Sleep diary analysis
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Sleep diary analysis






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Sleep diary analysis Sleep diary analysis Document Transcript

  • Sleep Diary Analysis<br />You will be writing an analysis of your sleeping habits over the course of the seven days recorded in your sleep diary. Your goal is to look at your sleep habits in an objective way, looking for patterns or problems that may be keeping you from getting enough sleep. You should also identify several strategies you can use to improve you sleep and describe how you are going to implement at least one of these strategies.<br />REQUIREMENTS: Your final analysis should be formatted as follows: <br />
    • 1-2 pages
    • Typed
    • Double-Spaced
    • Times New Roman Font Style
    • 1 inch margins all around
    • 12 point Font Size
    • Paragraph Form – Indent each paragraph
    CONTENT: When writing your final analysis, keep the following questions in mind: <br />
    • How many hours of sleep did you average per night for the seven nights?
    • Were you woken up during the night?
    • Were you taking naps?
    • Were you sleeping in on the weekend?
    • Were you doing anything to disrupt your nighttime sleep?
    • How did you feel each morning?
    • In what ways are your sleep habits affecting your performance in school and other
    • activities?
    • Did you remember any of your dreams?
    • Did your dreams connect to anything going on in your life right now?
    • Were your dreams bizarre?
    • List some of the strategies psychologists recommend for getting more quality sleep.
    • Describe how you are going to implement at least one of those strategies.
    COMMENTS: Remember that your analysis should be written in paragraphs. Just meeting the minimum requirements is considered average. That’s what most students can do. Average work will receive an average grade, which is around a “C”. Work that is worthy of an above average grade should go above and beyond the minimum requirements.<br />Please make use of the handouts in this packet. You need to attach your sleep diary to your analysis. <br />