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Inspiration and insight into brand social behaviour, shifting away orthodox approaches to "social media", presented at London College of Fashion 22 Sept 2012

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Brands Being Social

  1. 1. Being Social 22 Sept 2012 @collynahart
  2. 2. Brand StrategyI connect brands with culture.
  3. 3. CultureCulture is not cool-hunting.It’s about understanding why people do whatthey do.
  4. 4. My workRapha - defining how a luxury cycling brandconnects with womenBSkyB - understanding the social role oftelevision in British cultureThe Royal Mail - understanding theimportance of “real” stuff in a world ofdigital mediaDivine Chocolate - leadership in a cultureof small, independent businesses
  5. 5. SocialSocial Media StrategyQ. What is the social role of your product?Q. How can your brand/product make people’slives more social? - How are people connected/connecting? - How do you empower people to connect? - What community has your brand inspired?
  6. 6. Social Objects
  7. 7. RaphaUnderstand how the market is already social?Do StuffTell stories people want to be a part ofProducts become souvenirs of the storyStuff that money can’t buy
  8. 8. Social MediaJust amplifies the stories you tell...
  9. 9. It’s not...About having a Facebook page...A Twitter account...An Instagram following...
  10. 10. It’s about...How you make all of these things work for you
  11. 11. PolerArticulate a culture and a styleInvite others to become a part of your story#CampVibes
  12. 12. Deep insightdelivers social strength
  13. 13. Fashion being socialTraditionally, fashion marketing has beenabout being attractive and driving desire...
  14. 14. But something strange is happening
  15. 15. It’s not about sexy
  16. 16. It’s not about sexy ...It’s about sisterhood
  17. 17. From...I wish I was her...
  18. 18. To...I wish I was friends with them...
  19. 19. FriendshipAnd because of social media, you feel likeyou are friends!
  20. 20. Inventing a CultureMarket your purpose... not your product.
  21. 21. Hiut Denim
  22. 22. Social is just humanHistoryTagArtists always sign their workYour audience “Denim is the uniform of thecreative industry”
  23. 23. SumBeing social is not about using social mediaSocial media isn’t necessarily very socialUnderstand your audience and how they arealready socialDo stuff, tell stories, products becomesouvenirsSocial media just amplifies your storiesBe accessible, real and humbleUnderstand the social life of your productand the human side of its creation
  24. 24. THANKS! @collynahart