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Tqr project palm informationsession_ve-mentoring250310

  1. 1. TQR Project PALM Promoting, designing and supporting Professional Development for VET teachers with a technological twist! Ve-Mentoring web conferencing session- March 25, 2010 Colleen Hodgins – Project Manager Colleen.hodgins@deta.qld.gov.au
  2. 2. Housekeeping – iConnect Web conferencing  Audio/Participant window  Text chat  Recording  Technical issues
  3. 3. Welcome: 1. Have you attended a web-conferencing session before? 1. Yes 2. No Activity 1 - Polling
  4. 4. Aims for today’s session
  5. 5.  Experience and participate in this web conferencing platform (iConnect –elluminate)  Find out more about Project PALM – a TQR professional development model for teacher capability in teaching and learning  Consider, explore and identify possible opportunities for enhanced communication and collaboration across the Ve- Mentoring TAFE Qld network aligned with Project PALM
  6. 6. Activity 2: Using the whiteboard  Selection Tool  Objects  Text  Freehand  Images  PowerPoints  Follow Moderator
  7. 7. Background:  VET Futures funding for staff capability project 2010. Vet Futures website http://vetfutures.net.au/site/  TQR website - Project PALM page  Project PALM communication portal – The fronds!
  8. 8. Activity 3: Web tour  http://vetfutures.net.au/site/  http://my.tafe.qld.gov.au/WBI/WBI_Common/WBI_PALM_Comm_Portal/IMS_PALM_CommPortal_Setup/Content /Page6_PALMFronds.html  http://my.tafe.qld.gov.au/toolbox/frameworks/ courselibrary.asp? CourseKey=1352&NoLookup=Y&fcache=5.1 68026E+07
  9. 9. The Project PALM team – The Fronds Colleen Hodgins (PALM Project Manager) – TNQ, SQIT and Mount Isa TAFE colleen.hodgins@deta.qld.gov.au 0439791594 Peter Carr (Project PALM facilitator) – Central QLD TAFE peter.carr@deta.qld.gov.au (07) 4920 2480 Nicole Shang (Project PALM facilitator) – Wide Bay TAFE nicole.shang@deta.qld.gov.au (07) 4120 6321 Julie Woodlock (Project PALM facilitator) Barrier Reef TAFE Julie.woodlock@deta.qld.gov.au (07) 4750 5471 mobile:0438775932 Other – contracted facilitators, designers and support personnel
  10. 10. What is this project all about?  This is a professional development program for semester 1 2010, focused on teachers identifying a teaching and learning issue aligned with one or a combination of the 3 core priority areas.  Instructional design  Blended /E-Learning  Assessment
  11. 11. How have we got teacher/stakeholder buy in?  Face to face presentations  Information documents  Project PALM web page  Video-stream introduction  iConnect web conferencing information sessions  Identifying stakeholders – bubbl.us  Institute facilitators/HR Managers/Institute Directors
  12. 12. Activity 3:– Desktop sharing  Project PALM spreadsheet  bubbl.us  Googledocs
  13. 13. The timeline for this project  February 2010- June 2010  February 2010- connect, and clarify project aims  March 2010 – connect, create and commence a Project PALM action plan with identified participants  April 2010 – June 2010 - collaborate and create re- invigorated approaches to teaching in the core priority areas of instructional design, blended/e-learning and assessment  June 2010 – collaboratively and creatively share the learning/resources from project PALM for further enhancement across TQR Institutes in semester 2, 2010
  14. 14. What People needed to do to be involved in this project? 1. Read about Project PALM by going to the TAFE Queensland Regional my.tafe site and reading the Project PALM information page 2. Contact their Institute Project PALM team facilitator for a chat about their idea/issue. They then collaboratively develop a Project PALM action plan that clearly articulates their PD needs and what they will do and what we as the PALM team will source and provide for them as part of their participation in this project 3. Obtain their manager’s signature on this action plan and document on the plan how they will be supported by their manager in this project. 4. Sign their draft plan and forward to their Project PALM facilitator. 5. Stay tuned to receive okay to participate and and be ready to commence their project after the Easter break. (10 week timeline – we promote at least a three hour a week time commitment as a guide= 30 hours over the semester)
  15. 15. Where are these project PALM activities being conducted?  The funded project participants are drawn from TAFE Queensland Regional Institutes – 46 Campuses  However there are ……options for those outside this TQR region to be involved!  Teaching and learning networks  Generic training accessible in multiple modes  Sharing of all outcomes across TAFE Qld
  16. 16. The Project PALM team has so far…. 1. Worked with participants/managers to develop an identified issue into an achievable semester 1, 2010 Project PALM action plan 2. Developed a communication portal for this project for team members 3. Is in the process of Identifying, Sourcing, Designing and Facilitating support strategies for participants to achieve the project outcomes. 4. Identified funding allocations as per the negotiated action plan requirements and allocated VET Futures budget 5. Liaised with management/stakeholders/networks to promote this project, using multiple modes across TAFE Qld 6. Is in the process of Identifying synergies and connections with other PALM participant projects, and others in the TQR /TAFE Qld networks/VTA’s who can contribute to project outcomes 7. Mapping what is currently available and being developed and delivered as part of other VET Futures projects and current Institute L&D options/plans aligned with these projects
  17. 17. Summary of draft project applications Instructional Design – 5 projects Tourism Nursing Childcare Business – Diploma of Management Business Administration – RPL certificate 3/4
  18. 18. Summary of draft project applications E-learning – 25 projects focused on 4 areas instructional design – 4 Facilitation – 2 Online testing/assessment – 7 Content/refinement my.tafe - 12
  19. 19. Examples of draft Project Applications – e-learning 1. Childcare has a new training package and would like to refine their assessment processes by exploring some use of online testing using my.tafe 2. Nursing currently delivers training using a blended model focused on residentials exploration of other modes and efficiencies to be explored 3. The hair and beauty team have resources in my .tafe but would like to explore enhancing their current facilitation strategies with these resources and promoting interaction between learners 4. Business Admin would like to set up a resource and communication portal in my.tafe for use with RPL clients 5. Plumbers want to explore the use of online tests and the process for developing these in a streamlined manner with their Learning technologies unit
  20. 20. Summary of draft project applications Assessment – 4 proposed projects focused BRIT – Refrigeration BRIT – community services (RPL e- portfolios) TNQ – Contextualisation of Sustainability unit TQR – delivering assessment foundations – multiple modes
  21. 21. Other Technology training in:  Captivate  iConnect web-conferencing  SCRATCH  Videostreaming  Videoconferencing  Online game creation  Web 2.0 tools  Wimba  Ispring  Learning design tool  AFLF  Toolboxes  My.tafe  Resource bank  Identification of relevant training programs ( e-learning, assessment, instructional design) currently being conducted across Institute locations and the enhancement of these programs into chunkable learning objects using multiple formats.  E.g assessment foundation session on AQF currently being conducted by WBIT (2 hours) to be reviewed and developed into 4 half hour sessions and conducted in web conferencing format, so it can be recorded and shared for future viewing and use. Video- streaming option also to be explored.
  22. 22. Guiding principles – assumptions in this project  Initial research is conducted and completed by the participant and facilitator as to what is currently available for use/customisation, redesign across TAFE Qld and the wider VET sector  Participants to connect with their colleagues/relevant support personnel (e.g InstituteLearning technologies team, library, Videolinq) and their regional Institutes/VTA’s and talk about what they are proposing in their project  Provide reflective comments and short summary of learning’s and outcomes in June  Management agreement and support
  23. 23.  Clarify  Communicate  Collaborate/Cooperate  Create  Capability
  24. 24. Quiz: Final Activity
  25. 25. Thanks for your time and if you have any ideas that you are happy to share with us we’d love to hear from you. We are about reinvigoration and refinement not reinvention!!!!!! Plus My contact details: Colleen Hodgins – 0439791594 Colleen.hodgins@deta. qld.gov.au