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Knowing What To Do With Your Extra Smartphone
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Knowing What To Do With Your Extra Smartphone


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Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. Knowing What to Do With Your Extra SmartphoneSource:
  • 2. Image Credit: People nowadays have become dependent on their mobilephones. One cannot imagine leaving the house without bringingit. You have to admit that you cannot but feel that there is somethinglacking when you realize that you left your phone at home. Being easyto reach and staying connected to the rest of the world is somethingthat has become a norm. This is the reason why mobile phones havebecome a necessity for everyday living.
  • 3. Mobile phones are now called Smartphones because ofthe following reasons: Make and receive calls. Send text messages. Send emails. Surf the internet. Play music. Capture high - resolution pictures and videos. Watch movies. Play games. Image Credit:
  • 4. With more and more models of mobile phones available, thenew one being greater than the previous model released, peoplesnapped up these things as if their lives depended on it. So what do you do with your present smartphone? Image Credit:
  • 5. One option is to Sell your Smartphone - especially when it is still in good condition. Although you may not be able to sell it at the price you would want as the buyer willImage Credit: surely haggle the price down knowing that has been used already. Selling your smartphone in order to upgrade to a newer oneis an act that is practiced by a lot of people. That is why you see alot of postings of second hand smartphones on free classified adssites. Can you still sell broken smartphones? Image Credit:
  • 6. Answer: YES! Image Credit:, And m But it may be harder and more challenging to look for abuyer who is interested in purchasing a broken smartphone. Oneplace you can sell old smartphones is to companies thatrecycle stuff like smartphones. There are also websites where youcan sell them even if it is already broken. With the increasing number of smartphones beingreleased every so often, people tend to change phones fast aswell. If you are one of those people who tend to change phonesoften then you will be pleased that there are places where you cango and dispose of it in exchange for cash.
  • 7. The End!Thank you….