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Denver Link Building Powerpoint Presentation from Colorado Internet Marketing
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Denver Link Building Powerpoint Presentation from Colorado Internet Marketing


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We offer professional Denver Search Engine Optimization services, specializing in Link Bulding and SEO Copywriting services. Contact Kevin at 303-501-4944

We offer professional Denver Search Engine Optimization services, specializing in Link Bulding and SEO Copywriting services. Contact Kevin at 303-501-4944

Published in: Business, Technology, Design

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  • 1. From Internet Usage is Increasing
    • Broadband Internet usage is on the rise.
    • 74.1% of US consumers are online (Nielsen)
    • 63% Are broadband users versus dial-up users ( Pew Internet & American Life Project April 2009 Survey ). With Broadband Internet people can get their information much faster.
  • 2. Search Engine Marketing is Rising Dramatically Search Engines are replacing Yellow Pages as the default source for finding goods, services, and information. Whether it’s for Global or Local Search – people are turning to search engines. Source :Yahoo
  • 3. The Most Valuable 6 Inches of Real Estate in Search Engines is At the Top of the Search Results Page in positions #1 - #5 Organic Search
    • This is where the most money is made.
    • 2 or 3 Pay-Per-Click Listings (3% Traffic)
    • Top 5 Organic Listings (88% Traffic)
    • Up to 10 Local Listings called the Ten Pack (depending on keywords chosen)
  • 4. How do Clients find your website? Step 1 is to get to the top of the Natural Search Results Pages in Major Search Engines
    • If you do business over the internet through your website, how do potential clients locate you?
    “ The best way to find new customers is to help them find YOU!” You may have a great website, but if it can’t be found what good is it? How do clients find your website?
  • 5. Search Engines Deliver Targeted Customers Directly to Your Website if YOU Know How to Get there. The best way to get there is through Professional Search Engine Optimization Services. This gets YOU FREE Targeted Traffic!
  • 6. Google Search Engine has around 64% market share. 64% As of March 2007
  • 7. Other Facts about Search Engines
    • Cornell University Eye-Tracking Analysis of SE Users’ Behavior
    • One of the most recent eye tracking studies was performed at Cornell University by Laura A. Granka, Thorsten Joachims and Geri Cay ([1]).
    • They used a sample of undergraduate students instructed to perform searches in Google for 397 queries or topics covering movies, travel, music, politics, local and trivia. This study has produced the following results.
  • 8.
    • Only 3 Percent of people look at (and use) the Sponsored or Pay-Per- Click paid ads in the outlying border areas.
    Where to People Look on the Page?
  • 9.
    • 97 Percent use the “Free” “Organic” or “Natural Search Results” Area
    Where do People Look? 97 Percent !! This is where you want to be!!
  • 10. People Look in the Organic Search Results area first.
    • In your own experience…. How often do you search beyond page 1 of major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing?
    More often than not, people refine their searches if they cannot find what they are looking for in the first few results. If your business site is relevant and has a diversified incoming link profile from our Denver Link Building experts it could be found at the top of the search engines pages above competing websites.
  • 11. Two Things Are Needed in order to get your Website to the top: Relevant Content & Link Popularity
    • RELEVANT CONTENT Use Professional SEO Copywriting Services to increase the quality of web content. Visit:
  • 12. LINK POPULARITY Most popular websites are displayed at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages due to having a high quantity of inbound optimized links from other sites. As in any establishment, popularity is determined by word of mouth recommendations. In the world of the Internet and Search Engines, word of mouth recommendations are LINKS from other websites. This is known as LINK POPULARITY
  • 13. Link POPULARITY The key to a high-performing web site is having a professional Link Management Team offers comprehensive Link Building Services
  • 14. Need More Information on SEO or Link Building Strategies?
    • Go to
    • Call Kevin Yeaman 303.501.4944
  • 15.