Ten of the coolest laptop bags around (part 1)


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Many laptop bags are available for consumers, of course, although these are largely of the cookie-cutter variety. Still, there are some that seek to set themselves apart from the crowd.

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Ten of the coolest laptop bags around (part 1)

  1. 1. Source: http://techbodhi.edublogs.org/2012/09/25/ten-of-the-coolest- laptop-bags-around-part-1/
  2. 2. Many laptop bags are available for consumers, of course, althoughthese are largely of the cookie-cutter variety. Still, there are some thatseek to set themselves apart from the crowd.
  3. 3. Below are examples of such laptop bags. The Voltaic Solar Charger Converter Backpack is partly made from recycled soda bottles; and best of all, it has a solar charger for your portable gadgets. It also comes with ten standard adapters with which to charge your other portable devices like smartphones, gaming devices, digital cameras, and whatnot. While called a “backpack,” the Converter can just as well be worn like a sling bag. Its laptop compartment is padded and can fit even a 17-inch portable computer. There are also wire channels for headphones. The whole thing comes at just under $200.
  4. 4. This laptop backpack has ultra-high density padding, raincover, and a detachachable pouch for smaller portable devices.As for your laptop, it would be stored inside a waterproof,concealed compartment that’s cleverly hidden from anyonewho might want to rummage through your stuff when you’renot looking; and even if you don’t know anyone who fits thatdescription, you’ve got to admit that the feature is still prettycool.STM Rogues are available in a variety of sizes customized tocarry laptops from 13 inches all the way up to 17 inches.Prices start at under $75.
  5. 5. The Higher Ground Laptrap isn’t just alaptop bag. With a foldable design that letsyou work right out of the bag (literally andfiguratively), as well as all sorts of pocketsand pouches to store/station yourexternal laptop components, the Laptrap ispractically a portable office desk.The laptop bag comes in six different colors,and in a variety of sizes. Like the STMRogue, prices start at under $75.
  6. 6. Higher Ground (the same guys behind the Laptrap)has just the laptop bag for you. Calling it theShuttle, this bag does away with the pouches andinstead adds padding and incorporates a more rigidframe to give additional protection for your laptop.It also has an optional backpack strap so you canchange it from a sling bag to a backpack should youprefer it.The Higher Ground Shuttle is available in fivecolors and in many sizes. The smallest ones go forunder $50.
  7. 7. What’s cool about this laptop backpack isthat it also has a portable sound system. Itsbuilt-in speakers are controlled by a 5-buttoncontrol panel that connects to your MP3player. That means that while using yourlaptop, you can have your iPod blastingsounds at full volume to keep you company.The Revolution Backpack comes in black,brown, and camouflage, and is sold at justbelow $100.
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