Some top designers of laptop bags for women


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Laptop bag functionality has been taken care of; but what about style? After all, you wouldn’t want to bring your laptop outside encased in something very drab, now would you? Below are five of the most popular designers of women’s laptop bags.

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Some top designers of laptop bags for women

  1. 1. Source: designers-of-laptop-bags-for-women
  2. 2. Laptop bags were created that extended their safeguarding capabilities as the yearswent by, to the point that even peripheral laptop parts like extra batteries and externalhard drives are also accounted for.At the risk of incurring the ire of feminists the world over, let me just evoke thestereotype that most men couldn’t care less what they carry their laptops in, as long asthey get the job done. To many women, however, style can matter just as much assubstance.That said, There are five of the most popular designers of women’s laptop bags.
  3. 3. Coakley, which produces laptop bagsexclusively for women. Thecompany’s bags are meant to addressthe “bag lady” syndrome (wherewomen are supposedly compelled tocarry more than one kind of bag) bybringing the most defining functionsof laptop bags, purses, and briefcasesall under one product.Furthermore, these all-in-one laptopbags look elegant to boot.
  4. 4. Sumdex is a company that creates laptopbags for both men and women; its line ofbags for the latter is quaintly called “SheRules.”She Rules carries laptop bags in a wide rangeof designs, from simple elegance to colorfulflamboyance. Bags are available inbriefcase, backpapck, and tote styles.
  5. 5. Like Sumdex, McKlein also makeslaptop bags for both men and women.These bags come inbackpack, messenger bag, and briefcasestyles.A style is also made exclusively forwomen: A briefcase with detachablewheels that would be perfect for longdistance travel.
  6. 6. Kailo Chic designs laptop bags (and laptop sleeves) exclusively for women, muchlike Coakley. Unlike the other company, though, Kailo Chic also produces women’sjewelry and accessories. As a result, the brand carries a certain “boutique style” aurato it.Kailo Chich products are available at major retailers like Office Max, Staples, andothers.
  7. 7. Mobile Edge, which creates laptop bags in all varieties for both genders. Messengerbags, totes, briefcases, and of course, backpacks: Name it, Mobile Edge has it.It has a line of laptop cases called Caring Case Collection marketed exclusively forwomen. Additionally, 10% of total sales from the line go to the Susan G. KomenFoundation dedicated to fighting breast cancer.
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