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Faculty Client Search Project



Reference Project for a course titled "Online Searching". The final project required providing reference services to faculty clients.

Reference Project for a course titled "Online Searching". The final project required providing reference services to faculty clients.



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Faculty Client Search Project Faculty Client Search Project Presentation Transcript

  •  How do the residents of select port cities view their social production of space in relation to the waterscapes around them? Waterscapes as Liminal Spaces What is the relationship between Liminal Spaces and Violence?
  •  Salvador da Bahia, Brazil Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • : Crime Statistics in Key Port Cities. All Anthropological Sources of the 2 Port Cities. All Geography Sources of the 2 Port Cities. National Water Management Laws in the two countries since 2006. Any Political Structures that have arisen in response to recent changes in Water Management Laws. Liminal Spaces and Danger. Any information on the Assassination of Antonio Conceição Reis (July 9, 2007) Any information on the symbolic or ritual dimension of Salvador da Bahia; specifically, sources which discuss Yemanjá (Iemanjá), goddess of the sea
  •  Searched Anthropology Plus, AnthroSource, and IBSS for Anthropology Sources Searched Geography Compass and World News Digest for Geography sources. Search Strategy involved searching for information on the Port Cities:  Salvador da Bahia required searching (Salvador) AND (Bahia or Brazil), in order to eliminate retrieved records about El Salvador.  Buenos Aires did not require limiters, but I sometimes used Argentina as an addition.  Keyword searches were helpful, but Descriptor searches retrieved more relevant results.
  •  Searched Anthropology Plus, AnthroSource, and IBSS for sources on the social production of space, specifically Liminal Space. Searched Waterscapes as Liminal Spaces Searched (limin? w/2 space) AND (water OR river OR creek OR lake OR beach OR pond OR swamp OR marsh OR ditch OR canal). Note: usually any combination of the previous synonyms for waterscapes. Searched Liminal Spaces and Violence Searched (limin? w/2 space) AND (violence OR danger OR rape OR robbery OR assault OR murder) Performed a citation search of Lefevbra (1968) to see who has cited this work. Hoped to cross-reference descriptors of those works with descriptors relevant to this study.
  •  Searched Anthropology Plus, AnthroSource, WorldCat, and IBSS for relevant information.  Search strategy included keyword searches of:  Yemanjá OR Iemanjá OR Janaína (Synonyms courtesy of Wikipedia.org)
  •  Searched A Tarde online (the local newspaper of Salvador da Bahia).  Portuguese with no English translation.  (WordReference.com offers free online translators.)  The search engine searched keywords, individually.  So many results which came up, were not relevant.
  •  Water Management Law since 2006. Political Structures that have been created in response to water laws. Crime Statistics local to port cities.
  •  Each resource was downloaded into EndNote.  In the “Research notes” field, I included where the source was found, on what date, as well as the exact search strategy which retrieved it.  Each resource was grouped into a custom group which identified which aspect of this study is addressed by this particular resource.