The Meaning of Occupation


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The Meaning of Occupation

  1. 1. Doing, Belonging, Becoming and Being Adapted skiing device. [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  2. 2. IntroductionOccupation is a fusion of doing, belonging, becoming, and being. Due to this factor an occupation can hold different meanings for people. It is believed by occupational therapists that, in order to experience a sense of wellness or wholeness, people need a balance among occupations to ensure a balance between doing, belonging, becoming, and being occurs.This slideshow presents images of different types of adaptive equipment that enable people to engage in occupations in a community setting. To help you draw out what each slide represents for you, I have identified what each slide means to me.
  3. 3. Doing Here is a patient learning to use adaptive kitchen equipment. This will help improve the patients independence in self-care activities. Adapted kitchen equipment and modified techniques. [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  4. 4. Doing This is a bed lever which assists people in performing bed transfers. It reduces discomfort and exertion, and improves independence in getting in and out of bed.Collins, K. (2012). Bed lever. [image].
  5. 5. Doing Here is an occupational therapy student (me) installing a perching stool to help a patient conserve energy while working in the kitchen.Collins, K. (2012). Perching stool. [image].
  6. 6. Doing Here I am installing a toilet seat raiser to reduce discomfort and exertion. It also improves independence in toileting.Collins, K. (2012). Toilet seat raiser. [image].
  7. 7. Doing Here a patient is having a touch pad communication device attached to his wheelchair. The device will make communicating with people more effective. It will improve his independence and ability to participate more freely in his community. Communication device. [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  8. 8. Doing Here a patient is learning how to use an assistive Reach Aid. The aid will improve energy conservation and independence to perform many Activities of Daily Living. Assistive reach aid [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  9. 9. Belonging Here a child is using a specially designed child walker to improve her mobility and access to her environment. In addition, it improves her independence.Walker [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  10. 10. Belonging Here a patient is about to transfer into her vehicle that has be modified for a wheelchair user. The modification means the patient is not reliant on others for transport to participate in the community. Car adaptions for wheelchair users [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  11. 11. Belonging Here is a girl engaging in a leisure activity using a modified bicycle that is designed to suit her particular disability and needs. Adaptive bicycles [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  12. 12. Belonging Here are to men celebrating after playing a game of tennis using wheelchairs designed for sports use.Wheelchair sport - tennis [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  13. 13. Belonging Here are two Paralympic athletes playing the modified version of rugby in specially adapted sport wheelchairs.Wheelchair sport - rugby [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  14. 14. Becoming Here is a young boy engaging in wharf fishing thanks to a wheelchair that is specifically designed for rough terrain use.Outdoor mobility [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  15. 15. Becoming Here I am explaining to a patient how to use crutches and how they will improve his mobility and independence in performing Activities of Daily Living.Collins, K. (2012). Mobility – crutches [image].
  16. 16. Becoming Here is are to adults engaging in mountain bike riding thanks to the high tech prosthetic legs they have. Prosthetic [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  17. 17. Becoming Here a patient is using an adaptive typing aid which enables him to use his computer more effective and with less discomfort. Computer typing aid [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from
  18. 18. Being Here I am installing a chair raiser that will help minimise a patients hip discomfort after surgery, and reduce the effort required of the patient to get in and out of chair.Collins, K. (2012). Lounge chair raiser [image].
  19. 19. Being Me again, this time I am installing a shower stool which will improve energy conservation and minimise hip discomfort after the patient has had surgery.Collins, K. (2012). Shower stool [image].
  20. 20. Being Here is a person who is being assisted down the ski slops in a adaptive snow slid. Adapted skiing device. [image]. (n.d.). Retrieved from