standard Operating Procedures • From Transport Planning to Freight Settlement Ronny Horvath, Westernacher Discussion Increasing operational efficiency: Discussion where do you see the most The moment of truth – what are promising areas for improvement? the hurdles in your company that prevent you achieving operational excellence? 2:45 pm Refreshments, Visit the Show Floor, and Time for Networking A Strategies for the Front Office 3:00 pm B Transportation Excellence for Carriers C Passenger Travel and Leisure A6 Connectivity to the Global Logistics Community at Your Fingertips – Get in the Flow with SAP and Descartes B6 Next-Generation Assessorial Management C6 Shifting the Airline Business Model Next-Generation Assessorial Management: Background, Key Elements, Road Map Frank Wernze, SAP Looking Ahead – The Airline Business in 15 Years Logistics Is the Backbone of Commerce Robert Beauchemin, The Descartes Systems Group • A growing industry, but in turbulence: The challenges, then and Experiences with Next-Generation now Assessorial Management at • Overview of the panel of airlines Connectivity to the Global Canadian Pacific Railroad • Customer sentiment analysis Logistics Community – The NDO Jim Harris, Canadian Pacific • Implications and proposed Approach Railroad avenues: Rethinking alliances, Paul MOMEGE, IT Director, Norbert having a continuous dialog, social Dentressangle Overseas Demo: business transformation Next-Generation Assessorial • Key messages: Passenger experiDemo: Management: The Look and Feel ence management, mobile Keeping It Simple – The TM-GLN Frank Wernze, SAP strategy Global Gateway Connector • SAP approach Discussion Simon Lescarcelle-Evin, SAP Discussion Why is assessorial management so Question time - Open discussion important for railroads? Discussion with the audience Why is it so difficult to collect Drivers for change in the airline assessorial revenue? business: how should you make the best use of technology, human capital, and environmental changes? 4:30 pm Farewell Remarks and Close of Conference For comprehensive details relating to this event, please visit for agenda details visit
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  10. 10. Media Partners HOW TO REGISTER To register online for this event, please visit Contact for Inquiries Nicola Papaphilippou This event is organized by: T.A. Cook Conferences in cooperation with SAP. Phone: +49 30 884 30 748 Fax: +49 30 884 30 730 E mail: The registration fee includes participation in the conference, lunch on all days, refreshments, an evening event for conference attendees, and documentation material for download. Please note that costs for accommodation and travel are not included in the registration fee. Event Venue Rhein-Neckar-Arena Dietmar-Hopp-Straße 1 74889 Sinsheim Germany
  11. 11. REGISTRATION FORM INTERNATIONAL SAP CONFERENCE FOR TRAVEL AND TRANSPORTATION 2014 APRIL 2–3, 2014 RHEIN-NECKAR-ARENA SINSHEIM, GERMANY Copy and Fax to +49 30 88430748 Register online at I would like to register for the International SAP Conference for Travel and Transportation April 2–3, 2014 Rhein-Neckar-Arena, Sinsheim, GERMANY You can register for the International SAP Conference for Travel and Transportation 2014 online at or by faxing this form to the number below. (Please complete clearly in block capitals) Please copy the form, complete it, and send it to the following address (one form for each participant): Last Name Job Title Industry Sector Registration and Contact Office Leipziger Platz 2 10117 Berlin Germany T +49 30 88430748 F +49 30 88430730 E: First Name Company Street Event Fees Customers, Prospects and SAP Employees City, State Zip Code, Postal Code Country Phone Conference SAP Partner Others € 750* € 995* * plus 19% German VAT Registration Cancellation and Substitutions Fax Date All cancellations must be received in writing. Please fax your cancellation notice to +49 (0) 30 88 43 07-30 or send an e-mail to before the 19 March 2014, dead- E-mail Signature line. When canceling before 19 March 2014, you will be liable to pay an administration charge of € 200. Cancellations received after 19 March 2014, as well as registrants not attending without canceling, will be liable for the full registration fee. Substitutions must be received in writing, must be addressed to the registration office, and must include the names of both the original and the substitute registrants. I wish to attend the following: Conference (April 2–3) Please select which track you would like to attend: Organizer’s Changes Track 1 - Strategies for the Front office Track 2 - Transportation Excellence for Carriers Track 3 - Passenger Travel and Leisure Payment Method Credit Card Invoice It may be necessary for reasons beyond the control of the organizer to alter the contents and the timing of the program or replace speakers. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the conference in the event of an insufficient number of registrants. In this case, registrants will be reimbursed for the registration fee only. Cancellation of travel reservations and hotel reservations is the exclusive responsibility of the registrant. Further Information 1. Would you like to receive further information from SAP including special offers, reports, event news, and more along with information resulting from this inquiry? Yes, by e-mail Yes, by telephone No I agree to the above terms and conditions (this must be ticked in order for the registration to be processed) 2. Would you like to receive further information from SAP partners or other affiliated companies and business partners of SAP including special offers, reports, and more along with information resulting from this inquiry? Yes, by e-mail Yes, by telephone No 3. In addition to information about this event, would you like to receive news from T.A. Cook Conferences? Yes, by e-mail Yes, by telephone No VAT No: DE171860399
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