I connect case study 2011


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Case study presentation at the "Teaching and learning with Vision" conference - Gold Coast November 4, 2011

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I connect case study 2011

  1. 1. TAFE “iConnect” Web Conference Case Study 2011 Colleen Hodgins TAFE iConnect Project Manager Marketing iConnect version 1 Marketing iConnect version 3
  2. 2. TAFE iConnect accessible across 12 TAFE institutes and QVDC! TAFE Queensland TAFE Queensland has 19,671 computers TAFE has 13 institutes with different standard operating environments! TAFE –The facts 6,911 staff
  3. 3. (ICTs) will underpin TAFE Queensland’s business performance and must be critically positioned close to TAFE business to best understand and serve it. iConnect web conferencing (Elluminate) is one of these ICT tools TAFE ICT Vision 2012+ 6,911 staff + web conference capability
  4. 4. + = Sources at http://www.slideshare.net/HubSpot/101-awesome-marketing-quotes Aims for this case study
  5. 5. 2010: TAFE Queensland and EQ Pilot with 6 Regional TAFE institutes - EQ managed 2011: TAFE Queensland and EQ Project with all 13 TAFE institutes – TAFE managed
  6. 6. <ul><li>Web Tour http://voicethread.com/share/2091741/ </li></ul><ul><li>Application share - selection of staff profiles </li></ul><ul><li>Web Tour http://voicethread.com/share/2091741/ </li></ul>Communicate Collaborate Create iConnect web conference capability
  7. 7. Collaboration Enhanced understanding of TAFE and EQ educational uses of iConnect All collaboration partners willing to work together and solve emerging issues Industry and VET partnerships enhanced. (Water) Sustainable and inclusive professional learning communities fostered ( SCIT, BRIT) Systems being shared between EQ (Learning Place, TAFE CAMS logins/IAM authorisation) and TAFE (Aurion, Unisys) vary and do not necessarily integrate Support systems and documentation/website resources/communication channels require development and refinement
  8. 8. Collaboration Partners EQ Management The Learning Place LMS –QVDC management DET Unisys contract management UNISYS EQ TQ iConnect PM EQ iConnect Liaison Officer TQ iConnect institute contact officers TQ staff TQ CCMS EQ IAM team
  9. 9. Communication iConnect communication strategy implies negotiation with many stakeholders iConnect brochure development – time consuming iConnect moderator training program facilitated online – some staff unfamiliar and unable to cope with this type of learning at this time. Bandwidth and IT system issues with TAFE infrastructure Establishment of TAFE institute iConnect contact officers network Enhanced communication strategies for teachers and staff
  10. 10. Creation Enhanced blended learning strategies and connections for rural and remote staff and students Experience, support and immersion in web conferencing technology that I can use straight away Using iConnect for orientation to my.tafe ISAS/my.tafe training We are in the process of exploring the use of webcams to demonstrate clinical skills, such as taking blood pressures and temperatures and then getting the student to practice before demonstrating their competence to the teacher via webcam as a preparation for Residential School. The iConnect sessions had about 10-14 participants logging in.  Feedback from the attendees was very positive around utilising e-learning technology to walk-the-talk in promotion of delivery via flexible modes. Facilitate communication with industry networks (fashion team) As a key communication tool for Diploma of International Business students studying 100% online To deliver training to staff (especially in the regions) for CRM and to problem solve technical issues with third party contractors .
  11. 11. Creation Beginning to develop iConnect session recordings for loading to my.TAFE – help students use databases RPL’s, Teaching external students, Meeting with Teaching and Learning Networks Environmental Studies / Product and Innovation Tutorials with online students Industry discussions Delivery of Diploma Water (Hydrometric Monitoring) International web conferences for students Team discussions My.TAFE Student orientations Virtual Office mostly keeping in touch with Off - shore teachers and their training requirements I have distance students that need support and would like to use this tool to augment delivery I use iConnect to run communities of practice (COP) with other staff every fortnight. I use iConnect for students who can’t attend face-to-face classes due to difficulties with family, transport or isolation and who find my.tafe to impersonal. iConnect gives students personal contact and the immediate feedback which they miss in other on-line delivery methods.
  12. 12. Our achievements…
  13. 13. Our achievements Training program feedback My.tafe ONLINE EVALUATION SURVEY
  14. 14. Where to from here? As my confidence grows so will my imagination. There are no boundaries Continued collaboration and communication with EQ to make the best use of iConnect and share the intellectual capital/use around this tool across TQ and EQ staff
  15. 15. Colleen Hodgins Project Manager - TAFE Queensland iConnect Web Conference Project LMS Team, QVDC 1 Cordelia Street South Brisbane Ph: 0408744357 [email_address] Video-streamed session http:// mediasite.videolinq.tafe.net/Mediasite/Viewer/?peid =3d4a15310b1a40f586d4ea1b202067cf1d