Project 4 Growth of Mobile and Tablet


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The benefits of and reasoning of having a mobile site.

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  • The percentage of adults who own a tablet has almost doubled in the last year. Previously the percent stood at 18. Now it stands at 34% with only expectations to increase. More than half of the adults in US have a smartphone. With more than half of the people carrying a smartphone and using it to check the internet you are missing out on a big opportunity to find new customers.
  • The transition from a mouse to a finger is a huge jump for web designers. The goal is to keep the same functionality while maintaining the same speed. Adding things like double tap and pinch to zoom can I great benefit for the user. It can be difficult at times for a web design but nothing they cannot work around. When it comes to screen size obviously tablets and phones are a lot smaller than a laptop and desktop. That makes it so you can not fit as much information on one page. This can became a benefit because you have less likely the chance of making a page cluttered. Alongside with screen size is resolution. The problem with resolution right now is that all different types of tablets and phones have different resolutions. So finding the perfect one is nearly impossible.
  • Many great tools have been created to help you get your website up and running on a mobile device. Google GoMo is a service that shows you weak points in your website and how you can make them better. They also created a mobile friendly version of your site for a low monthly fee. If you have your site running with Wordpress than I suggest WP Touch is the way to go to better your mobile site.
  • Popups are a pain on a 15 inch screen. There is nobody on the planet who would like to deal with popups on a 9 inch screen. Avoiding popups is the best way to go on a mobile site. Your best bet is to keep every thing as clean as possible for the consumer. Another thing you need to avoid is flash animation. Most people use phones are 3g. Having a lot of flash can take up a lot of money for the consumer. What it can do on the company’s end is bad too. It can causes your site to move slowly and since people are on the go with their phones they do not always have a lot of time to sit and wait for a website to load.
  • Good things to have and consider making your mobile site is to have access to your full version. Even though having a mobile site can be very beneficial you still want to give the consumer the option of their choice. The mindset you should have is to make usability a priority. You don’t need to have the fanciest site or the most stunning borders. It is all about simplicity and making it easy for the consumer to use.
  • Project 4 Growth of Mobile and Tablet

    1. 1. Growth of Mobile and Tablet Use Colton Rath
    2. 2. Mobile Usage and Estimated Future  34% of America 18+ owns a tablet  56% of all US Adults have smartphones
    3. 3. Web Design  Mouse to Finger  Screen Size  Resolution
    4. 4. Technologies to make websites accessible  Google GoMo  WP Touch
    5. 5. Avoid  Popups  Flash Animation
    6. 6. Things to keep in mind and have  Full Version  Usability a priority
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