Location Based Services for NWA Network Builders BNI Group

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  • 1. BlueZooCreative.comTwitter.com/ccondray 6/30/2011
  • 2. Would you like to… Get more word of mouth about your organization? Reward your best customers and secure their loyalty? Let your strongest fans become public ambassadors? 2
  • 3. Would you like to… Have someone handing out flyers on every corner 1000 ft around your location? Get more traffic from search engines? Have another way to generate content on social networks? 3
  • 4. Location Based Services (LBS) 4
  • 5. How do LBS work for visitors? Users “check in” to a location, primarily using their smartphone’s GPS. Customized messages about what they’re doing can be sent to people who check in. 5
  • 6. How do LBS work for visitors? Discover nearby locations Items/Rewards User generated content  Reviews  Pictures 6
  • 7. How do LBS work for visitors? Check in notifies all the friends on the service Most connect to Twitter and Facebook automatically Average Facebook user has 140 friends; they can be notified for every check in. 7
  • 8. How do LBS work for owners? Locations claim their location and manage specials Manage local activity through the LBS site 8
  • 9. Why are LBS important? Number of mobile social network users is expected to increase 27% this year. iPhone moving to Verizon, growth of the Android OS, and new tablets will create more demand. Source: eMarketer 9
  • 10. Major Location Based Services 11
  • 11. Using LBS at BNI Increase awareness of the group Promote member businesses Show we’re active Show we’re fun 12
  • 12. How to do it Check in some time during the meeting Share with your social media networks Post pictures and other media Like or comment on other members’ content 13
  • 13. BlueZooCreative.comTwitter.com/ccondray 6/30/2011