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Git Workflows a-la-carte

Git Workflows a-la-carte






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    Git Workflows a-la-carte Git Workflows a-la-carte Presentation Transcript

    • Real World Workflow s
    • Nicola Paolucci Developer Advocate / Git Evang I come out nice in pictures, I know :-). durd n.co m @durd n
    • You heard has Cheap local branching Full local history 10x the speed of svn Staging area Huge community Speed Feature based workflow prominent in Open Source Distributed cryptographic integrity
    • ground breaking paradigm is ground breaking
    • Workflow building blocks
    • We’ll cover how to choose: 1 Collaboration model 2 Branching model 3 Common Practices 4 Continuous Integration
    • Easy, right? 1 Which collaboration model?
    • I do my thing ANARCHY I do my thing, too here’s mine, who tells john? look ma, a goat! Fully decentralized Anarchy
    • He is cool Gatekeeper Blessed repository with Gatekeeper To have your work accepted,
    • Dictator and Lieutenants long live the King! Lieutenants guard the King Blessed repository
    • Centralised Shared common repository we share “everything” luckily no goats here
    • More on Collaboration models atlassian.com/git
    • + Enterprise =Centralized
    • Branch & Repo permissions Centralized allows fine grained ACLs
    • Integration with your Issue tracking and CI
    • 2 Which branching model?
    • Two common Branching Models 1 Product Releases 2 Continuous Delivery
    • 2.1 for Product Releases
    • maste Time feature bugfix branches branch PRJ-123PRJ-123-bug- 1 One Central Repository 2 One Branch per Feature 3 One Branch per Bugfix
    • stable branch 2.2 PRJ-345-bug-description Time bugfix maste Long running 4 Stable Branches 5 Pull Requests Before merges 6 master is alpha / RC
    • 2.2 for Continuous Delivery
    • promoted from staging, can receive hotfixes 1 master is in production 2 staging is the next version 3 new features off staging with branch names like: username/ISSUE-KEY-summary
    • turbo boost! 3 Common Practices
    • What is a Pull Request?
    • Pull Request Low friction I have some code here! Hey I have some code I want to merge here, take a look? collaboration Can I merge it here?
    • Single Repository vs Remote Forks
    • Pros of a Single Repo All feature branches available 1 Complete visibility 2 No per Dev remotes required 3 KISS
    • Forks Are Great too BTW
    • With Forks Every one has their remote repository Full remote copy, each has one Integrator, Gatekeeper, Tech Lead, etc.
    • Read “Cross” 1 Manage trust and maturity 2 X department and 3rd parties 3 Dev to Dev interactions
    • 4 Continuous Integration
    • 1 What happens to CI with git? 2 An explosion of branches 3 Performance degradation of build sys
    • 1 Building everything is expensive 2 Automatically build stable and master 3 Manually trigger feature branch builds
    • 5 Less Friction with
    • Advantage: Integrated hooks
    • Advantage: Merge checks
    • Advantage: Fork syncing
    • In Conclusion: the recipe
    • Conclusions Collaboration Model Branching Model Adopt Git Practices Build Product workflow Automation & CI setup Embrace PR automatically, but leave knobs! Centralized Continuous delivery workflow Single Repo or Forks Hooks, hooks everywhere
    • More on atlassian.com/git
    • Nicola Paolucci THANK YOU FOR YOUR ATTENTION Should I change the pic? durd n.co m @durd n
    • Atlassian Git Repository Management for Enterprise Teams Free Git Code Hosting for Small Teams Free Git Desktop client for Mac or Windows
    • Rate this Talk Git Workflows a-la-carte Text code below to 22333 or visit http://bit.ly/1eQ82V4 MEH = 1N NO T BA D = 1P P R ET T Y GO O D = 1Q A WES O ME = 1R To join this session, send text 136888 to