IU Interlibrary Loan: Systems Analysis of Info Express


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This presentation showcases the insights gleaned from performing a systems analysis of the IU Interlibrary Loan Department.

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  • * OCLC SHARE symbol causes problems in this step of the process
  • Only time needed at the computer, not the time needed to fetch books and check them out to the client libraries!
  • IU Interlibrary Loan: Systems Analysis of Info Express

    1. 1. IU Interlibrary Loan: Systems Analysis of Info Express By Lucas Huff, Christopher Callahan, and Nina Collins
    2. 2. Current System• Inter-Library Loan Department and Shipping and Receiving Department• Requested materials gathered by ILL staff and checked out to client libraries*• Materials are then placed on shelves until pickup by Shipping and Receiving Department• Shipping and Receiving Dept. packages materials and generates shipping labels using Info Express online label creation tool• Shipments are sent out
    3. 3. Current System—Steps For Delivery
    4. 4. Current System—Steps For Delivery Cont’d
    5. 5. Current System—Steps For Delivery Cont’d
    6. 6. Current System—Steps For Delivery Cont’d
    7. 7. Current System—Artifact ModelPick up DateShipped From Destination Library Type Choose LibraryParcel Type Notes
    8. 8. Current System—Steps For Delivery Cont’d
    9. 9. Current System—Flow Model
    10. 10. Current System—Sequence Model
    11. 11. Current System—Sequence Model
    12. 12. Current System—Sequence Model
    13. 13. Current System—ER Diagram * * 1 *• The current integrated library system. The SHARE symbol creates a many to many relationship
    14. 14. Recommendations—New System• Accountability Measures – leave initials on labels• Create an Invoice form to handle requests that are made using the SHARE symbol – Manage the many to many relationship in the ILS – Check Banned Library List – Double check the address of Client Libraries
    15. 15. Recommendations—New System--ModelsLibrary materials User Library * (Iliad) * * (OCLC) * SHARE Invoice Invoice (Iliad) (Iliad) 1 1 Invoice # Library Materials Library Materials 1 Specific User User Library * Library
    16. 16. Recommendations—New System--Models• #new invoice artifact model here
    17. 17. New System—Cost Benefit Analysis• The New Invoice form will be built upon already existing software by existing IT staff• Cost: 1 IT staff member @ 20% FTE for 6 weeks to create form• Benefits: Will reduce the time needed to handle SHARE requests by 50%*
    18. 18. Implementation Schedule• Activities and Schedule Task Name Start Date End Date Create Invoice Form 05/07/12 06/22/12 Meet with IT Staff--Suggest Project 05/07/12 05/08/12 IT Staff Prepares Mock-up 05/09/12 05/16/12 Meet with IT Staff--Present Mock-up 05/18/12 05/18/12 IT Staff Codes Invoice Form 05/21/12 06/22/12 IT Staff Presents the final version to DDS Department 06/22/12 06/22/12 Implement New Invoice Form 06/25/12 07/13/12 Install New Form 06/25/12 06/26/12 Test Run 06/27/12 07/06/12 Go Live 07/09/12 07/13/12
    19. 19. Implementation Schedule
    20. 20. Acknowledgments