Laptop Parts to Increase Your Laptop’s Uses


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Laptops are steadily becoming everyday necessities, with people getting more attached to the “virtual space” along with the real one. Because desktops don’t really allow folks to access the virtual space without detaching from the real one and vice versa, portability has become more of a premium nowadays.

Desktops, though, offer many key features that laptops – by nature of their portability – just do not have. That said, here are some laptop peripherals which add just a bit more functionality to your portable computer.

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Laptop Parts to Increase Your Laptop’s Uses

  1. 1. Laptop Parts to Increase Your Laptop’s Uses to-increase-your-laptops-uses/
  2. 2. Here are some laptop peripherals which add just a bit more functionality to your portable computer.
  3. 3. RAM Modules The first laptop part you’ll need to upgrade is your RAM if you’re into heavy duty data processing (i.e., video games). RAM dictates how much applications your computer can run at any given time, allowing the computer to maintain its processing speed despite a certain number of programs already running. Most laptops come with 1 or 2 GB of RAM already installed. You may want to increase that to 3 GB or more. Also, if your laptop supports it, go for DDR3 RAM modules rather than the DDR2s. Not only do they move things along faster, but they are also significantly cheaper.
  4. 4. ExternalOptical Drives Ultras, by necessity, lack optical drives to minimize heat generated inside their thin chassis. While some users may not even feel the absence of this laptop component if all they’ll use with their ultras are pre-installed programs, most users prefer (and need) the option of installing additional programs using traditional disc installation methods. Also, DVDs, Blu-rays, and music CDs will be left gathering dust on the shelves unless there’s a drive to play them with. To remedy this, you may want to purchase an external optical drive. This drive attaches itself to your ultra via USB port. Once connected, it will act just like any other optical drive.
  5. 5. Mouses For the most part, keyboards work just as well as those peripheral ones for desktops.Mouses, however, are a different story altogether. Just ask any laptop user; while touchpads serve their purpose, they aren’t exactly as dynamic and easy to use as traditional mouses. To that end, a mouse peripheral may be in order, for use whenever a user has the luxury. And to still retain some semblance of convenient portability, you may want to consider going with a wireless one.
  6. 6. ExternalHard Drives Finally, if there’s one thing that laptop users start noticing early on, it’s that their laptops just do not have enough space to store all the files that they want. While cloud storage services are a very viable option, you can’t always get an internet connection. An alternative solution would be to get an external hard drive. Like external optical drives, these HDs connect to laptops via USB ports. Get one to save yourself the hassle of having to find an internet connection to access your cloud files when there’s just none available.
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