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Location basedservices Location basedservices Presentation Transcript

  • Location Based Services Twitter.com/smcnwa smcnwa.com 12/9/2010
  • Please Ask Questions!2
  • What Are Location Based Services?  Users “check in” to a location, primarily using their smart phone’s GPS.  Notify their friends in the service’s network or syndicate it in Facebook and Twitter as well.  Customized messages can be sent to people who check in3
  • What Are Location Based Services?  User generated content  Location  Items/Rewards  Societies/Groups  Review  Claim your own business so no one else can4
  • Why are location based services important?  It like you have someone handing out flyers on every corner around your business  Locations can also offer deals as well.  Most have widgets for your website.5
  • Facebook Places  One of the newer services  Large user base (500 million)  Already built into the existing Facebook app6
  • How are they social?  Posted to your wall for friends to see  Friends can check you in (even if you’re not there)7
  • Why should you use this service?  Multiple ways to offer deals  Deals and donations are offered by individual businesses.  Friend deals require tagging a number of friends to share savings.  Loyalty deals require multiple check-ins, similar to a traditional punch8 card.
  • Foursquare  One of the older services  Lots more places mapped out  Second biggest user base (4 million)9
  • How are they social?  Get points for checking in  Get enough points and you get a badge  Have the most check ins in a location and become Mayor10
  • Why you should use Foursquare  Get a window cling or a QR bar code  Offerings are free11
  • Gowalla  One of the newer services  Smaller user base (300,000 users)  Can checkin other Facebook members12
  • How are they social?  Has gifting built into it  Encourage users to follow Trips to visit multiple places and stamp their Gowalla Passport.13
  • Why should you use this service?  Gowalla now supports checking in on both Facebook Places and Foursquare in addition to sharing with both Twitter and Tumblr.  Multiple location feature. Good if you have more than one physical location or partners.14
  • Whrrl  Relatively small user base (300,000 users)  Based around a story known as a footstream.  Others can contribute to a story as well.15
  • How are they social?  User generated societies. Societies are joined automatically when a check in occurs  Shared reviews  User comments within Footstreams  Point based system with a16 leaderboard
  • Why should you use this service?  Good for documenting events such as concerts after checking in.  Building a community around societies.17
  • Meta Check Ins  Footfeed  Check.In  Check in to multiple services with one application to avoid “checkin fatigue”18
  • Group Buying  Lets shoppers “gang up” on a deal.  Retailers get guaranteed customers.19
  • Other Services  Yelp – local search and user reviews  Twitter  SCVNGR-Online scavenger hunt  Stickybits-Social barcodes20
  • Questions?
  • Thank you!Twitter.com/smcnwa smcnwa.com