Online Engagement at Bates: A Vision and Blueprint - September 2008

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  • 1. Online Engagement at Bates A BLUEPRINT FOR THE ONLINE EXPERIENCE Jay Collier September 17, 2008
  • 2. GETTING STARTED What we’ll cover • Blueprint for engagement • Spectrum of engagement • Goals of online engagement • Shifts in perspective • Opportunities for improvement • Principles of an effective online experience
  • 3. ENGAGEMENT Blueprint for engagement • Start with powerful FROM universal ideas. Powerful, universal • Deepen involvement ideas toward greater Ambivalence to commitment: Awareness to ambivalence and Interest to Participation to awareness toward Commitment participation and commitment. TOWARD Personalized • Ultimately: build interactions personal relationships.
  • 4. ENGAGEMENT Spectrum of engagement • This deepening of General engagement obviously Public continues after recruitment. Prospective Prospective Corporations, Faculty & Students Foundations • Each time a Bates person Sta & Families or partner enters a new role, they begin a new Current Current Philanthropic phase of engagement. Faculty & Students, Partners Sta & Families • Continuity is important at those potential “speed Alumni & bumps.” Friends
  • 5. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Goals of online engagement • Help Bates people connect with each other, across roles — student, faculty, staff, alumni — on campus or off. • Help people connect with the ideas that interest them the most: scholarship, research, narratives, events, places, groups, and service. • Draw constituents and friends into a satisfying and deepening lifelong experience of Bates that reflects and expresses core values. • Make online Bates ultimately portable, so that people can participate from anywhere, anytime.
  • 6. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT The most universal messaging Online engagement TELLING THE BATES STORY • Start with universal, persuasive Publishing to global audiences messaging. NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES • Learn what’s happening in areas Informing interested people of interest to you. • Visit public collaboration spaces LEARNING COLLABORATIONS Creating knowledge together and participate in the creation of new knowledge. SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS • Make exchanges of value Exchanging value through online transactions. and commitment • Build personal relationships. The most personalized interactions
  • 7. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Shift in perspective • Functional perspective • Engagement perspective Powerful, universal ideas Powerful, universal ideas TELLING THE BATES STORY TELLING THE BATES STORY NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES LEARNING LEARNING COLLABORATIONS COLLABORATIONS SERVICES & SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS TRANSACTIONS Personalized Personalized interactions interactions
  • 8. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Opportunities for improvement TELLING THE BATES STORY • Simplify publishing, Simpli ed Standards Usability and usability, exchange, and publishing for exchange ndability findability NEWS, EVENTS, UPDATES • Integrate updates from Multiple Personalizable Cross-device community members sources subscription delivery • Provide formal and LEARNING COLLABORATIONS informal collaboration Course A nity groups Social network sites by interest integration spaces, connect to larger social networks SERVICES & TRANSACTIONS • Integrate transaction Collaborative services into a consistent, support intuitive interface Intuitive experiences
  • 9. ONLINE ENGAGEMENT Principles of an effective online experience • Be dependable – anywhere, any time, any device • Be intuitive – simple publishing, searching, finding • Be useful – helpful information and instructions • Be engaging – appealing, personal, immersive • Be personalizable – up to date feeds on personal interests • Be sociable – online spaces for intellectual collaboration • Be meaningful – insight into what matters to you
  • 10. EVOLUTION Thank you Thank you for your continuing partnership. Jay Collier —